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OULX – Yesterday, Saturday, June 4, in the parking lot at Le Baite shopping center from Oulx the new one was inaugurated eco compactor for plastic bottles for feed use Pet. The hypermarket director was present in the apartment Marco Negro, Andrea Zaccaro and Marcello Roncella by Codè Crai, Carla Musso Councilor for Tourism, Trade and Culture in the Municipality of Sauze d’Oulx, Enrico Ivaldi of Coripet. A hostess joined the first ones who wanted to try it and explained how the machine works. A public participation that is curious about discovering the new eco-compactor is a sign that the attention in the area is very felt. “I invite all our customers, and not just them, to use this new machine – Marco Negro began – because it is a concrete hand that we can give to the environment, plus by bringing the empty plastic bottles here you get discount coupons“.


The installation of new eco compactor it is an important action for the territory and useful to the citizens. We remind you that eco-compactors are automated machines that sort waste by reducing its volume. Hyper Le Baite di Oulx has always worked for securing the environment with concrete facts. “We design Green Mountains“Is that the slogan he launched a few years ago to describe road to environmental sustainability. In fact, the shopping center has a photovoltaic system on the roof, charging columns for electric cars on the street front and in 2012 had a wind turbine installed a few meters from the center. It also intends to invest to increase the energy capacity produced from renewable sources. Finally, a cap collector. These will be collected and sent to the non-profit organization La Madonnina di Candiolo to help relatives of hospitalized cancer patients and bedridden patients who cannot afford the cost of staying at the hotel.


L ‘Iper Le Baite di Oulx introduces the new to citizens, residents and tourists eco compactor: “Are they empty? Return them! The bottles you have delivered to Coripet recycling sites go to a recycling station without further steps. Remove the labels, then the caps and then wash and chop into small pieces. Recycled Pet (rPet) will be used to produce new bottles. Insert the empty PET plastic bottles in the eco-compressor, accumulate the points and you get a discount coupon“.


  • Download the Coripet app, available for free on Google Play and the App Store for Android and iOS.
  • Connect the Più Crai card in the “Connect your loyalty cards” section to the Coripet app.
  • Alternatively, you can go to the supermarket and fill out the form and pick up the Coripet card.
  • Put the empty PET plastic bottles in the Coripet eco-compactor. The bottles must be empty, not broken and with the label intact and legible. The machine must read the bar code on the bottle.
  • How to insert the bottles? Let the machine recognize you, via the Coripet app or Carta Più Crai, follow the on-screen instructions and insert one bottle at a time.
  • Collect points: each bottle is worth 1 point. See the Coripet app to find out how much your points balance is. For every 200 bottles you will have a discount of 3 € with a minimum purchase of 25 €.


Hyper Le Baite di Oulx in Alta Valsusa contains a rich shopping arcade, a supermarket and thousands of services. A range of more than 50,000 products under one roof, along with the convenience, quality, variety of the offer and the improvement of the area. The center, in constant growth and continuous renewal, stands out for its hospitality, competence and attention to customers. In Valsusa Iper Le Baite di Oulx Crai is also Crai Extra, it is a reality that has a larger range and the opportunity to offer good offers with high discounts on many products. An extra word that is really important for Crai and its customers because it means “extra discount”, “extra assortment”, “extra offer”.


The shops are open at the following times:

  • Hypermarket with Crai, Upim, Briko Ok, Blukids, Panassi bookstore: from Monday to Sunday 9.00 / 19.30 all day.
  • Intersport, Scarbetta, Lingerie, Croff, Edicola Tabaccheria, Bloom: Monday to Sunday 9.00 / 13.00 – 14.30 / 19.30. Saturday 9.00 / 19.30 all day.
  • Il Girasole Self Service Bar: Monday to Sunday 7.00 / 19.30 all day.
  • Il Baitelavaggio Oulx car wash: Monday to Sunday 8.00 / 19.30 all day.

The mall is open from 9 to 19.30 open all days of the year except December 25 and January 1. Follow the page to stay updated Facebook Iper Le Baite di Oulx.

Iper Le Baite – Corso Torino, 118. Oulx – Phone 0122 833800 – Email: –

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