Corsi: “It’s almost impossible to hold back Asllani and Viti, I want to ask Zanetti for salvation”

The President of Empoli, Fabrizio Corsispoke to the microphones from Tuttomercatoweb on the sidelines of the 23rd Loyalty to Sport Award ceremony.

“When there are these events, it is important to remember that when we talk about Empoli, it is a club made up of leaders and fans who contribute to this sporting situation that has given us so much satisfaction for some years now.”

You have changed coach: today Zanetti’s arrival is official, what do you want to ask him?
“Simply saving is to continue this team tradition, which is expressed with a positive and beautiful game. This thing allows us to make the most of our children. “

There is a lot of talk about Asllani in an Inter key, but there are also interested clubs abroad, how are things?
“Talks and negotiations, I think it will be difficult to keep him and Viti. If it were small and medium-sized businesses, we could assert our intentions to keep them, as they could complete their growth path here. But if there are Italian and foreign teams playing in Europe, even from an economic point of view, they will become unacceptable competitors given our size. We need to get used to the idea that next year they are no longer with us. It would be enough for us to give one to our needs, but it is difficult ”.

Are you considering redeeming Vicar and then launching an auction?
“We’re looking for the right balance to redeem what I hope to do. Then the auction will depend on how the market turns. In the beginning there are the commitments with redemptions and counter-redemptions, then the coaches define themselves. The market starts from 20. June 22, maybe something starts earlier, to win the competition you have to take steps in advance.It would be a good thing if Vicario played for Empoli, because this way we would have one of the strongest goalkeepers in the league ”.

What do you want to do with Zurkowski?
“I know Accardi has the idea of ​​seeing Pradè to talk about it. So I do not know, let’s see. He’s a player who did well who could also have offers from more important Empoli teams. He would like to stay in Empoli unless there is a much more important team and we are happy.We must also be a little careful: Empoli means to feel good and play, but it is not synonymous with surrender.The players must feel challenged and in “In that sense, we are playing the new coach. We have also switched to this. I felt that Zanetti could avoid some players getting flattened.”

There is a lot of talk about young people also from a national perspective, what recipe do you think is needed to relaunch Azzurri?
“The recipe for young people is to let them play. Mancini complains that youngsters are not allowed to play, but he can not tell us because we are the youngest team in the league. The games in 2003 and 2004 also play abroad. By letting the young people play, the costs are also reduced. Barcelona are also successful because they let more young players play. The projection in the future I think will give him right

What will be the future for Parisi?
“We want to keep Parisi because he is strong even though he has a market. I think it’s at 80-90% of its potential. We do not want to dismantle the team. There will be some trouble, but at least Parisi and Bajrami want to keep them with us ”.

What would you recommend clubs like Pistoiese to follow in your Empolis footsteps?
“Leaving Serie C is the first step. In 1991, I dreamed of joining Serie B and I did not even like to say it for my size. It’s hard to get out of that swamp. The C is more and more importantly, the B’s becoming even more important.When I was a boy, the youth sector was important and many strong players played on Pistoiese or Lucchese.Now it’s different, because at 9-10 they come to us to appeal.20 years ago we won a tournament in Viareggio and a spring championship.At that time we played the championships with games from Fiorentina, Atalanta and Inter.There was one in ten.Now children would choose to come to us and it gives us the dimension of have created something unthinkable.Even guys from important teams want to get away to play with us.It’s the fruit of passion but also of the fact that they can play.We met with a club in Milan we thought they asked for Viti or others and they asked us to be able to receive Fazzini and Baldanzi, who play for land the team, but who are very young. We are more jealous than a woman of these guys because they chose to come to Empoli as children. We want to protect them. As a 16-year-old, you can take players abroad, but we do not. At 4pm, when they arrive in the spring, the Italians are punished, perhaps even from our region. And the families know that here they play and we defend them as long as we recognize their qualities. Also because we can not use it abroad. We in the youth sector spend a fifth of what other clubs spend ».

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