Lucca, Unicef ​​confirms S. Luca Hospital’s friend of children

The San Luca Hospital in Lucca is officially re-accredited by Unicef ​​Italy as Child and girl friendly hospital for all services and activities aimed at encouraging breastfeeding.

The recognition first received in 2007 is confirmed and already reaffirmed twice more. There ceremony formalization took place today (June 6) in the Sesti room, with the intervention of the general manager’s ASL Maria Letizia Casani, Ugo Bottone, Director of the Maternity and Infant Care Unit, Andrea Lenzini, Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Department, Luigi Gagliardi, Director of the Pediatric Area, Paolo Galoppini, Director of the Lucca Nursing Centerthe company director of the obstetric care facility in the Obstetrics Department of Nursing Cinzia Luziof the company’s contact for breastfeeding Giulia Fantoni (midwife responsible for coordinating care processes), head of the consulting activity in Piana di Lucca and director at company level for the hospital area’s continuity psychology structure Patrizia Fistesmaireby Moreno Marcucci for the supervision of the San Luca Hospital, by the Director of the Neonatological and Pediatric Facility in Lucca Angelina Vaccaro, by the Director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Lucca Gian Luca Bracco and the pediatrician referring to the project Friend Hospital for the San Luca Hospital, as well as the company contact for breastfeeding, Sara Lunardi. Also present were the former company director of the company’s maternity and pediatric ward and former director of the neonatology and pediatrics clinic in Lucca, Raffaele Domeniciwho had coordinated the previous roads of this type.

To Unicef instead, they attended the ceremony in Lucca Silvana MiragliaChairman of the Unicef ​​Lucca Committee ed Elise Chapinfrom the Unicef ​​Italia program Together for breastfeeding.

An accreditation that confirms San Luca in the services offered, which aims to provide maximum well-being for the unborn child and for the woman who has given birth, and provide them with the highest standards of care, primarily by supporting mothers who are breastfeeding, as well as those who are not. The offer of continuous installation and guaranteed to allow new parents to be with their newborn right away. The hospital also offers this option in other wards upon subsequent hospitalization of a nursing mother, child or child, thus ensuring continuity in the family relationship.

“Lucca’s hospital – highlighted the general manager Asl Maria Letizia Casani – In addition to being modern and technological, it is confirmed friend of girls and boys. The parchment delivered to us this morning is of great value because this international recognition has been given by Unicef ​​to the structures that show that they specifically apply all the envisaged criteria in terms of skills, assistance and organization of services. for breastfeeding and infant formula. It is therefore the certification of a complex road and rewards the efforts that our operators make daily for a continuous and constant improvement and updating of the activities.. In order to achieve and see confirmed this hallmark of quality, hospitals must in fact successfully implement a real transformation of the care of mothers and children by applying ten steps to protection, promotion and support for breastfeeding. In recent years, staff in the mother and infant sector have had to acquire and maintain a new mentality, which places the mother-child couple at the center of their attention in the sign of the concrete application of the child’s rights promoted by Unicef. I therefore sincerely thank all our operators, who are enthusiastically participating in all training, updating and quality improvement initiatives, and who in this 2022 have given us the opportunity to confirm a significant result (the reassessment was to be carried out in 2020, but was postponed due to Covid19 -pandemic) “.

“Like Unicef ​​in Italy, we promote the program Together for breastfeedingwith 31 child-friendly hospitals, 7 communities recognized by Unicef ​​as child-friendly, 4 educations recognized as friends of breastfeeding and over 900 Baby Pit Stop space dedicated to all families where they can breastfeed and take care of their children – declared Carmela Pace, President of Unicef ​​Italy -. Continuing the recognition of Amico Hospital means maintaining the commitment to a path of promoting and implementing good practice that allows the best care for mothers and their children to receive timely and appropriate care at this particular moment in a family’s life. ” .

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