Golden Boy 2022: Miretti Without Borders

Zero titles, but a great discovery: Fabio Miretti. Proof that even a season without trophies, the first after ten years of victories for Juventus of the license plate cycle Andrea Agnelli, can reserve some satisfaction. The midfielder of Pinerolo born in 2003 – he came to Juventus as a child and turns out to have all the qualities to stay in Turin Lifetime. As happens in video games, Miretti has in recent months gone from one level to another without being affected, yes … From Series C With’Under 23 Juventus to the semifinals in Youth League With’Under 19the youth championships, up to A league. Massimiliano Allegriwho has something to do with the boy, first made his debut in Champions League against Malmö and in the last four league games he always put him as a starter.

Venice (May 1), Genoa, Lazio And Fiorentina. Thick and growing performance. An insane escalation, crowned with the call from the coach forItaly Roberto Mancini to the internship last week and with the call of Paolo Nicolato for the U21 team. What many talents only dream of and others achieve in three to four years, Miretti has achieved in less than twelve months. All the reasons that allow the Piedmontese to struggle this summer High school examto strive for a place on the list of 100 of the golden boy. Plank, which as usual will be unveiled on June 15 (details below).

From Juve to blue: Miretti stands out in young Italy

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From Juve to blue: Miretti stands out in young Italy

Derby won

Miretti starts playing in his Piedmontin’Auxilium Saluzzoand then moved to Kile. But already as an 8-year-old he was noticed during a tournament by Juventus observers. Bianconeri wins the market derby with Turin, which Fabio had also trained with before, thanks to the family’s Juventus faith and to the Saluzzo-Vinovo shuttle service arranged by the club, which convinces mother Silvia and father Livio. “I have been playing black and white for 11 years – said Miretti –. I did the whole youth sector at Juventus“. Come on Chickens to the first team, both in the Champions League (“The most intense moment was the 4 minutes against Malmö») As well as in Serie A. And always wearing the jersey from his heart team.

Nedved and De Bruyne

For the 18-year-old Juventus midfielder, Pavel Nedved he is much more than a vice president. That of Czech rage was the first poster in the room for Fabio, who as a child dribbled the hairdresser to get long hair like Ballon d’Or 2003. “Yes, with idol – Miretti recently revealed – it has always been Nedved. I was 4 years old and I liked him. Now the player who fascinates me the most and who inspires me the most Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester By. What amazes me about his way of playing is the technique, but above all the vision of the game: he always knows how, when and where to pass the ball. He really is a champion, a complete midfielder from all angles“.

Like the Belgian jewel, Miretti is also a multi-role. A real all-rounder. A bit of an offensive midfielder, but above all a midfielder or central midfielder. Allegri at the end of the season switched him in the middle of the field or moved a little more to the center-right. But the response from the boy who grew up in the Juventus youth sector was identical. Head high, maximum three touches and the ball is almost always played vertically. Disarming serenity, age taken into account, combined with a strong personality and important running and technical skills.

Student of Max

So much so that even someone like Allegri, always quite frugal with compliments to the boys, in Miretti’s case struggled to control himself: “Fabio is a 2003, but he moves with the serenity of a veteran. I was amazed at its reliability. Play with technique and vertical, which is something that drives me crazyAllegri, a bit like all the coaches who coached Miretti in the Juventus draw, does not seem to want to deprive himself Pinerolowhich will most likely be confirmed on a permanent basis in the first team in 2022-23. And to say that the start between the two was special, as evidenced by an anecdote told by Dad Livio: «TO Naples, in the first away game of the first team, Fabio found the coach lying on his bed in his room. He was surprised, he did not know what to say. He made him aware that this was his room, and Allegri said to him, “Sorry, I’m stupid”. And he laughed“.

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