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From 23 June to 2 July, Castello della Rancia will open its premises at the Design Terrae Festival, event organized by the association of the same name, sponsored by the municipality of Tolentino. With the artistic direction of Carlo de Mattiachairman of the association born at the instigation of the entrepreneur and patron Franco Moschini, the festival intends to develop this year the theme of “transition”.

This argument strongly influences the same decision by Design Terrae to reject in a real festival what was born last summer as a unique event, Spark. The festival uses support from With Store And Fintel gas and light.

Five evenings, all with free admission, exploring with different registers and languages, from the conference to the round table, from artistic performance to immersive installation, from live music to virtual reality, the transition from one state of affairs to another, research into a transition to social, cultural and environmental sustainability to better meet the needs of the here and now and look to the future with confidence.

The three main events. The first of the main events is definitely the opening on Thursday, June 23 at. 21.00 in the room of the Castello della Rancia arena with the usual opening spark, the from “Spark”.

The event show, which combines meetings with different personalities and artistic performances, is presented by the TV host with a strong environmental commitment Tessa Gelisio.

Many guests who want to enter the stage: Simona Rovedaentrepreneur co-founder of Fattoria Scaldasole; Giacomo Zanchettidesigner of luxury bags and at the same time the creator of a charming cottage in the heart of Sibillini, the Z-chalet in Bolognola; Claudio Rovere, President and CEO of Holding Industriale SpA, an entrepreneurial reality that invests in small and medium-sized enterprises with expertise in Italian fashion manufacturing.

Berardino will also be present D’Errico, among others, founder and CEO of Smartway, a young startup operating in a world of teleworking; the team from Sibillini’s hidden eye, a reality that with videos and photos tells about the life of the mountain inhabitants and preserves the environment and territory.

Alongside the meetings and the emotions evoked by the words, there will then be the vertical dance performances at Cafelulé, dance company that will ask spectators to turn their eyes to the sky to enjoy a unique show and the immersive projections made by Stark1200.

Another event you must not miss is June 29 at. 18.00 and re-executed at. 22.00 with “Signal of alarm – My battle Vr”, a virtual reality program directed by Elio Germano And Omar Rashid.

Virtual reality transposition of theatrical plays “My struggle”, The performance talks about our age and its contradictions. It will do so by gradually leading the viewer into a parallel reality, confusing the imaginary with the real and thus letting him enter the heart of the narrative.

The Design Terrae Festival then closes on July 2 at 9.30 pm with an expected concert on HU, born Federica Ferracuti, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Fermo just back from Sanremo 2022, where she introduced herself to “Abbi cura di te”, a song that with over 50 thousand copies sold won the gold record.

To open the evening NAIP, acronym for “No particular artist”, an alternative electronic songwriting project by Michelangelo Mercuri, finalist in X-Factor 2020.

Several appointments are also planned: on June 27 at. 18:00, the courtyard of Castello della Rancia will host a round table, which will be an opportunity to develop a reflection on the identity of the upper Macerata area, which also provides an opportunity for dialogue with researchers and designers on the new roads and projects triggered by Pnrr in this area.

Tuesday the 28th at 9 pm it is the turn of “Edera: un manifesto”, a project of the association. Zagreus which intends to tell the Upper Macerata area through the words, ideas and works of artists under 30 who live it every day.

As a result of all the planned events, Castello della Rancia, which has become a real cultural citadelwill host the food corner at Bar della Stazione, the bookstore area at Mondadori Bookstore in Tolentino and a Photo Booth to take home a Polaroid or take a picture to post on social media.

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