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from Annachiara Sacchi

From Tuesday the fair in Rho. It will be a green version. Preparations and first arrivals: waiting for Fuorisalone, from Statale to via Tortona. Prices rose, from bars to rents

All in one breath: Venice, Durini, Cinque Vie, of course Tortona, Isola, Brera, Maroncelli. And then Magazzini Raccordati in via Sammartini, Darsena, via Festa del Perdono, Ventura Lambrate, Bovisa. The districts of Milan dressed up – and the museums, from the Triennial to Poldi Pezzoli to Adi – to celebrate His Majesty the Salone del Mobile, which officially inaugurates its sixtieth edition on Tuesday in the pavilions (all seats are sold out) on Rho, and it has it actually has already begun to fill the city with its installations off: In addition to the big event at the fair, there are almost 800 appointments. In the name of sustainability and with thousands of designers, designers, artisans, artists …

Party after postponements

The exhibition center and the districts. Main characters after two years of postponements due to the pandemic. And after the Supersalon in September last year, that’s true, it gave a signal to restart, but it had nothing to do with the design week’s mammoth car. And since it is impossible to name all the appointments, the holidays are (tonight there are too very private agreement at La Scala organized by Salone, with the exclusive concert of Filarmonica della Scala directed by Maestro Lorenzo Viotti and the extraordinary participation of Roberto Bolle), the inaugurations, the historic buildings open, here are some certainties.

Reflection on the future

First. From tomorrow, even before the Salon begins, the exhibition Design re-Generation of Interni opens at Statale (but also in the Botanical Garden and on Piazza Cordusio), with over 50 Italian and foreign designers – from Piero Lissoni to Ron Arad, from Antonio Marras to Andrea Branzi – and over 40 suggestions. Gilda Bojardi, director of Interni magazine, explains: The goal is to stimulate a reflection on design understood as ability to improve present and future. All this through proposals that herald a future in which those who design, do business, invent, experiment animated by a deep and responsible listening to the things of the world, by greater sensitivity, attention and “care” of realities and natural resources, for the common best and for the benefit of the person’s well-being.

The themes and schedule

It’s no mystery that the themes of circular economy and sustainability are at the center of the show. On the contrary. This is repeated by the President of Salone Maria Porro, who confirms the green call of the exhibition also with the mega-installation of Mario Cucinella in Pavillion 15 in Rho with the title Design with nature, an invitation to think together about the transformation of living on Earth and the role of the architect and designer as a prefigurator of future environments. In the same vein, the Councilor for Fashion and Design in the Municipality of Milan, Alessia Cappello: Already in the call to re-enter the timetable for Milan Design Week, we had inserted a specific condition, namely the concrete attention to the environment. 106 passed the test. Result: from the floating multisensory forest (Floating Forest) created by Stefano Boeri for Timberland as an independent aquatic ecosystem in Darsena in Dropcity, fifteen tunnels in via Sammartini set up with installations, retrospectives, interventions of just as many studios and collectives, up to the Kdln (lighting) store in vial Elvezia, which for every visitor will plant a tree in Kenya, Milan will be the protagonist in the fight for a more sustainable planet.

The price is rising

Of course, there will then be traffic and decibels beyond the tolerance limit. And together, sky-high prices for restaurants, bars, hotels, controversy and grumbling (but also tourists from all over the world, open doors in studios and architectural studios, initiatives for families and children). From next year – explains Commissioner Cappello – we plan to give Palazzo Marino the role of director and builder of alliances in the light of this crucial week
. Since last month, we have met with the categories involved: a coordination table to make the city more inviting and livable.

Magic Box: 11 words for 11 authors

Appointments, ideas about living, ideas for innovation, culture. From Tuesday to June 17, in the Sala delle Cariatidi in the Palazzo Reale, the Salon is told through Magic Box: 11 words to 11 authors, site-specific audiovisual installation (conceived by Davide Rampello) dedicated to 11 principles that represent the values ​​of the Salon and that are interpreted by as many instructors: Francesca Archibugi (Emotion), Pappi Corsicato (Company), Davide Rampello (Quality), Wilma Labate (Project). ), Bruno Bozzetto (System), Luca Lucini (Communication), Claudio Giovannesi (Culture), Gianni Canova (Youth), Donato Carrisi (Technology), Daniele Cipr (Milan), Stefano Morini (Know how). Free access.

The agenda

Salone del mobile begins Tuesday, June 7 at the Rho Pero trade show: the event is reserved for sector operators, open to the public between June 11 and 12, the exhibition’s closing days. From Monday, it will instead be possible to take part in the first events in Fuorisalone in the historic districts of Statale (with the exhibitions of Interni), in Brera and via Tortona and in some new destinations to focus on, from Baranzate to viale Certosa.

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