Digital culture, the multimedia platform for archeological sites is born

Go to the multimedia platform for archeological sites. Launched on eight pilot parks, andArchaeo it was commissioned for Ale’s spa by the Ministry of Culture and created in collaboration with various Italian universities and the CNR with the aim of offering a way to read and enjoy some archeological sites with a remarkable narrative potential that is not yet fully expressed. Fil rouge, who guided the narrative choices of the project, was to illustrate the different types of settlements that have developed on Italian territory as a result of the presence, on the peninsula and on the islands, of different populations and cultures.

Eight sites of the cultural heritage were therefore chosen, spread over the national territory from south to north of the Etruscan, Greek, Phoenician-Punic, native and Roman foundations: Egnazia (Apulia), Sibari (Calabria), Velia (Campania), Nora (Sardinia), Alba Fucens (Abruzzo), Cerveteri (Lazio), Marzabotto (Emilia Romagna) and the villas Sirmione and Desenzano (Lombardy). The story and its development are told about each place, and illustrate the best preserved monuments (the places of public and private life, necropolis), represented in their present reality by archaeological landscape and in the reconstructed dimension, to restore their third a now lost dimension , which represents a chronological span of more than ten centuries.

For these eight locations andArchaeo constitutes an integrated and multi-channel multimedia enhancement project with cross-cutting solutions, from which individual applications are activated for different purposes and forms of publicity that promote this legacy in both a scientific, narrative and emotional way.

“The special value of this project – he stressed Undersecretary of State Lucia Borgonzoni it is in the synergistic integration between scientific approach, emotional dimension and technological innovation that will enable better use of the Italian historical-artistic heritage and will also help to protect the cultural heritage of the multisystem projects we are developing. These experiences can be, and certainly will be, copyable models around the world. Projects that can also be realized thanks to the precious contribution of the cultural and creative companies in our country, which some calls from the Ministry of Culture will soon be dedicated to be published “.

e-Archeo actually sees the participation of Cnr Ispc, for the design and coordination of a scientific team involving 10 Italian universities and the Italian Archaeological School in Athens. The scientific data then served as the starting point for the study of some environments or areas in the eight sites, whose virtual reconstruction (in architectural, landscape and sometimes urban scale as well as of objects) was entrusted to five specialized companies of the 3D sector. To facilitate the long-term sharing and preservation of the data sets produced, all the scientific and reconstructive material has been made available on the Zenodo platform, therefore available to the international community under @ CreativeCommons licenses.

The virtual reconstructions then went on to fill different applications (outputs), developed by seven Italian creative industries: e-Archaeo 3D, interactive web platform for site exploration and diaconal reading of their environments; And-Archaeo Voices, podcasts that tell about events, characters and unique pages; And-Archaeo Tactile multimedia tactile installation to make the reading of archeological spaces and their significance accessible to all; And-Archaeo Hi, narrative multimedia installation with holographic characters; And-Archaeo Videos, introductory films to the archeological sites and backstage video telling about the project. In particular, the eight short docu-films made by Rai, which the national television station will soon make available in programming on its own channels, will constitute a valuable tool for promoting archeological sites.

“And-Archaeo therefore represents a valid example of collaboration between institutions, public research bodies and creative companies in the digital innovation sector – said Mario De Simoni, President and CEO of Ale’s spa – The project provided an opportunity to experiment, in addition to forms of dissemination and cultural studies, including new methods of planning and integrated cooperation between public and private “. The main purpose of the partnership isArchaeo it is, in fact, the strengthening of the capacity of state institutions, research institutions and creative industries to work together to strengthen the Italian cultural heritage, share ideas and develop innovative and effective working methods.


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