PESCARA – The final phase of the Hubruzzo Ethical 2022 debate tournament was held at the Tito Acerbo Technical Institute in Pescara, organized by the Hubruzzo Foundation and the Abruzzo section of the National Debate Italia Society in collaboration with the Rati-Network Association Abruzzesi for Talent and Innovation.

The final between the Galileo Galilei Science High School in Pescara and the Ciampoli-Spaventa All-inclusive Institute in Atessa saw the first winners of the tournament win.

The student Antonio Natale (Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei) wins the trophy as best speaker and student Marta Citriniti (Galileo Galilei scientific high school) on the Italian national team participating in the world championship in debate in Slovenia from 7 to 17 August.

The event was the latest act in an innovative educational project developed during the school year. Thanks to the support of the Hubruzzo Foundation, the local branch of the Debate Society conducted a training course involving nearly two hundred students: five introductory debating courses for students and teachers from twelve Abruzzo colleges, two courses for five middle schools, and educational activities for teachers dedicated to appropriate media literacy. use of the mass media.

The natural continuation of the training plan was then the debate tournament, Hubruzzo Etico Debating Championship 2022, for newborn high school students, now in its second edition. Ten teams from three provinces of Abruzzo participated.

The initial phase took place online on May 26 and 27: 3 rounds and 15 hard-fought and exciting debate meetings. Four teams competed in the semifinals and finals representing colleges from three different provinces: Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei in Pescara, Patini Liberatore Higher Education Institute in Castel di Sangro (L’Aquila), State All-inclusive Institute Ciampoli- Spaventa by Atessa (Chieti ).

The theme of the second edition of the Hubruzzo Ethical Debate Tournament had as its theme the business culture: Is it preferable financially to support young people who choose innovative entrepreneurial paths rather than the pursuit of high qualifications?

The professor. Gianluca Presutti, President of the Abruzzo Section of the Debate Italia National Society, welcomes the rapid and growing spread of debate practice in Abruzzo: “The Abruzzo debate community is increasingly solid: it brings together numerous and valued judges; several local teams have achieved success in the most prestigious national tournaments; it’s in front at the middle school level. Last but not least, an excellent local debater in the summer will represent Italy at the World Cup in debate: Marta Citriniti, student of the Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei in Pescara. In a world overflowing with opinions and slogans, the debate is revolutionary: it reorganizes the world of ideas. They are torn down and rebuilt on the rubble. You become a real debater when you come to live with the clash, with the dialectic between ideas.

Marcello Vinciguerra, CEO of Honda Italy and founding partner of Hubruzzo: “The Hubruzzo Foundation has supported the Debate financially since 2018. It represents one of the most important projects for the Foundation. To train the younger generations to debate today means to prepare them to be a more consciously ruling class tomorrow. “

The Foundation: Hubruzzo always reads Abruzzo. In its composition, which hybridizes the Hub and Abruzzo, it expresses its mission: to establish connections, add value to the industrial system, support research, attract talent, tell good practice.

Over the course of forty years, the regional production system has reached capacity, capillarity and density, so that it is placed on a par with the Italian north. All of this is perceived neither by global stakeholders nor by local citizens. Mapping and improving industrial expertise means building a brand reputation, bringing investment back to the field and making society aware of its own value. There are two types of companies: those that change and those that disappear.

In ten years, most of the most competitive companies in our area may no longer exist due to a technological leap or inability to anticipate change. It is necessary to recreate an entrepreneurial humor that favors a generational change that also goes through a new reading of the scenarios.

According to Matteo Giangrande, Debate expert, Debate is a “didactic sport” that has many ancestors, from the dialectical and rhetorical tradition of ancient Greece to the disputations of universities and colleges in the Middle Ages and the modern age. But it is in the nineteenth century that

The debate is spreading in America as a competitive practice that sees the clubs of the most prestigious colleges compete against each other, from Harvard to Yale, from Princeton to Columbia. By virtue of its formative and engaging power, the debate is practiced today every year in numerous local and international tournaments at schools and universities globally, from Canada to China, from India to Germany, from Singapore to Slovenia.

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