June 25 Alessandria Design District, a widespread event on architecture and art

ALESSANDRIA – 25 June in the green area ‘Park Villa‘in via Don Luigi Orione 1 (Pista district) – at the initiative of Confcommercio in collaboration with the renowned Alexandrian companies “Kimono Casa” and “Fracasso-Centro del colore”, with protection and support from Alessandria Municipality and the Amag Group – the event will be held ‘Alessandria Design District ‘. Inspired by ‘Fuorisalone in Milan, the Alexandrian event, wants to present itself as a new model in this sense. The Milanese ‘Fuorisalone’: held every year in Milan during ‘Design Week’, this is the set of initiatives distributed in different areas of Milan at the ‘Salone Internazionale del Mobile’.


Therefore, inspired by the great events dedicated to design in Italy, ‘Alessandria Design District’ was born, a real collective event spontaneously born from the idea of ​​two young representatives of companies active in the furniture and design sector, Francesca Fracasso and Francesca Gualeni. The appointment is set for next June 25th from morning to evening in the Pista area, in the area bounded by via Bruno Buozzi, Piazza Villa and Spalto Gamondio 27.

Here comes a new format in the city. A day dedicated to activities related to the event’s three main themes: design, art and entertainment. From the morning onwards, participants will be able to visit the area set up for the event, discover the latest trends in furniture, design and interior finishing at the ‘Centro del Colore Fracasso’, ‘Kimono Casa’ and ‘Tripo Furniture’, get inspiration and advice while sipping a glass of wine, entertain yourself with live painting and physical and virtual art exhibitions. There will be dedicated panels and interventions from experts from key initiatives of the initiative. From kl. 18.00 aperitif with DJ set at ‘Parco Villa’, with food and drinks by the most popular food and drink actors in the Alessandria area.


For the first time, Alessandria will host reflections on the world of design, housing and art on the same day, and how these may evolve in the future. Not only that: will it also be an opportunity to extend the reflection to the themes of the environment, the city? and also urban and sustainable regeneration thanks to the contribution of the AMAG Group. The event comes to life thanks to the contribution of the Alexandrian realities who believe in the initiative. The area dedicated to the event will also host operators from the ‘food sector’, who will offer typical local products from our area.

The event is open to everyone and it is possible to attend at any time. In the next few days, the program of the initiative will be shared through the social channels of the ‘Alessandria Design District’, stay tuned to find out more, you can visit the official website or write to the email: info.alessandriadesigndistrict@gmail. com, Instagram: @alessandriadesigndistrict
Facebook: Alessandria Design District

The creators:

“We want to contribute to the creation of a stream of cultural renewal with an impact on the social and urban fabric, led by young people and inspired by the best practices in big cities: an event that increases the potential of Alessandria. To drive business today it is necessary to bring social impact and innovation, to give back to the territory and society “declares the creators Francesca Fracasso and Francesca Gualeni. “Getting together is a beginning, being together is progress, but being able to work together is success. Alessandria Design District was born, thanks to the cooperation of our sponsors, to open the doors to a new opportunity for sharing between traders and citizens, a new event to launch design in our city “.

“This extraordinary proposal for a major event that sees design and architecture in pole position has been created by certified Alexandrian entrepreneurs in collaboration with Confcommercio. The municipal administration received it with enthusiasm and confirmed with conviction the chosen location of our ‘Parco Villa ‘in the city, one of the green places par excellence in the’ Pista ‘district, already certified as a meeting place for young people and certainly well-suited to host the beauty of the exhibition, but also all the artistic, musical, catering and entertainment events, which will be Saturday 25 June in this long awaited little ‘Fuorisalone’ in Alessandria. A warm thank you to the organizers who have worked hard with the Department of Territorial Marketing and with the city ” said the mayor of Alexandria.

Councilor for Trade, Tourism and Territorial Marketing: “The event that places Alessandria at the center of a highly specialized path in the design, architecture and art sectors is truly impressive, as expectant as news in general is. In fact, the event is inspired by the Milanese ‘Fuorisalone’ new to our city: ‘Alessandria Design District ‘intends, with this first widespread event, to draw attention to its entrepreneurial expertise in the matter by turning them into dialogue – in a beautiful open window, which is’ Parco Villa’ – with live painting and art installations, as well as with food and beverage entertainment.A day also dedicated to color and decor, including advice, guided tours and exhibition routes that will give rise to various disciplines that have made design and aesthetics an important story.Thanks to Confcommercio, who coordinated the initiative, to the initiators of the ‘Centro del colore Fracasso’ and ‘Kimono Porte’ event and of course to the artists Lele Gastini and Elena Zecchin ”.

The councilor for shows and events: “With the event ‘Alessandria Design District’, our city confirms its close and lively network of proposals to the general public and to the specialized public. the event promotes together with our administration in ‘Parco Villa’ on June 25, aims to bring together not only the best of the sectors involved – architecture, design and art – but also wants to keep the entertainment consisting of music and small restaurants dynamic and thus create a versatile initiative.It will thus be possible to make use of specialist advice and compare with the artistic beauty that both the design path and the contributions of the young writers Gastini and Zecchin testify.Saturday full of shows in the city and certainly of great attraction at ‘Parco Villa ‘”.

Director-General of the Confcommercio Imprese for Italy in the province of Alessandria: “It’s nice to see a part of the city, usually outside of the events involving the center, become the protagonist, all the more so if all this happens thanks to the desire of young entrepreneurs to do their utmost to create something new for Alessandria. A small widespread event dedicated to design, with an excellent mix of moments to suit everyone, from the surroundings of the retailers involved to the free and guided tours, from art installations to food and drink areas, without forgetting music and art. “Confcommercio, putting its expertise into play, immediately agreed to be the promoter of this day, taking care of the organizational aspects, with the hope that it could become a traditional appointment in June for the Alexandrians.” explains Alice Pedrazzi.

Chairman of the AMAG Group: “When we were offered to support the Alessandria Design District project, inspired by the famous Fuorisalone in Milan, we immediately joined with interest, as it seems to us an initiative that looks to the future and aims at the growth of Alessandria and makes our area more attractive.The innovation features of the Alessandria Design District seem to us to be in absolute harmony with the projects that the AMAG Group develops, from the circular economy with low environmental impact, with the production of clean energy and the creation of energy communities, up to Smart City “that during the day on 25 June we will be able to illustrate for a young, sensitive and attentive audience” said Paolo Arrobbio.

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