Giardino (Buona Destra) “Revitalizing the historic center with culture”

“For the relaunch of the historic center, we have from the good right thought of simple but effective measures”. This was written in a note by Michele Giardino, from the Good Right Piacenza candidate on the Liberali Piacentini – Terzo Polo list, in support of Corrado Sforza Fogliani’s candidacy for mayor.

“In the meantime, we believe that the stabilization of the covid rules – in terms of occupancy of public spaces and permits for dehor – is appropriate not only for the vitality but also for the security of the center and to provide assistance to the public. of we consider it necessary for the sake of fairness to those exhibitors who do not have the opportunity to enjoy this opportunity) “.

“Then we overcome the clear alternative between the extension of the LTZ and the opening of the traffic center, we believe that” woonerfs “(Dutch for” common areas “) should be introduced in Piacenza: streets where pedestrians and cyclists have priority and where motorists, thanks to a series of precautions, are forced to engage in extremely cautious driving behavior (which is already happening in Largo Battisti). Ricci Oddi Gallery (whose entrance must be valued in a dignified manner) and wherever the need is felt.The homes are characterized by wide sidewalks and by the significant presence of greenery, as well as by strict speed limits and very clear signage.

“We believe that the center should only be crossed by electric shuttles and that the district of Rome can be rebuilt by restoring the agency that operated up to ten years ago (with an attempt also on other critical areas of the city, such as Viale Dante). Above all, however, we are convinced that our historic center can and should be relaunched and revived with constant promotion of events.Increase tourist-cultural events, attract new ones, arrange exhibitions of great national and international appeal, stimulate interest for a larger number of visitors and the oil engine in the relative economy, with the aim of increasing the number of guests in our city “.

“The citizens’ museums are transformed into a foundation and, together with the Theater Foundation and the newly established Galleria Ricci Oddi foundation, become advocates for a rich and ambitious cultural offer that connects all the beauties of the city. The prospect is to dissolve the three realities into a single fund that plans and promotes all cultural initiatives and that networks each operator and cultural association present and operating in Piacenza. Making Piacenza a congress and entertainment city can and must, and make the most of Piacenza Expo’s call to host meetings and conferences; the municipal theater to host music festivals and events; of the Ricci Oddi Gallery and the Civic Museums of Palazzo Farnese for organizing painting and sculpture exhibitions “.

“Street art must adorn our city, not limit itself to giving life only to the grayest corners.
And the collaboration with Emilia-Romagna’s film commission – to promote Piacenza as a film set for films and TV dramas – must become organic. The two events “Piacenza jazz party” and “Dal Mississippi al Po” on the Umbria Jazz model should be improved, and involve the city center and beyond. And a festival is to be inaugurated that brings the Piacenza valleys to the city to provide an opportunity to exhibit, present and propose the excellence of our province on the streets and squares of the historic center, involving producers, tourist and sports associations, municipalities and professional loco.
We must with dignity promote the urban stretch of Via Francigena. Without neglecting the constant awareness-raising action on the front lines of the fight against mafia and organized crime, real threats to our diligent society in all areas of action, ”concludes Michele Giardino.

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