Not only design, the best from Finland at Salone del Mobile.

From June 7 to 12, Salone del Mobile returns to Milan, the most anticipated appointment and reference event for all design enthusiasts eager to discover the most innovative international forms of expression.

Although Italy and Milan are historically cradles for the creative avant-garde in architecture, they are not the only destinations known to amaze not only for the beauty of the landscapes, the special character of the traditions, but also for city ​​centers dedicated to creativityfull of minimal shops, avant-garde neighborhoods and museums and futuristic installations created by the minds of great architects.

An important part of what makes Finland special is how Finns integrate harmony and design into everyday life. It is in fact in this country that one of the movements of designers, companies and products that have conquered the whole world in the last century has its roots: Nordic design. With its formal simplicity and the perfect balance between minimalism and functionality, this trend, which emerged in the early twentieth century, has occupied a place of honor on the international design scene since the 1950s and has become an iconic style.

In addition to being the happiest country in the world, Finland also excels in creating design works. The Finnish style is inspired by the wild nature that is typical of the country, both for the materials and for the shapes. The most present element is certainly wood, which is able to create an inviting style that, combined with the chromatic shades of nature and the earth, gives the rooms a relaxing atmosphere.

On the occasion of the most anticipated international event in the sector, Visit Finland has compiled a guide to the most interesting destinations for design lovers throughout Finland. We start from the capital Helsinki, which offers a number of museums and shops that embody the excellence of Finnish design.

Helsinki – Arabian Design Museum And Helsinki design tour

For those who want to experience a design journey, the Finnish capital is an inevitable stop. The look of modernity, elegant and essential, was, after all, born here and is still today depopulated among the shops in the center, which abound with objects that cannot be found anywhere else. In this city is a true must see for lovers of Nordic design, uninhibited shopping in the streets of the city center to find the most original creative objects is a must. Among the cult addresses can not be missed Littala: the genius of stained glass. With more than a thousand color options, Littala has a completely unique mastery of pigment and the brand’s exclusive showroom offers the opportunity to admire glass art and the entire product line. For those who want to rediscover the Finnish tradition, a visit to the Arabia Design Museum is a must, which contains a rich collection of ceramics and glass, processed according to the Finnish tradition.

The museum’s theme is glass, ceramics, art and time and contains iconic works by some design legends such as Kaj Franck, Timo Sarpaneva, Rut Bryk and Tapio Wirkkala.

Alvar Aalto’s masterpieces meet in the Paimio Sanatorium

For the first time in its history, the 1933 Paimio Sanatorium, one of Aino’s and Alvar Aalto’s iconic projects – pioneers in modern architecture and design both in Finland and abroad – opens its doors to visitors. The building, immersed in a forest of tall pine trees, returns to offer the same medicine as always: light, sun and air. In parallel with the Rooms of the Sanatorium exhibition, which sheds light on life in the sanatorium, Paimio Sanatorium will present Alvar Aalto’s second masterpiece, Maison Louis Carré, a private residence completed in 1959 in Bazoches-Sur-Guyonne, near Paris. This exhibition, Living Spaces, shows the work of the internationally renowned Finnish photographer Elina Brotherus. In this place, which is rich in history, prototypes of unique furniture associated with the design of the Sanatorium are also exhibited to discover the creative processes of the design classics. The shop offers the opportunity to buy Artek pieces and the Toivo restaurant to enjoy local delicacies.

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Fiskars Village 20220: The Biennial of Art and Design

Fiskars Village 2022 Biennale of Art and Design is one of the many design events that attract visitors from all over the world. Organized in the old foundry, from May 22 to September 4, 2022, the Biennale will host three main exhibitions: U-Joints: Knots & Knits by Anniina Koivu and Andrea Caputo, House by an Architect and Hidden – “Forms of the Senses “by the cooperative of Onoma artists. The biennial also includes a versatile parallel program of interdisciplinary events, such as exhibitions, art walks, visits to studios. Fiskars Village is home to a unique community of designers and artists who cultivate their craft in the breathtaking and timeless beauty of the village.

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The perfect combination of Finnish cuisine and design in Turku

Sami Tallberg, chef and Finnish wild food ambassador, has opened a new restaurant in the Finnish design shop’s logistics center in Turku. With a professional team of the highest caliber, the ST x FDS restaurant offers delicious and nutritious dishes, with surprising combinations of flavors and seasonal ingredients. As the restaurant is popular with many people, the elegant brasserie-style menu aims to create an unforgettable gourmet experience that promotes well-being. The ST x FDS restaurant is located next to the Pomponrahka Nature Reserve, a source of inspiration for the restaurant and the perfect setting for a relaxing stroll after lunch.

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Enjoy the best of Finnish culinary tradition on Tölö Bay

Little Finland is the temporary home of Finlandia Hall – under renovation – to live unforgettable experiences. Little Finland is the project, born in collaboration with architecture students at Aalto University and based on three key concepts: versatility, sustainability and responsibility. In fact, in addition to being sustainable and convertible, the wooden building also represents a carbon reservoir. In these unique surroundings, the cultural experience becomes holistic when events are combined with delicious delicacies and the chance to take a look at the Finland Gallery’s exhibitions by leading Finnish artists. Finland Cafe & Wine serves a range of Finnish specialties, which can be enjoyed in a room decorated with Marimekko or on the longest terrace in Helsinki (127 meters) with stunning panoramic views of Tölö Bay.

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Wivi Lönn: Celebration of the Finnish architect’s 150th anniversary

Olivia Mathilda “Wivi Lönn” (1872-1966) was the first female architect to set up her studio in Finland, and Jyväskylä, with its famous architectural heritage, was an oasis of peace for the architect, who moved there in search of a peaceful place. working. In this place, the creative genius designed dozens of buildings, including his own house. This year is the 150th anniversary of Wivi Lön’s birth, and in his honor, several festive events and exhibitions will be held in Jyväskylä this summer. Lönn’s journey to Jyväskylä can also be experienced with the cultural walks in Villa Rana, through the museum exhibition “Here I came in search of peace – Architect Wivi Lönn’s year in Jyväskylä”, and admiration of Lönn’s breathtaking architecture with a visit to Kuokkala Manor. Within the pale stone walls of the manor, there is also an exclusive restaurant with beautifully carpeted walls, where you can enjoy the authentic flavors of central Finland.

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Malva: Lahti Museum of Visual Arts

The brand new Malva Museum of Visual Arts was inaugurated in Malski and was born inside an old brewery in the center of Lahti. Malva combines two museums: the Lahti Art Museum and the Lahti Manifesto Museum and hosts several galleries that host exhibitions to be seen, such as Martin Baas’ Hide & Seek, the Lahti International Poster Triennial and the Roots – Treasures exhibition from the collections. The old brewery also houses a selection of restaurants. After a guided tour of the museum, visitors can linger at Malskin Bistro, Kahiwa Café and Roastery or enjoy a coffee-brewed beer at the Ant Brew Brewery.

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