“Education Decree” and “Code of Ethics”: indoctrinated teachers for like-minded graduates?

Little known aspect of Decree-Law of 30 April 2022, n. 36 (“Decree on Employment and Training”) is that which relates to the “Code of Ethics for Teachers”. As we have already written, art. 4 lays down rules on teachers’ freedom of expression regarding public administration. “In order to safeguard the image of the public administration”, teachers need to pay close attention to what they are writing about Social Media. It is not enough: “Public administrations ensure the development of a training cycle (…) on the topicspublic ethics It’s on ethical behavior. “

Training hours dedicated to indoctrinate teachers on what are “public ethics” and “ethical behavior”? It is urgent to ask ourselves: is it perhaps the revival of the “ethical state”? A state that becomes the ultimate goal and the absolute judge of good and evil? A state – in short – totalitarian?


We can not believe it: our rulers are certainly acting in accordance with the Constitution and democracy. One could at most assume – which is not new – some details consideration (still incollective interest) for Confindustria’s wishes. But are these wishes always compatible with the harmonious development of the primary school (institution of collective interest)? Which, in order not to be conditioned by any ideology, should not be based on pluralism, and therefore on the freedom of education (sanctioned by the Constitution)?

Gentile Reform: that high school to indoctrinate (which gave the opposite effect)

Mussolini defined that pagans were “the most fascist” of the reforms: the school was fundamental to reorganizing the mentality of the Italians of the time so that they could introduce the totalitarian logic to become future fascist minds. But the “dozen” missed the shot: the classical high school that Gentile devised was so perfect that it formed generations of leadership; but those who participated in the Liceo Classico developed such a strong critical mentality, to often become anti-totalitarian, democratic, anti-fascist. Many post-war Italian intellectuals had grown up in the gentile classical high school.

This model became so slowly available to everyone, even to those not born of families of the ruling class. Then, democratized, it became a social elevator.

Do you still want an elementary school that creates ruling classes?

Today, all of this needs to be removed. It does not serve the interests of companies that want managerial workforce with minimal (executive) skills, high flexibility, little reflection on their rights and poor critical skills. That is why the key subjects of the Gentile high school are pursued: Greek, Latin, philosophy, literature, history. And even geography, apparently considered “redundant” since 2010 (when the Gelmini “reform” came into force).

Therefore, teachers also need to change their mentality; and must be indoctrinated. The state will tell them what is good and what is bad, and think for them; and they will perform. Now all this, albeit based on excellent intentions, does it risk becoming a little too much like an authentic wash (with subsequent “cleansing”) of the brain? And would not that be serious for a democracy?

One-way training? Learning to think or to count?

Not only did the teachers therefore stabilize in different ways than the current ones, with a different path and formed by “training schools” attached to INVALSI And INDIRE. Even permanent teachers will – despite the usual declarations of respect for self-education – be exposed to INDIRE And INVALSI (hegemons of the formation itself), and conditioned by AMBER, PdM, PTOF. “Improvement” of teachers “will be up to the evaluation committee on the basis of objectives set by the schools under the directives of INDIRE And INVALSI.

Forced voluntary training (for a handful of euros)?

Financial recognition will be linked to education e.g. required to pass the intermediate and final “exams”determined by the Evaluation Committee in agreement with PdM, AMBERindications of INDIRE, PTOF: all on the basis of directives originating from the top of these supreme entities. So the pay rise is not even guaranteed because it is conditional on the assessment committee’s ruling!

The training will be on a “voluntary” basis; but if the teacher does not submit to it, he does not receive the incentive. The art. 45 of Legislative Decree 36/2022, related to art. 44. Is that the definitive farewell to automatic shots linked to seniority?

In addition, only 40% of teachers “educated” (and who ask to be “evaluated”) will be “encouraged”: only the “best”, according to the undisputed assessment of the evaluation and management committee. And it’s really unique that this happens in an educational society like school: what would actually happen if a teacher told his students at the beginning of the year that only 40% of them would be promoted?

Is the primary school only responsible for carving out leading labor?

Why all this? We want a school system that no longer aims to upgrade free spirits (that is, the ruling class), men executive work gear?

But do Italian parents really want something like that for their children? Why do not you want students to learn to think for themselves at the top?

It is a functional choice in the world of economics, which only candidates want usable for own system (underpaid and insecure servers)?

In return, the world of economics has been allowed to enter the school with straight legs. Due to the salary increase of the state education teachers, a state pedagogy is imposed, which the teachers must accept with open arms, so as not to lose the increase! Increase, in fact, conditioned by sympathy from the members of the assessment committee and the school principal. And this in a time of severe resumption of inflation, which erodes teachers’ already meager wages.

It is the end of the circle: the circle that is to prevent elementary school students from becoming the ruling class of tomorrow.

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