Holiday rentals in Florence: this is where a B&B gives the most money. Income and names area by area

OUR QUESTION. Area by area who earns rent. Oltrarno is losing ground: that’s the nightlife effect

FLORENCE. For 7,162 Florentines, it has become a semi-professional activity. Short-term rentals are certainly again one of the strongest trends in the real estate market at the moment. Behind the boom, there is the Internet, which facilitates the meeting between supply and demand in a way that was unthinkable a few years ago, combined with the increase in homes bought to rent them. In general, the most interesting options relate to areas with high tourist rates and especially the districts in the historic center.

The data, which is surprising to see on the map with the concentration of apartments spread across the city, is taken from the site, which analyzes the trend of reservations and homes available on the Airbnb and Vrbno platforms for short rentals in Florence. by zone, calculates the average price for a night and the monthly income of a host.

The historic center, as shown in the report updated to June 2022, is the most attractive area, especially for tourists who stop for short periods and look for a convenient neighborhood to see all the wonders of the city. In addition to the convenient location, the houses in this area never suffer from devaluations, and on the contrary, their value grows steadily over time. The district that seems to be the most popular is San Giovanni (where there is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the Baptistery), with 661 houses for rent, an average expense of 145 euros a day and an average monthly income. for the host, about 1,938 euros per. Sleepover.

Oltrarno, which includes Santo Spirito and San Frediano, is the area where there is the largest concentration of houses and ads on the two booking sites (there are 1,157), but perhaps also due to the very high offers and for the ‘movida effect , a night costs about 116 euros, 1,410 euros, however, the monthly income of the owner. In the rankings, Santa Maria Novella has the highest approval and earnings: The 661 houses and rooms available to tourists have an average price of 118 euros per night, which, minus taxes and expenses, earns 1,563 euros per month. The most profitable neighborhoods for renting an apartment are then San Lorenzo (121 euros per night and 1,638 euros per month for the host), Santissima Annunziata (120 euros per night), Santa Croce (118 euros per day and 1,507 euros per. month). for the host), San Marco and San Gallo (116 euros per night) and Gavinana-Galluzzo (107 euros).

Cinderella on the rankings is above all the peripheral or residential areas, such as Campo di Marte, where a tourist can spend around 94 euros a day and a host earns just over 1,000 euros a month; Isolotto and Legnaia with 89 euros, San Jacopino – which is outside the walls but is still part of District 1 – with 88 euros and Rifredi / Careggi with 433 houses, which are mainly rented out to those who go on the medical and pharmaceutical faculties, in doctors and nurses and relatives of the patients of the two major Florentine hospitals, the average price for a guest is 79 euros, which at the end of the month brings 850 euros in the pocket of the owner or agency. also reveals that 92% of tourists who choose Florence (and non-hotel stays) prefer the whole apartment, only 8% choose a private room, possibly with an exclusive bathroom. In the first six months of 2022, five “top property managers” received the highest rating from tourists: Apartaments Florence (with 124 ads, 719 reviews and a rating of 4.8 out of 5), CleanBnB (99 ads, 2215 reviews and 4, 8 reviews), Sweet Stay (55 apartments, 970 reviews and 4.64), Florentapartments (36 listings, 2,086 reviews and a rating of 4.48) and finally the Residenze d’Epoca Collection (34 houses, 1,176 reviews and a rating of 4.48). 4.44 out of a maximum of 5).

The great interest in the analyzes of stems from the fact that the values ​​divided by categories are also stated for the cities; given that Tyrrhensk report below.


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