Palazzo delle Meraviglie, design at the museum: Milan Design Week 2022

Milan – From Tuesday the 7th to Sunday the 12th of June 2022on the occasion of Milano Design Week 2022that Bagatti Valsecchi Museum host third edition of Palace of Wondersan important hub for international design that brings together architects, designers and artists under one roof with the aim of creating a space where design, like Milan is a recognized international capital, meets innovation and creativity.

Milan – The project, conceived and desired by the interior designer Katrin Herden together with architect Alessandro Zarinelli with their studio Mhz, offers international design new spaces and new forms of expression that strengthen quality, coherence, research, innovation and dialogue between contemporary visual art. In this case inserted in the calendar for Montenapoleone Districtthat companies, personally selected by interior designer Katrin Herden, exhibit their creations in the atmospheric Renaissance environment of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum.

Milan – The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum is one house museumlocated in the heart of Milan in via Jesusthe result of an extraordinary fundraising event in the late nineteenth century, featuring two brothers as protagonists, Barons Fausto and Giuseppe Bagatti Valsecchi, who created a residence inspired by sixteenth-century Lombard homes. The blend between the contemporary designs of the exhibiting companies and the museum’s ancient history conveys a sense of magic and wonder for unexpected combinations: a sense of living and living the moment that wanders through the spaces, immersed in past, present and future.

THAT six selected brandsfrom all over the world, showing their works to the public by exploring the last limits of creativity and tells them in emotional pathways which enchants and surprises the visitor as in a sensory show.

A new physical and conceptual materiality comes to life from the works of the Romanian artist Eduard Locotaowner and founder of Eduard Locota Sculpture Study, a company located in Timisoara, specializing in sculptures, tables and decor accessories with a wild aesthetic, highlighted through the blend of unusual materials it uses. The brand is committed to creating extraordinary functional works of art, challenging the permeability between art and design for years and incorporating the beauty of naturewhich is celebrated through a virtuous use from synthetic materials And sustainable. For the occasion, the artist unveils his most innovative collection, where he literally unites classic sculptures, design and augmented reality, in a concept that can be interpreted as modern works from the twenty-first century. His avant-garde creations made mainly of resin, rich in powerful conceptual qualities, will be displayed in contrast in the space of the classic neo-renaissance style. Hall of Fame.

The Belgian designer Nancy Torreeleco-founder along with Martijn van Rijn from Charge in the Cityan international study renowned for the use of innovative techniques and natural materials, will be the protagonist of an exciting journey among finer art of the twenty-first century. The designer will make his debut at Palace of Wonders presents its premiere exclusive limited edition furniture collectionalso exhibited in the impressive Hall of Fame. The collection gifts seven cocktail and coffee tables high-end products that reflect Nancy Torreele’s vast experience in the field fashion andinterior design combined with influences that i.a. nature, music, art, cinema, architecture And ture.

New York artist famous for his innovative design creations made of iron, JM Szymanski is a maker & designer of furniture and of unique pieces Give her unusual shapes. Each work demonstrates a fascination for geometries, raw materials, and unusual shapes that introduce new materials and textures. On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2022, JM Szymanski presents one medieval-inspired collectionmanufactured and finished completely by hand, giving life to an unexpected and surprising stylistic contrast with the Renaissance architecture in dinning room of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum.

That Examination of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum is transformed into a treasure trove of history and beauty with creations of Sohila Milanese studio specializing in decorative pillows for furniture, founded in 2016 in Milan by Katrin Herden. The German-born interior designer has worked for over 30 years with refined fabrics in international design projects, where he combines his passion for fine materials with a special sense of color and style that allows him to decorate and give unique personalities to environments. Sohil presents al Palace of Wonders a new e innovative collection for inside and outside of pillows funky which stands out for special finish And amazing color combinations. High quality fabrics in pure cashmere, soft velvet and vintage pieces combined with fine finishes. Each pillow is a work of art created individually or in a limited edition.

Founded in 1978 by David Sutherland and captain with his wife Ann Sutherland, Perennials and Sutherlandan American group based in Dallas, is an international leader in the outdoor furniture industry and in the production of high-performance fabrics. Elegant proportions, unsurpassed comfort And crafts are the elements that define the brand. The brand collaborates with luminaires in design from all over the world and expands its range with new materials and innovative methods for production and craftsmanship. At Fuorisalone 2022 Frank collectiondesigned by the designer Vincent Van Duysenand Cloud 9 fabrics in solution-colored acrylic fiber, the company’s trademark. Innovation and avant-garde stand in contrast to the place steeped in history, hosting the designers’ works at Loggia of the museum.

There Armigeris sal opens its rooms to Men, Postage-based design studio, led by the creative vision of Micael Carvalho. The brand, born of a skilful fusion of visionary identities, with distinctive perspectives on art, fashion And pop culturepresents the project to the apartment Chromatik House: the meta-version of a traditional house with a futuristic shape and provocative design. In addition to showcasing some of the iconic products, the Porto design studio fills Palace of Wonders with products from the other three brands in the studio for the first time together: Ach collection, Ach4Pets And Tapis Studio. The Milanese public can admire pieces of design that they combine the art deco aesthetic And Memphis Milanowith a wonderful world of techno colors. An interior never seen before that collides with the lavish architecture of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum from the nineteenth century.

That Palace of Wonders is open to the public at the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum from Tuesday 7 to Sunday 12 May 2022 in 10.00-19.00 hours; Tuesday the 7th on the occasion ofinitiation, the opening is extended to kl. 23.00. For info 02 76006132.

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