Baldassarre School, this year’s grand finale with music, theater and maestro Bini

The end of the school year is traditional, for the Baldassarre school led by dr. Marco Galiano, a fundamental hub for collecting and admiring the fruits of a season’s work, beyond the content of individual disciplines. This year, music, theater, sheet music and the evocative power of the word will be found in the works created by the children with their passion and the commitment and sacrifice of their teachers. Art becomes a didactic tool in 360 degrees, and the expressive and creative freedom in turn frees the students’ spirit towards more spacious, brighter horizons. But let’s get into the details.

To crown the way in the various musical projects for the expansion of Baldassarreskolen’s training offer, Monday 6 June at 18.30 and Tuesday 7 June at 18.00 (on the occasion with the participation of young readers of the PON module “Authors” seriali “), in the Theater Hall at the Scholastic Institute,” Music Meetings … alla Baldassarre “will be held, where students from the instrumental classes Drums and Percussion (M. Campanale) , Canto (M. Marcone)), Guitar (N. Acquaviva and D. Mezzina), Flute (G. Grilli), Electronic Music (G. Massara), Piano (A. Giusto), Violin (V. Romano), with artistic coordination by Teacher A. Giusto, G. Marzano and C. Asciano.
Tuesday, June 7, here is the fusion between the power of the word and the magic we talked about: at. 18.00 in the School’s Theater Hall in Piazza Dante, at the end of the module “Serial Writers” in PON “Learning and sociability Action 10.2.2A – Basic skills”, will be held “The reading of comic book writers”, the last manifestation of the creative writing course held at the school in recent months.
On this occasion, the students of the department – from first to third grade – will read some excerpts from the stories that each of them has made with great participation and enthusiasm under the guidance of the external expert Giuseppe del Curatolo and the teacher’s supervisor Antonella Bollino, using the proposed techniques for telling one’s own story, based on an idea and subsequently all phases: from the preparation of the topic to the final writing, through each young author’s knowledge, passions, interests and personal universe. , to follow his own style and experiment – even in the reading phase – a personal emotional journey and express individual potential.

On June 8 at 19.30 in Skolegården, the company “Baldassarre” performs the show “The town where you never die”, created as part of the POC projects “Contrast to early educational failure and educational poverty” and NOP “Learning”. and Sociality Action 10.2.2A ”.
The performance, taken from a story by Italo Calvino, directed by Prof. Valeria Di Terlizzi, assisted by Prof. Donatella Pasquadibisceglie, involved students from the department from first to third grade, who will show great empathy with the roles always played lively enthusiasm, which from the beginning of this experience.
The months they have spent together have actually given the very young actors the opportunity to experience emotional paths and discover their potential, and established comparative relationships and mutual trust between them.

The mini-program organized by the Baldassarre school ends on June 9 with an original experience:
an evening balance of an entire school year, marked by joys and efforts in the name of beauty and art. One evening, on Thursday 9 June, starting at 19.00 in the courtyard of the same school, where the students from the musical projects to expand the teaching offer, the young talented soloists and the musicians from “BaldasSound Orchestra” are conducted. by Prof. Alessandro Giusto; pleasant musical performances will alternate with equally enjoyable moments dedicated to the awarding of “10 and praise” for the final school year, to the various awards and prizes obtained by the students in sports and teaching, and to the language certifications obtained. And here’s the last “icing”: Special guest for the evening of June 9 will be the guitarist and composer of heavy metal songs from Trani Domenico Bini, who became famous thanks to the wake of the very large audience of followers on various social network and further, who will attend the performance of one of his workhorses being revisited, in an arrangement created ad hoc by Maestro Giusto, and performed for the first time ever by a school didactic orchestra. In short, “a volcano … of emotions!”. The director, the professors and the students all invite to great participation.

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