Baroque style house: gold, modern, Venetian

In an era where interior design seems to be essential lines, it may not be easy to find furniture for a modern home in baroque style. An interior design idea often associated with a classic, if not dated, taste of decoration. But everything can be interpreted in a more contemporary way and in detail alike Baroquein the second half of the 19th century it was revived and made current by the movement of neo-baroque. Traces of this second life can be found in the apartments in Haussmannian style typical of Paris (it is no coincidence that different inspirations come from here), where the original finishes find new life thanks to furniture from modern design. As often happens, I do coatings they play a fundamental role in defining the atmosphere of a room, but for those looking for a modern baroque style, the reverse path can also apply: Insert, in a minimal context, furniture and accessories that add an accent in this key.

Baroque style lighting

The furniture that most of all can bring a modern touch Baroque style in the house it is definitely there lamp. The first example that comes to mind is definitely one chandelier which already in the classical examples was a main element of the living room in Baroque style. In the current version, the choices are for chandelier they offer different options, from the most traditional forms to the most contemporary. A common feature, to orient oneself in the election, could be that arms and circular design. But if you want to turn to a different type of lighting and always look at examples from the past, you can focus on the application. Even in the case of Wall lamp the arms are a feature that brings the accent to a baroque style in the home. Another element that goes in this direction is lampshadea feature that can also be found among the table lamps, perhaps enriched with details such as fringes.

The Bourgie lamp from Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell

Recognize a baroque piece of furniture

The first association when it comes to baroque decor is it of antiques, with posts And golden finish. But to avoid the age-old effect, always add a detail to get a current feel. For example, for one upholstered seat, the fabric to restore an old piece can be chosen with a modern pattern or design. For those who are looking for a new piece of furniture, just look at some designers like Philippe Starck, Alessandro Mendini or Marcel Wanders who often played with irony in their pieces baroque decorations made of materials colored, plastic models or transparent. Other times, however, the contemporary piece brings back the stylistic features of the Baroque style and mixes them in a modern key. Rounded legs holding seats in fluorescent polyurethane, or inlaid back which are placed on extra large and exaggerated shapes. And for those looking for a solution to the baroque style outside the home, you can focus on the Industry collection from Seletti di Student jobanother interesting design signature for this decoration.

The Proust armchair by Alessandro Mendini for Magis

Baroque decor with details

You do not always need large furniture to decorate a home in modern baroque style. The decorations are so important that it can be enough especially in contexts with decor with minimal and neutral lines. decorative details. The most classic of these elements is certainly the mirror with inlaid frame that can be inserted in different contexts, even in the bathroom. A decoration that in the living room can also be combined with stucco on the walls or with boiserie And wallpaper, coatings, of which there are examples that use classic style features in a contemporary way. A significant contribution can be made by tents with a focus on velvet with saturated colors. But we must not neglect all the complements such as vases, coffee tables and decorative items such as buster And small sculptures which can become a basic punctuation to move the decorative axis in an environment, without getting involved in large pieces of furniture.

Photo by Luis Ridao

Gold and other materials for the Baroque style

Those looking for the baroque style of decorating their home, instead of looking at a color palette, must look at the choice of materials. And what is perhaps most iconic is certain The (gold and not brass), the inevitable protagonist of the inlaid framework of paintings And mirrors, but which can also become a chromatic choice for some structural elements such as doors or window frames or textile accessories. Another material associated with the baroque decoration is certainly it marble that if in its original version it was primarily linked to the end of the rooms, it can today also be used as a covering of the furniture. Self glassmain character in the large chandeliers that characterize the salons in Baroque style, is a material, even in colored shades, which can be borrowed and used in other types of furniture.

Slide furniture collection designed by Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti


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