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What begins June 7 is Design Week for the final return to normalcy. The one where we can relive the energetic atmosphere that surrounds the city under the Salon that we have felt so much nostalgia for in these years with Covid. It is clear that there will be many events and, as usual, it will be difficult to orientate oneself, without taking into account losing someone. We are especially excited to host the site Studio magazine the special program created for the occasion by Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Design.

That fil red which binds all events organized by Istituto Marangoni is the concept of EXTENDED UNIVERSES, real and virtual, which is associated with the theme “Space and time”, chosen for Fuorisalone 2022. Also because Metaverset and the virtual in general represent a new opportunity to imagine , but also to do.

The design shop’s headquarters in via Cerva 24, in the heart of Milan’s design district, will be a real hub design which hosts some of the most interesting projects created by students and the Alumni Community, especially by Prisma Project, the most talented group of designers trained by Istituto Marangoni Milan • The School of Design.

Here it is possible to visit “Explore Cappellini Multiverse” (inaugurated May 31), a tribute to Giulio Cappellini and the historic brand told through the projects that Interior, Product and Visual Design students have developed over the years, with installations designed by Matteo Agati, designer, member of the Prisma project and art director of the exhibition.

The “Expanded Beauty” exhibition, held at IBM Studios in Piazza Gae Aulenti, will be inaugurated on Monday 6 June. This exhibition tells the story of the first NFT projects developed by the members of the Prisma project and the Refuge projects developed by students from the Master in Interior Contract Design and the Master in Interior Design for the Cappellini brand.

Also starting from June 7 and throughout the design week, to animate the Milanese streets, the School in collaboration with Snapchatlaunches the first augmented reality exhibition “Layered Transparency”, which hosts the projects for the students of the Master in Product & Furniture Design and Alumni from Istituto Marangoni in the form of three-dimensional virtual works, created using technology Custom landmark, and geolocated in iconic locations in Milan’s design district. These innovative creations are available on the Snapchat app by scanning a QR code.

The exhibition “1367 • Divining Design Trends” opens in the SuperStudio rooms, via Tortona 27, where through a phygital installation it is possible to discover future design trends identified as part of the school’s research and experimentation program. In this way, it becomes possible to understand how important it is for designers to question the changing world.

The evening of June 8, for the closing party of Istituto Marangoni’s Design Week, must be noted in the calendar. For this occasion, the internationally acclaimed Sound Designer & Soundtracks’ composer Chiara Luzzana will animate the evening.

On June 9 at 18.30, in the Nava Design showroom, in via Durini 2, and throughout Design Week, the project is exhibited by Silvio Pompei, IM Alumni and member of Prisma Project, who was the winner. of the “Contemporary Mobility” competition organized by Nava Design, which invited participants to study the evolutionary trends of humans and their accessories, adapt to new eras and transport systems.

SIlvio Pompei, armchair

The idea behind the entire extended universe’s calendar, declared Barbara Toscano, school director of Istituto Marangoni Milano, “are the new designers that Istituto Marangoni creates as true digital protagonists who are able to understand and translate the complexity of reality into a better one. future”. All of these events are actually excellent opportunities to understand in which direction design is going in the coming world.

To visit the exhibitions, sign up here.

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