GPS rankings, when will they be published? The questions have risen: polo schools are helping school offices. First indications

The deadlines for submitting an application for inclusion and updating in the GPS, provincial placements for temporary staff and school placements expired on 31 May. Graduates are now awaiting the publication of the rankings on the website of the school office of the chosen province. No date, but some indications are starting to arrive from the school offices and probably many others that will come over the next few days.

In fact, in relation to the Evaluation Commission for the applications, the Brescia Education Office writes:

The proposed work is only verification of access certificates, any additional documentation will be deposited on a special platform prepared by the Castelli Institute of Brescia and will be carried out on time, mainly at the usual workplaces for about a month (from mid-June to mid-July).

About a month to evaluate the entry qualifications. The work is completed around mid-July.

More indications from Taranto school office:

The Polo schools and the responsible operators, identified by the Polo schools themselves and responsible for evaluation and validation and other related operations, will be activated for the SIDI functions – Recruitment of school staff – Provincial replacement placements and will evaluate the qualifications and validate applications within and no further than 22nd of June pv

And again, the school office in Brindisi is proposing June 25 as the date of validation of applications.

First check: the access title

The control entrusted to the School Offices and to the cooperating polo schools relates to the admission qualification. We remind you that it should be in possession of the second row by 31 May at the latest.

The second check, of all statements in the application, will be carried out by the school where the candidate receives the first substitute.

Demand is rising: School offices are using polo schools

Some school offices have noticed the increase in the number of applications submitted compared to 2020, therefore it is necessary to resort to the help of polo schools for control to compensate for the shortage of staff.

This is a procedure approved by OM n. 112 of 6 May 2022 “The territorially competent school offices evaluate the qualifications declared for the relevant GPS, also by delegating to polo schools in specific competition classes, to avoid discrepancies in the evaluations.”

Final rankings

We remind you that the ranking is finally published. Thus OM n. 112 of 6 May 2022 to art. 9, para. 2: “Extraordinary appeal to the President of the Republic is permitted within 120 days or judicial appeal to the competent TAR within 60 days.“.

In any case, applicants will be able to correct any significant errors: for this there will be specific ministerial indications.

No problem for dissolution of the reserve and announcement of deputy deadline

The dates – absolutely indicative – published by the School Offices do not affect the operations that can be carried out.

For the qualification and / or specialization qualification obtained no later than 20 July, it will be up to the recording in the first GPS band if the request is made conditionally no later than 31 May.

Furthermore, it will be possible to communicate the achievement of the maximum score that can be achieved in the school year 2022/23.

The advice

You can request advice at [email protected] (individual answer is not guaranteed, but discussion of general questions)

It is possible to discuss on the forum for mutual help

You can follow the updates via the Department’s rankings and the Supplenze tag

An elaboration

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