Ostia Antica Festival # 2022

“Hard to resist the theatrical allure and climate of ancient Ostia” words from the park’s director, Alessandro D’Alessio “From the hot Roman roads, the only escape route is Ostia Antica, where the sea breeze refreshes the body and makes Dag memorable. The theater, created by Agrippa, Augusto’s most trusted collaborator and son-in-law, and returning for public use by Guido Calza, returns to its spectacular splendor with the very rich season offered by the park and the Antico Teatro Romano consortium “.

After the opening on Friday 3 June, handed over to Fiorello, the program continues from 10 to 14 June with Gioachino Rossini’s Cenerentola performed by the professional cast of singers and the Europa InCanto Orchestra led by Germano Neri and the choir for the many children of Roman schools participating in the Scuola InCanto project.

Saturday 2 July with Neri Marcorè in My Others’ Songs, The first steps that Neri Marcorè took on stage long before he became an actor and conductor, is linked to music, a never-dormant passion that in recent years has regained its lymph and crop. Our review: Neri Marcorè: My others’ songs

On July 3, Marco Travaglio returns to the stage with Il Conticidio dei Miglior to tell what he defines “not a fictional story, but a story that really happened (and is still going on) before our eyes: the long” braking coup “, which lasted nearly three years, to overthrow the prime minister most valued by public opinion and most hated by the establishment, and to restore the old oligarchy to power, funded to block any change and guarantee restoration.

Saturday, July 9 Max Angioni in Miracolato. The hallmark of Stand-up Comedy accompanies at a rapid pace the various paintings of history, with Max Angioni returning to amaze with the theme of miracles with which he became famous. A buzzing irony animates the monologues framed in the minimalist scene, where the comedian tells about a summary of his experiences: from conversations to the days of social media, to his relationship to sports, to the curse of becoming number two.

On Tuesday 12 July, the Rome Opera will perform an innovative version of Giuseppe Verdi’s famous masterpiece La Traviata. The story of a viral love, performed by the City of Rome Symphony Orchestra conducted by Davide Dellisanti, directed by Domenico “Mingo” De Pasquale. A version designed for the twenty-first century, in which the tragic story of Violetta is tossed to today between social networks, the Internet and what is to be loved, to be noticed typical of our days, including Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

From July 13 to 16, following the success of the final edition, the Festival of Magic returns to Supermagic this summer with some of the best Italian magicians: Bob Noceti, the first Italian magic master; Carlo Truzzi and Simona, the masters of Chinese shadows; Magician Lupis, the most engaging and entertaining Roman magician; Luca Bono, winner of the Italian Magic Championship only 17 years old and two years later of the Golden Mandrake; Paolo Carta Italian star among the most innovative illusionists in the world. There will be a traditional magic story about the founder of Supermagic Remo Pannain on stage.

July 17, 19 and 20, three appointments with three tributes to as many undisputed musical protagonists as Ennio Morricone (July 17), Franco Battiato (July 19) and Pino Daniele (July 20, with the extraordinary participation of Tony Esposito) with the virtuoso guitar of Giandomenico Anellino, who also appears on July 21 in the show Arte d’Idenzia with Gianfranco Butinar and his over 100 imitations of footballers, coaches, commentators, radio commentators, actors and singers.

Friday, July 22, is the family reunion tour. A unique quartet that sees the internationally acclaimed opera singer Katia Ricciarelli together on stage for the first time as an actress, the talented actor Pino Quartullo also director of the show, Claudio Insegno and Nadia Rinaldi are extraordinary champions of laughter.

Saturday 23. Mogol and Gianmarco Carroccia in emotion. Travel through the songs of Mogol and Battisti. A concert story about the work of two of the greatest artists that the panorama of Italian music has ever had: Lucio Battisti and Mogol. On stage, Maestro Mogol, who tells Lucio Battisti through an intimate and intimate journey that also reveals to the public many anecdotes and curiosities from his artistic life, but also the origin and history behind the songs. A performance of almost two hours with the interpretation of the pieces entrusted to Gianmarco Carroccia, who accompanied by an orchestra formation of 16 elements conducted by Marco Cataldi with his voice does not distort the original version, but gives it a so-called “perfect interpretation”. ”.

On Thursday, July 28, Peppino di Capri, one of the most beloved voices of all time, will revisit over sixty years of a career marked by the successes that have made him famous worldwide.

The review resumes on September 3 with Marco Masini’s concert with “You will fall in love with us – Over 30 years together”, to celebrate his 30-year career, to meet again his fans, who have always followed him and ‘have followed in all phases and moments of his career.

The 5th continues with the Bohemian Symphony-Orchestral Queen Tribute. Defined by the public as “an overwhelming show”, the rock opera crosses much of Queen’s discography thanks to the powerful voices of Alessandra Ferrari, Roberta Orrù, Andrea Casali and Damiano Borgi, supported by the energy of Enrico Scopa’s rock band, Andrea Palmeri, Giacomo Vitullo ( who also signs the concert management), Lorenzo Milone and the sophistication of the orchestral arrangements of The Queen Orchestra, composed of winds, brass, strings and percussion, conducted by Maestro Luca Bagagli.

Tuesday the 6th of September Pablo & Pedro with their new show “It seems like yesterday”. Two hours of pure fun between sketches and anecdotes about everyday life, confronted with their unequivocal brilliant irony. An appointment in the heart of ancient Rome to celebrate their first “100 years in two” with the audience, 25 of whom are on stage.

Friday d. 9 with Lillo & Greg in Best of. The show stages a sparkling “variation” that re-enacts all the warhorses of the famous comic couple taken from their theater, TV and radio repertoire. Music, sketches, poems, trailers … pure entertainment. An exclusive and exciting mix that represents the best of Lillo and Greg. With them on stage Vania Della Bidia and Maestro Attilio Di Giovanni.

Tuesday the 13th Carmina Burana in the popular tradition of artistic direction of Café Loti by Nando Citarella, Stefano Saletti, Pejman Tadayon, who with their instruments, the original medieval music and songs from the popular tradition Carmina, will enter into dialogue with the cultured music by the score by Carl Orff performed by the great classical ensemble directed by Giovanni Cernicchiaro.

Saturday 17 September Katia Follesa and Angelo Pisani in Finché social non ci separi, live. Many couples live together without saying things and the result is that the couple breaks up. Angelo and Katia, a couple on stage, but above all in life, have chosen to tell each other everything, even the less beautiful things, and to do so they have opted for irony that softens the tones without diminishing the importance of what is said to. each other. It all starts with a list of defects. Katia writes Angelos and he does the same with her.

On Wednesday 28 September, the review ends with the concert with Opeth, the Swedish band that finally, after the cancellation of the dates due to the pandemic, arrives in Ostia Antica with their In Cauda Venenum tour.

Ostia Antica Festival (photo by Roberto Panucci)

The performances start at 21.15
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