How Brera Interni brings Italian design to luxury resorts

Health restrictions have been dropped all over the world and if the reopening of borders is already sweet enough to traveler more demanding to represent an interesting quid is the restyling of luxury resorts that have taken advantage of the closures to renew their space. A push, the one from Covid, which has led to more hospitality structures – in Italy and in the world – to rebuild environments according to the new needs that have arisen in these unstable and surprising times. Because if the PC was previously forgotten in the suitcase, more and more people today choose to combine work and vacation by spending weeks or even months in heavenly places, from Italy to the tropics.

It’s hard to think of a smarter job. And so, alongside the spas and places dedicated to relaxation and light-heartedness, hotels have had to offer spaces where one can concentrate (perhaps with sea views), hold meetings, create closets. And if it was a must to rethink the environments, the choice of furniture obviously played a key role. A transformative piece of furniture that is capable of fulfilling several functions – from the table that becomes a workstation to the multifunctional partitions and shelves that pass through ergonomic armchairs with a light and sculptural design.

It is also thanks to the requests of the international hotel industry that Italian design was able to experience a 2021 that measured in turnover exceeded 2019. According to the results of the FederlegnoArredo Study Center, the growing trend for the furniture and lighting sector has witnessed a + 11% compared to 2019, to a total turnover value of over 26 billion euros. On the export front, the furniture and lighting macro system (which alone accounts for almost three quarters of the total foreign sales of the wood and furniture chain) grew by 20.9% compared to 2020, which exceeded the level in 2019 with a variation of +9.4 %. A real flagship of the Italian economy.


Made in Italy design that drives the transformation of the hospitality sector

And while exports are growing, the presence of furniture made in Italy is growing in places intended for the reception of travelers. An ever stronger and more entrenched presence, stretching from Europe to China, running through the United States, South America to Australia, where furniture produced in Italy populates the most exclusive destinations. The profits go to a wooden furniture sector that, despite the crisis dictated by the pandemic, has been able to rise again by developing solutions that are able to interpret the time we live. Hybrid and flexible solutions, as we said before, that adapt to environments and bring with them the knowledge culture that is typical of made in Italy. A culture that has its roots in craft traditions that are increasingly reclaimed to decorate furniture and furniture accessories, and which are combined with innovation, the search for new materials and increasingly refined production techniques.

For since the early 1960s, it has always been Italian design that has led the furniture innovation. And so, even today, made in Italy is in control of the hotel transformation process thanks to furniture that combines technology, functionality, aesthetics and quality. Furniture chosen – very often by Italian architectural firms, selected thanks to their knowledge of made in Italy design – to decorate in exotic locations or breathtaking contexts; to make the outdoor spaces of hotels and homes on the sea even more suggestive, to transform lounge areas into coworking cornersor to turn restaurants into cozy places where you can taste local specialties and regain a sociability that has been lost in the social distancing of recent years.

Brera Interior 4

Interior design of luxury resorts: an Italian affair, the Brera Interni case

Italian studios and realities are increasingly taking care of the decor of the most exclusive locations in the world. This is evidenced by the case of Brera Interni, an online retail store specializing in high-end furniture, which during the pandemic saw a 400% increase in orders from abroad. A success given by the careful selection of Italian design brands (but not only) and by the range of 99 product categories. From furniture to lighting, from the bathroom to the exterior, from the kitchen to the living room, up to the bedroom and the office. A platform that has met with great interest in the international luxury hotel sector, also thanks to the tailor-made services developed according to the customer’s wishes.

“Brera Interni has always positioned itself as a high-end made in Italy design workshop, designing, building and furnishing exclusive locations. Since January, as every year, most of the work is dedicated to outdoor projects, often in exotic locations that want the Italian signature, ”he said. Giuseppe SignorelliCEO of Brera Interni.

From the Maldives to Montenegro, passing through Miami, Costa Rica and Sidney, Italian furniture is conquering charming resorts and locations. Places they bring all the excellence of made in Italy, and keeps a great promise alive. It combines aesthetics and functionality to bring wonderful experiences to life.

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