Ahead of the election, Murzi: “With me, Forte dei Marmi will be more and more habitable”

FORTE DEI MARMI. An increasingly ecological and habitable Forte dei Marmi. That is the goal of Bruno Murzi, who with the support of the Noi del Forte list proposes himself to lead the Municipality to complete the work done in these five years. Starts again from public housing and from school. «The first expenditure obligation for the next council will be for public housing – he explains – we will think about their layout and their efficiency. While the priority goal for the first hundred days will be to launch the tender for the construction of the new school ».

Who will he appoint as deputy mayor and councilors?

“The voters want to tell us. And in any case, some roles will be dictated by the relationship of trust ».

Who did you vote for in the last political election?

“For those who offered the best program”.

Who will you vote for in the next?

“For those who want to offer the best program for strengthening the country and strengthening Europe”.

The new Operational Plan lays the foundation for reorganizing the municipality from an urban point of view. Which Forte dei Marmi will it be in 2027?

“It will be an ecological and habitable Forte dei Marmi, where above all it will be possible to rebuild the existing”.

The city’s property value has skyrocketed: For young people looking for a house or for those who do not own one at all, this removes any reasonable prospect of being able to live at the Fort. How to avoid this risk?

“We have already done a lot to help people in difficulty, even by giving up a significant part of the director’s allowance. The social sector represents and will represent an important chapter for the Municipality in five years, we are talking about over a million. In addition to this, we will launch a plan to transform public buildings into housing for young couples and public spaces for the work of young freelancers ».

What to do for tourist accommodation?

“The future of hotel accommodation is closely linked to the services offered to tourists: those that the hotel business can and must offer. In fact, in the operating plan, we have thought of hotels that allow them to improve their facilities. And what counts are the services that the municipality can offer in relation to safety, freedom of movement, interior design and last but not least, now that covid is declining, the cultural offer and quality entertainment must be expanded.

How can the municipality favor craft and local shops?

«Help neighborhood shops by lowering municipal taxes, even though it is difficult to counter the market economy. Create a regulation that avoids temporary openings and, as we have already done, prevents the conversion of homes into shops ”.

A stone’s throw from the fort lies Cava Fornace, what is its position in relation to this place?

“I am in favor of the closure and environmental restoration of the site. Without if and but”.

Do you think there is a safety issue at the fort?

“In Forte dei Marmi there is real and perceived good security, it is not possible to control the crime scenes, what we can do is use the technology we have available and we can achieve the status of a seaside resort to increase the number of urban vigli, which also uses the revenue from the tourist tax and then puts pressure on the Ministry of the Interior to give us more police forces ».

Commercial illegalism: do you think the phenomenon is under control, or is there still a way to go to solve the problem?

“Commercial illegality should be combated at source by targeting those who massively produce and distribute counterfeit and illegal goods. Unfortunately, the state has not created effective measures to curb the phenomenon and has placed the entire burden of law enforcement on the shoulders of municipalities. We have done much, but the phenomenon will never completely disappear, except with the joint action of all the institutional actors. “

Five years ago, one of the hottest topics in the election campaign was the use of the Palazzo Quartieri. What is your project in this regard?

«Culture house, museum space in addition to the library that already is. We have given a task to investigate anti-seismic problems, and if we are elected we will renovate the building and to use it we will follow the indications that emerged from the participation path that we have already implemented ».

How will the municipality manage the bathroom auctions?

“I would like to ask the question: after many years of irresponsible hesitation, after bringing a sector of the economy to its knees with families and workers risking their jobs, it will finally be ‘the state’ able to give us clear rules, effective tools to deal with the problem as well as indicative security measures for families and concessionaires that prevent them from ending up on the sidewalk by benefiting a few big financial giants, perhaps foreigners? We are awaiting the implementing decrees … has been able to find a solution to the problem ‘. L


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