Culture and tourism, what has been done and what needs to be done to make Piacenza more and more attractive? The floor for the six candidates

Local elections 2022 – How to improve Piacenza’s culture and expertise? How to attract more and more tourists to our Piacenza? Over the last few years, events have undoubtedly been arranged, which have proven to be able to attract a larger number of visitors to our area, not least the exhibition dedicated to Klimt. But is that enough? What else needs to be done? We asked the six candidates for mayor.

Patrizia Barbieri (Lega, Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia, Patrizia Barbieri Mayor – Trespidi with Liberi)

“We have done a lot despite the pandemic, we are among the fastest growing cities in the entire region. We are an art city, we are able to attract visitors 365 days a year. By combining our artistic, cultural, religious, sporting and food and wine heritage, we can certainly improve even more. In the last year we have registered 400% more visitors, I must say that the extraordinary results of a great commitment to culture are there for all to see: We therefore want to continue to relaunch a beautiful city like ours ”.


Maurizio Botti (Piacenza Reborn)

More can be done, although it is true that something has happened in recent times and improvements have been made by combining tourism with culture. However, there is a problem with reception, we have to work with accommodation facilities, parking spaces, street furniture and cleaning and care of the green in the city.

Stefano Cugini (Alternative to Piacenza, 5 Star Movement, Green Europe, @ left)

I answer with a joke: after two years with Covid, I would like to see that tourism data is not increasing! There was certainly a great deal of commitment, I must admit from the department. Some results were also obtained because it was possible to count on financial resources never seen before. However, more can be done to create a network with all the realities where they can talk to each other. We need a single bulletin board with events and then an office dedicated to the topic.

Samanta Favari for the 3V movement (Vaccines We want the Truth)

“In terms of the cultural theme, we are convinced that the Piacentins are the first not to know their city. We have 200,000 people who do not live and do not take advantage of the great beauty of Piacenza. First of all, we need to make the people of Piacenza understand how beautiful their city is, so a radical change is needed. Once this is done, they will be the first sponsors and supporters of tourism in Piacenza. You can do much more, you can always improve: for example, we wanted to lead the development of an event portal that would also implement the tourist office, and which also provides a mailing list that you can subscribe to to remember the planned events. Also because we must not forget that we also have a provincial area that can offer everything and more, in addition to the city, which is full of things to visit.

Corrado Sforza Fogliani (Liberali Piacentini – Tredje Pol)

“The private sector has done a lot, just look at the Banca di Piacenza for all that it has done by attracting more than 100,000 people with Salita al Pordenone and putting its own in. The culture also consists of public bodies, but we have seen, so far, public bodies are only able to hold an attractive exhibition every three or four years: instead, this aspect needs to be intensified.We have unusual themes such as sixteenth-century exchange fairs, such as Cardinal Alberoni’s figure: themes around which a network of cities interested in the same subject can be formed.For example: all the cities where Alberoni worked and lived, to name one.New figures to be exploited, great opportunities to be seized, possibly without burdening taxpayers , but by creating major, self-financing events’.

Katia Tarasconi (Pd, Action, Piacenza beyond, Courageous Piacenza, Piacenza Retirees, Katia Tarasconi-Civic List for Piacenza)

We acted well, then it is clear that in life we ​​can always do more. I say that if Piacenza is an interesting city for logistics, it can also be for culture and tourism. National exhibitions and events are welcome, but there is also a need for a control room to coordinate appointments throughout the year. A cottage is shared with the province to develop various tourism routes.

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