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Exhibited at Brera “Saturno”: device for disinfection and inactivation of pathogens in closed environments, born from the meeting of cutting-edge technology and sustainable design patented by INAF and NVK Design

( Milan, June 6, 2022. “Saturn“Is an elegant system for disinfecting the air in an environment using UV-C lamps in the presence of humans and without external air exchange, with patented technology whose prototype is on permanent display in the Palazzo di Brera, at the entrance to the Brera Astronomical Museum (First Floor), which is part of the Brera Astronomical Observatory.

The visit to Saturn is free and free.

Saturno was presented in Milan during the first edition of SAFETY WEEK 2022 (26 – 27 – 28 – 30 APRIL 2022): wanted by municipal councilor and delegated councilor to the metropolitan area Beatrice Uguccioni and also promoted along with Milan municipality and to Metropolitan City in Milanwhose main purpose was to promote a safety culture for all, on all scales, from securing the planet, to urban renewal, to construction sites 4.0. In the rich agreement book focusing on the universe and the technology to protect the planet and its inhabitants, in front of a parterre of institutions, politics, schools, scientists, unions, trade unions, third sector, youth and professionals, this new high-tech device became air disinfection and inactivation of SARS-Cov-2 therefore presented.

Saturno designed and patented byNational Institute of Astrophysics with Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef, architect owner of NVK Design (, researcher and designer former creator and promoter of the Contagio Congresso ( – together with the researcher Andrea Bianco, professor at the Politecnico di Milano and al Dr. Giovanni Pareschi, INAF Research Director.

The device, which is 100% effective for inactivating pathogens, has the mission to clean the air safely in public spaces such as schools, hospitals, offices, but also in the daily life of our homes. Saturn’s imprint is technological, the application of the most sophisticated and innovative disinfection systems applied to avant-garde materials with a “reflective” interior coating that you can see applied to a design object, a plug & play lamp, consisting of two radial types and UV-C lamps , which is capable of handling large amounts of air efficiently, with low consumption and in full safety.

The lamp presented is a promise of a better future. Today, Saturn is available for industrialization of the product with cheap materials that are immediately available in the market. In its current configuration, the Saturn prototype occupies space as a four-wheeled floor lamp with a height of about 2.4 m; the overall dimensions and weight of the final product will be adjusted and scaled according to the size of the rooms to be cleaned.

NVK Design and INAF have designed a functional object that will effectively improve the environmental conditions in our existence. A project, Italian Pride, which is now open to the search for far-sighted sponsors and investors to commercialize it, making large-scale production possible.

“I went down this path in collaboration with INAF to find a practical application and to be able to concretize the results of scientific studies on disinfection of various viruses and bacteria using UV-C light in one unit. One challenge that was launched for me and that I had the honor of taking up was to imagine a shape that was able to reflect UV-C rays to increase their efficiency without making them to escape in any way from the system because they are dangerous to the man. Today, Saturn, fully functional, is open to the search for far-sighted sponsors and investors to market it, making it possible to produce it on a large scale. “

Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef, architect and designer, owner of NVK Design (

Always convinced that well-being, science, technology and culture are essential aspects of a healthy society, Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef is once again dedicated to a project that combines science, design and attention to the social.

Architect and owner of NVK Design since 2010, researcher and designer – former creator and promoter of Contagio Congresso (2020) ( and of the “Kushim Caring Design” project in 2021, Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef has accepted INAF’s challenge and designed the Saturn apparatus for the purpose, inspired by the need to contribute to a sustainable future for man and the planet.

In parallel with the design activity and thanks to her experience in the field of environment and culture, she was in 2018 appointed Expert from the City Planning and Environment Commission and Expert from the Culture Commission in Municipality 1 in Milan.

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