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Milan Culture Councilor Tommaso Sacchi: “What a thrill to have met Enzo Mari in his home studio”

“This edition of Salone is vital because it marks Milan’s return to the international stage.” Tommaso Sacchi, cultural adviser in the Sala junta, is very confident after the collapse caused by the pandemic this “week” as an economic driver: “The level of results will give us a measure of a city’s return to life like Milan”, because “Salonen is the only Italian thematic event that manages to catalyze the whole spectrum of modern creative production around a single theme, in this case design “. Around the exhibition «are the main characters: music, dance with Roberto Bolle, who will be the star on June 5 at La Scala and then there is contemporary art and photography; not to mention a huge amount of business: from hotels to restaurants ».

Does the Salon also have a sociological value?

“The proliferation of festivals has often turned Italian cities into temporary amusement parks, to the point that an important piece of urban identity is a declination of the festival theme itself. Let me explain: with this structure, which I define as “permeability of the ground floors”, events have fallen into everyday spaces, therefore, citizens who are not directly interested in the Salon also participate.

Can we say that the Salon, by becoming more “democratic”, has multiplied its potential?

“Sure. Because until the mid-1980s, it was too expensive for young designers or young companies to install a stand inside the Fair. Now, however, thanks to the ‘ground floors’, an exhibition network has grown that has grown. over time, and calls for new productions that knew they could have a showcase during this week.It’s no longer a niche event, now it’s a stage for everyone ‘.

Also a model for other cities, in Italy and beyond?

“I want to say: a good circle that has also become a party, first for the city, then for all the fans who come from all over the world to discover not only the big brands, but also all the motley expressions of the explosion of creativity that has always found an important place in Milan ».

Qwhat are the design characters that have made the most impression on you?

“I owe Stefano Boeri the luck of meeting Enzo Mari (and Lea Vergine) in his house near the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio. Mari was preparing what would be an iconic exhibition that will remain in the history of Milan. Going into their home studio and rediscovering the prototype of the self-designed chair, the 16-animal puzzle or the wonderful red apple on a white background that has become an icon – so simple and perfect – for Mari’s work, I was very excited. Since that day, I have followed Italian design closely and with a different eye ».

The mandatory stop for Milan City Councilor for Culture?

“Traveling around Milan during Fuorisalone is an experience that enriches everyone: from producers, large and small, to the commercial sector, to artists and passionate visitors. During the Furniture Week, the objects that have accompanied our country’s social and economic history can be found in the large institutions dedicated to design. And then I recommend everyone to visit the Aldo Rossi exhibition at the Museo del 900 and the one dedicated to Joe Colombo in GAM. In fact, even the bourgeois museums will participate in this great celebration ».

Can you tell us about your favorite historical pieces?

“I think of some iconic objects that I love a lot, like the Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers, who still furnish and illuminate the space in the house where I grew up, which I occasionally see with pride in the beautiful design museum in Triennials; or to Letter 22, Compasso d’Oro in 1954, on which I as a child saw my grandfather write, and which I in recent days reviewed at the ADI Museum ».

What do you expect to discover during this issue?

“At the fair, you can discover innovations in life that make life for each of us simpler, more beautiful and increasingly sustainable. The city becomes a stage of creativity used in our daily lives, no matter where there are ideas to improve our lives. Because, originally and after all, design is just that: Intelligence and creativity applied to the object to make it more useful, functional, beautiful ».

Will he also tell us in which direction this “rebirth” will go?

“Collective intelligence grows and changes according to the needs of our society, to global scenarios, to the pollution of tastes and cultures other than ourselves; and so design is also mirrored by our problems and our aspirations, and Fuorisalone a show never equal to itself, which every year changes shape and skin, offering us the extraordinary show of what we are and what we want tomorrow.

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