AlphaTauri portable technology conquers Milan Design Week

Unique textile design, quality and technologies: in a word, AlphaTauri. Launched (successfully) in 2020 by the premium fashion brand founded by Red Bulland the result of the collaboration activated with Deutsche Telekom and Schoeller Textil AG, the innovative line Heated capsule assembly grows with two new leaders. The collection aautumn / winter 2022 is actually enriched with one performs trench coatfor women and men, and one Commuters gender neutral jacket.

The Heatable Capsule Collection from AlphaTauri

The result of the union between technology and modern design confirms the two new modelssustainable and innovative approach which has become the stylistic code of AlphaTauri, a reality capable of overcoming the conventions of the fashion system linked to seasonality by focusing on a particular vision of clothing. To improve Heated capsule assembly I am a new trench coat, suitable for a variety of occasions and uses, and a Commuter jacket. Both can be worn under heterogeneous climatic conditions, thanks to the smart solutions adopted. They are equipped with heated filaments that can be activated as needed and individually controlled via a smartphone app (Android and iOS) or Apple Watch.

As a result, clothing adapts to climate variability and unpredictability if heating functions such as ‘Pulse’ and ‘Intense’ ensure maximum comfort and unprecedented achievements. The options also include control of the areas to be heated, with the option to alternately act on the pockets and on the rear area. Discreetly, in a pocket located on the back, the power bank is located, making all adjustments possible.

The installation of AlphaTauri on Fuorisalone 2022

This peculiar approach is in line with the concept of the exhibition event INTERIOR Design Re-Generationone of the flagship events of Fuorisalon 2022. The trans-seasonal and interactivity of Heated capsule Collectionin addition to its ability to respond intelligently to the needs of the modern lifestyle, they represent the ‘theoretical pillars’ that inspire the installation with which AlphaTauri participates in the exhibition promoted on the occasion of Milano Design Week. In particular, visitors will have the opportunity to experience an engaging experience on their own based on the phenomenon known as Chromium saturation.

Experimenting with chromosaturation at Milan Design Week 2022

Crosses the threshold for the temporary structure created byState University of Milan, it will be possible to access an environment consisting of two spaces, each associated with a color: blue and red. The unprecedented stay in a completely monochromatic environment generates ‘disturbances’ on the retina, which are accustomed to receiving a wider range of chromatic loads at the same time. Without affecting the temperature control of the two rooms, it can chromium saturation it may indicate physical sensations of cold or heat in the viewer, which evokes the ability to regulate the temperature of Heated capsule Collection. C.very well by one sober and substantial volumeon the outside, the installation will be characterized by a ‘color change’ facade.

Sustainable and smart innovation from AlphaTauri

Present with its stores in Salzburg, Vienna and Graz, as well as in selected stores in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, Austria and online at, AlphaTauri counts technology and sustainability among its core values. With a name that openly pays homage to the star of the same name, the clearest, most radiant and powerful in the constellation of Taurus, the mark is synonymous with versatile and performance clothing.

An approach fell in parkas, jackets, pants, blazers, t-shirts, as well as in garments that use the innovative TAUROBRAN®. Thin, breathable and soft, this one exclusive waterproof membrane it can be integrated into any garment and has been developed together with the world leader in textile innovation.

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