From Portugal to Sardinia with Tesla Model 3: thanks Supercharger

Luca Masala with his Tesla Model 3

A Tesla Model 3 to be able to travel without worries from Portugal to Sardinia, the home country, more than once a year. A journey that Lucio tells us step by step, and which he today in electricity manages to complete without losing more than half an hour compared to when he did it with thermobiles. Thanks to the Tesla Supercharger network. We remind all readers that they can send their electric travel stories to the e-mail:

by Luca Masala

I live between Portugal and Italy. My first encounter with Tesla and the world of electric cars was in 2017, when I met a gentleman _ then we became friends _ who made the parallel import. When he asked me if I would help him bring one Model X 90 D from Paris, I did not think twice. After a few days, I fly to CDG and take a courtesy car complete with a driver to Tesla’s headquarters. After a careful inspection of the car, we went to Portugal, but immediately after first charge to a Supercharger _ then there were not so many _ the machine warned us that we would not get to the next Supercharger.

I closed my eyes, but he smiled and assured me that he had already done so with a Model S 85 that had 5% less battery. I opened the display page with the consumption and the tour forecast was red with -10%! He drove without strong acceleration and we drove at 120 km / h the whole trip. In short, we came to the next Supercharger with 5%. There my reload anxiety died there, in about two hours. The next stage was my guide and I fell in love with it right away. On a three-day trip, I almost became a Model X expert, and in the following years, I occasionally accompanied him to pick up both X and S around Europe.

In the summer of 2020 min Audi cost me a lot in maintenance: fap, front discs, shock absorbers so one day without notice yes breaks the pump belt oil that causes the turbine to break.

Probably I said to myself, I’m taking an electric car. I have always had two-volume machines and at the end of the search I had chosen Hyundai Kona with 64 kwh battery. But analyzes the charging network, to go from Lisbon to Barcelona, ​​it would have taken me more than 18 hours, and when I was the individual charging stations, there were risk of missing the ferry for Porto Torres, although only one column was occupied; not to mention how many RIFD cards I should have drawn.

In short, it has won the Tesla Supercharger network. Since I did not know if I liked a three-volume, I chose to take the one long term rental 36 months. It was delivered to me at the end of March 2021 with the red color and white seats for free.

Every year I face a journey of almost 1300 km from Lisbon to Barcelona to take the ferry to Porto Torres. First with one Audi a4 Avant, S line2000 from 170hp, manual gearbox 6 brands and now with T.esla Model 3 Dual Motor 490hp. I always travel all in one go.

With diesel I stopped every two hours in no less than 15 minutes, plus a lunch break and a nap. With the electric I stop at Tesla Superchargers every two hours approximately with stops between 15 and 25 minutes, plus always lunch break and a nap. Travel time with Audi it was about 30 minutes less. The journey with the Audi it was more tiringWhen I did not have cruise control, my leg was sore after two hours at 120 km / h and my attention dropped. With the Model 3 between cruise control and autopilot, the journey is more relaxing. I used to arrive in Barcelona exhausted, now I only get tired there.

tesla compressor
The ABRP app lists all the stops needed by Tesla Superchargers to complete the Lisbon-Barcelona route

I always do planning with ABRP (a better route planner) to get an idea of ​​the travel time and any stops for recharging. In reality in Getafe (halfway) I leave with 100% because lunch and rest. I forced the program to arrive at the destination with 50% charge and this is the reason for such a long stop in Lleida (40 min). When I leave the tables, I can not recharge until I get home.

I checked Spending from one Tesla Supercharger to another, at a constant speed of 120 km / h; it was 20kw / h per 100km with the supercharged car; luggage also on the back seat.

As for the batteries, if I need them 100% charged and I can even discharge it up to 1%; usually I do not go below 30% and arrive at 80%.

I use Model 3 as I used Audi A4, heating and air conditioning always on. In Model 3 from app I can turn on air conditioning externally, which I find very convenient.

The planning done inside the car just before departure; notice how it differs from ABRP.

Traveled from home with 95% and expected to arrive in Merida with 23% according to the ABRP plan (100% – 28%). I often open this page if I leave with an arrival forecast below 5% to keep consumption under control.

tesla compressor

My first stop in Merida after 2.30 drive: I went to the toilet and ate some fruit and on the monitor it appears that there are 5 minutes left until the end of the charge. If I wanted to, I could have stopped charging by the time I would still have arrived with 13% in Almaraz.

Supercharger I spent 82 euros. It must be borne in mind that the price of kw / h in Spain is lower than in Italy.

To back I have to make an overnight stop when the ferry arrives in Barcelona in the evening. I always choose one hotel it has a destination charger, so the next morning I leave with a full tank. (Available)

On trip B you can see how much I have consumed on average since I got the car.

There charging in Lisbon is included in the car park against payment close to home, where I have the opportunity to wash my car for free. If I have to move, I use Superchargers or one of the many columns scattered around the country and Destination chargers for overnight stops.

IN Sardinia I have had 4.2 kw photovoltaic systems for over 10 years but it is used for home help; on a clear day I can charge between 12 and 15%, about 100 km. If, on the other hand, it is cloudy, zero load. If I use the car during the day, I do not charge, so at the moment I still use Telepass cash back, so I subscribe to Enel X and, if that is not enough, also to Be-charge.

There Sardinia is poorly served as for the charging stations, Sassari has a 22kw one inside the Enel headquarters, which has office hours! Cagliari has some outside the city. Alghero with one. Olbia and Oristano, which is also home to the Tesla Superchargers, have many charging points. Unfortunately in tourist places have no charging points. In the last year, Enel X has been very busy, from what I see on the app, compared to last year.

The benefits (in my opinion) are: silent running, the ability to communicate with the car at a distance and the fact that it does not pollute, grip and safety (5 stars in all categories), aids for driving, self-driving steering, guard function and driving only with the accelerator.

Cons (in my opinion) they are: the trunk (although deep, it has little height). The premium connection is paid after one month. The front cap is not electro-activated and there are no small compartments, such as the spectacle holder, (in the two very large and spacious compartments, small objects are difficult to find). Everything is controlled from the screen (you appreciated some physical buttons.) There are no paddles behind the steering wheel to dose the regenerative power. The built-in charger in AC, as in many electrical, is 11kw / h. The builders should agree and make them from 22kw / h

Finally I was right in taking a long term rental as I do not want to keep the car because of the trunk. In the meantime, there will definitely be more models coming (I do not like SUVs and I hope some family cars will come) and the battery technology will be improved. I am by agreement with the editorial staff when he writes it which does not have a private place where to upload do not have to buy an electric car. In Portugal I have no problems, in Sardinia I would have them without careful planning. And yet, some areas I can not reach them, or rather I reach them, but I stop there.

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