League arc at the RCF Arena in Campovolo: 103,000 for a three-hour party

103,009 paying spectators that they have been waiting over two years to fill with yet another sea of ​​love Campovolo.
This number would be enough to sum up the inauguration party for the new one RCF Arenabuilt in the space adjacent to it, where the major concerts have been held in recent years.
To inaugurate this space could only be the one who for over a decade was literally the “landlord” of Campovolo, i.e. Luciano Ligabue.

A monumental scene: 77 meters wide (but this time Luciano says the number is completely random), 20 deep and 19 high, with one central walkway 36 meters long which halves the red zone. 876 light fixtures and 3 LED wallseach 16 × 9 meters, make up the lighting design.

The concert gets a special meaning already before the start: actually at 21 o’clock Claudio Maioli takes the stage and with a decidedly symbolic flag-raising hoists it peace flag at the top of the stage, along with the event.

That Group (Max Cottafavi, Fede Poggipollini, Niccolò Bossini on guitars, Davide Pezzin on bass, Luciano Luisi on keyboards, Ivano Zanotti on drums) and to celebrate these 30 (+2) years of career we start right from the end: I would not trade this life for anyone else, the latest single released a few days ago, starts the dance. And La Liga can finally scream along with their audience “We won”, as he had told us at the afternoon meeting. An important and strong symbolic cry, after such a long wait and a pandemic in the middle, emphasized by Luciano in the greeting to the public, opened with a liberating “Fuck, it’s time!”.

We continue with a real spin: From the last single we move on to the first song on the first album, that is Let’s dance in the worldwhere the audience gives a choreography, exhibits a carpet of cards with the colors of the concert with the writing “30 + 2“.
It’s up to you The smell of sexfollowed by No fear, while on the screen you can see pictures of two children playing disguised as superheroes, and who at the end of the song take off their masks with a smile, as if to emphasize the song’s words and give hope for the future. A future, children, who are in danger because of the adults, as shown by the burning planet that appears on the screen behind the musicians and accompanies the performance of The salt of the earth.

It’s time for the first guest: Luciano calls on stage Loredana Bertè to sing together the song which the League wrote for the last album of this extraordinary artist, viz I stopped being silent, which talks about violence against women. Before performing the song, Loredana herself remembers that she herself was subjected to violence at the age of 16 and that there is a woman murder every 6 hours in Italy.

We go back to the beginning with Marlon Brando is always him: the three guitarists walk the entire catwalk and arrive at the audience in the company of Luciano, who says “We are from the WWF and we are against the extermination of guitarists: now everyone wants to present themselves with their own voice”starting one solo after another by Poggipollini, Cottafavi and Bossini.

We’re at the first set change: I’m going on stage Secretly (Max Cottafavi on guitar, Giovanni Marani and Gianfranco Fornaciari on keyboards, Gigi Cavalli Cocchi on drums and Mirco Consolini on bass) and we start immediately with Bar Mariowith now the classic interlude from the award-winning company Maioli-Ligabue: the leader actually comes in dressed as a barista and brings a cup of coffee to Luciano and then shows the public a shirt with the front written “Bar Mario reopens” and behind the sentence “I’m not a pacifist, I’m against war”as a tribute to Gino Strada.

That’s the turn It’s not time for usthe game in the original arrangement contained in Ligabuefollowed by the announcement of the evening’s second guest, beginning with an anecdote that Luciano had also told the press in the afternoon: “In 1990 we released the first album and we did the first concerts from here. The first concert ever outside Emilia was in Milan, to open a live of him. He had heard my demo a few months before and had convinced Angelo Carrara about producing me.The songs he wrote in the 70s, or in a not quite simple historical period, were a call to wake up and get busy, and he was the first to make it clear that one could make a love song with a rock spirit. ” The guest in question is obvious Eugenio Finardiand as a kind of thanks and “restitution” for the significance it has had for his career, they appear together Rebel musicsong from 1976 by the Milanese singer-songwriter, contained in the album Juice. Curiosity: it’s the only song in the concert series not written by Ligabue.

One of the most touching moments in life arrives, with the memory of Luciano Ghezzibassist in Clandestino, who died in 2020. A picture of him and the words “Ghezzi forever” appear on the big screen, and it is to him that the next is dedicated I put away.
Two other great classics to end the set with the early band, that is Little star without sky And What time is the end of the world?after which Luciano announces a new guest: it is Gazelleswhich had impressed the League for the way it had reinterpreted Love counts in a video posted on social media a few months ago, which he therefore decided to invite to Campovolo precisely to perform the song together, which also sees the group’s return to the stage.

It comes back in recent times with The light of Americaadapted from Start. Another curiosity to note: apart from the last single that the concert opened with, and which in any case is not part of any album, this is the only song selected from the last 3 discs (Made in Italy, Start And 7).
Luciano remembers how the first, incredible Campovolo took place 17 years ago (that of the 4 boxes and 165,000 spectators), and how they had “blossomed” the area with The day of the daysthe first song in the series on September 10, 2005, which is performed while the images from the historic day roll on the screen.

It’s up to another guest, “the chief”, as Luciano defines him from the scene, “the prince”, as everyone knows him: Francesco De Gregoriinvited to the duet on the notes of Good night to Italyas in a kind of generational transfer with Long live Italyas you scroll through the screen the images of many characters who have written the history of our country, from Totò to Fabrizio de Andrè, passing through Alberto Sordi, Gigi Proietti, Ennio Morricone, Gino Strada, Raffaella Carrà, Marco Pantani, Enrico Berlinguer and many others .

While the stage prepares to welcome the next set, Luciano, Cottafavi and Poggipollini are at the bottom of the catwalk to welcome the next guest, Mauro Paganiwho has been working with Ligabue for a long time, starting with the historic tour Round trip in Italy 2003. It should have been there too Piero Pelùto sing My name is never again, but the incident that occurred a few days ago for the lead singer in Litfiba during the concert in Alcatraz, prevented him from being present for security reasons. It is therefore up to Captain Fede to replace Piero for his part, in the name of the general militancy in Litfiba in the 1980s.
Only remark about an impeccable concert: maybe you could “exploit” a little more Mauro Pagani, his talent and his militancy with the League to suggest something in a “theater” version, instead of just letting him sing the role of Jovanotti.

Everything is ready to return to the main stage, and there to welcome Luciano there Band (Mel Previte and Fede Poggipollini on guitars, Robby Pellati on drums, Antonio Righetti on bass and Luciano Luisi on keyboards). It would be curious to ask La Liga why in none of the concerts in Campovolo, where all its former musicians participated, has an important part of the band like Fabrizio “Simoncia” Simoncioni ever returned to keyboards and choirs.
It immediately starts strong with The “boys” are nearbywhere the 103,000 of the arena jump in time to the chorus, followed by two excerpts from How are you out?That means I hear you and You were beautifuland then insert a trio of hits like The day of pain one has, What you are not And Some nights. To close this set we go up again with bpm with On the roadone of the most autobiographical (and most beautiful) pieces of Ligabue’s discography.

Last set change, it’s up to the group again, where Luciano picks up the acoustics to sing A life as a midfielderwhich is followed by The best has not yet come.
The last guest of the evening is still missing and the League announces the person “which I made my record for collaborating with, 3, so that says a lot about the esteem I have of her”. It obviously refers to Elisa, and among the three songs sung together, The obstacles of the heart, Volente o nolente ed Your waythe choice falls on the latter.

We are approaching the final, and the ending before the extra number could only be left to two songs that are manifest of Luciano’s life and career, and which are actually performed in shock: on the last notes of It’s my life goes immediately Between scene and realityas to “unite” the message of these two passages.

We are at the only, very short break in the whole concert, before the grand finale, where all 13 musicians on stage plus Luciano perform in association with a very powerful version of Scream to heavenon whose last tones the fireworks start behind the scenes.
But it’s not over yet. Ligabue greets the fans by playing the song, from which it all started, and without which it probably would not have reached this day: Rock’n’roll dreamsperformed voice and guitar at the end of the catwalk by Luciano alone.
The time comes for the greetings, this time yes, really final with all the musicians walking down the catwalk to gather the fans’ ovations among the confetti fired from the stage, on the recorded tones of I would not trade this life for anyone elseas to close the circle of these over 30 years of career with the song that opened this live.

Exactly three hours of concert (from nine o’clock to split midnight) and well 32 numbers in a row to 32 years career: a party that the people of Ligabue have been waiting for for over two years, but which have finally been able to be enjoyed in a new venue that we are sure will become a point of reference in the coming years for major international concerts.
For the emotions experienced, the mantra that Luciano repeats at each Campovolo is valid: “Who was there by”.

The concert’s photo gallery, curated by Silvia Saponaro
Here is the concert schedule

With Group

1. I would not trade this life for anyone else
2. Let’s dance in the world
3. The smell of sex
4. No fear
5. The salt of the earth
6. I stopped being silent (with Loredana Bertè)
7. Marlon Brando is always him

With Secretly

8. Bar Mario
9. It’s not time for us
10. Rebel music (with Eugenio Finardi)
11. I put away
12. Little star without sky
13. What time is the doom of the world

With Group

14. Love counts (with Gazelle)
15. The light of America
16. The day of the days
17. Good night to Italy (with Francesco De Gregori)

With The band

18. My name is never again (with Mauro Pagani)
19. The “boys” are nearby
20. I hear you
21. You were beautiful
22. The day of pain one has
23. What you are not
24. Some nights
25. On the road

With Group

26. A life as a midfielder
27. The best has not yet come
28. Your way (with Elisa)
29. It’s my life
30. Between scene and reality


31. Scream to heaven

Luciano voice and guitar

32. Dreams of R&R

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