Loredana Poli: “Six million for the Scuri school in San Paolo. Work starts next year”

Bergamo. After the presentation of the schedule for the various activities arranged by Bergamo municipality for the youth summer, especially for teenagers and pre-teens, Loredana Policouncilor for youth policy, takes stock of his work, launches the project Open Schools and emphasizes the world that he has dedicated to body and soul for 8 years now: “I like to read situations that are based on children’s eyes, that need help, guidance and support from us adults, but that in fact, young people are an answer, even when they do not think they are, and if on the one hand it is true that our task is to facilitate the search for their place in the world, they are on “on the other hand, the key to the future, to a whole in the community. Encouraging them therefore makes everyone grow, even the city as a whole.”

Decentralization, understood in its maximum expression, that is, as an ability to not only listen to the realities of the neighborhoods, but as a unifying element, is a crucial factor in his policies that unite all of Giunta’s work.

When we talk clearly about youth policies, we have the two large reference rooms, which are Edoné and Polaresco and 4 in the districts of Boccaleone, Celadina, Monterosso and Grumello al Piano, where there are equipped workshops for children who also come from larger areas. These places are also perfectly combined with our competence schools, with which we collaborate to bring together joint projects and ideas.

Bergamo has for some time taken up and cultivated the project “Open Schools”, an initiative supported by much larger cities than ours. Can you tell us what it is?

Milan, Rome and Turin, for example, have a more significant historicity than this project. This initiative is based on the assumption that the buildings owned by the municipality will be empty at a certain time when the school is over. Our municipality has for a long time regulated the use of the seats in the gyms that are also used after the ringtone. In addition, we have worked to make the schools’ other spaces accessible and usable, all of course by agreement with the school management, with the associations and with the parent boards, to give life to leisure activities arranged by the children. free choice, but always with the supervision of an educator. A kind of self-management, at the end of school time, where, however, there is the awareness that where help is needed, it is possible. Party for 3 departments, next year 2 other schools will also be involved. This applies to the middle schools, where we also reopened the canteens that were closed. The basic principle is always to put together resources and networks to bring children closer to different worlds such as music, games, theater and much more.

We continue to talk about school, and we do so by talking about remodeling projects of school buildings as well as maintenance work.

We have submitted projects for four calls for school construction related to PNRR funding and one regional for new funding. Others will come out and we are ready: Here I must say that our office is doing a good job. At the moment, the security we have is related to the publication of the ranking of a call, the one for the New Schools that we have won. This is a loan of 6 and a half million euros to the Scuri primary school in the San Paolo district. Now we have to prepare the project and if everything goes very fast, we will start working next year to finish it in 2026. We are awaiting the results of the other 3 calls. As for the municipality’s own funds, we work with less maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary. Under our auspices there are 54 schools and 12 kindergartens: that is, the size does not matter, and I must say with regret that in that sense, the attention in recent decades has been really scarce. We have a park of old buildings and the resources are not infinite, so we must also be good at calibrating and calibrating the interventions to be performed.

What does Councilor Poli want for the young people in his town?

Coming from difficult years like the ones we have been through and starting over is anything but simple. Many of our young people have certainly been able to enjoy less of the life experience of others, and in all this our task is to help them, without anxiety, but with great serenity, to find the way, fill these gaps and thus enrich their lives, their relationships, their skills and also ours.

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