The massacre of children likes war. The obligation to combat disinformation –

from Barbara Stefanelli

Whether it’s the Texas massacre, the war in Ukraine, a story of famous lovers, the dust always rises. Shortly after the attack on the Texan school, there were already those who wrote: Just a staging. Parental pain

There is something more awful and final of the death of a son or daughter, killed in school, in primary school? Anything more intolerable than the corpses brought down by an approaching shot in the head fired by a barely legal ex-student? More unacceptable than the thought of faces of children made unrecognizable, or the sight of the line of mothers and fathers forced to list the shirts, the shoes, whether he wore glasses or not, to complete the list of the fallen? Yet, as is now happening with all the news coming into the global stream – be it the Texas massacre, the war in Ukraine, a story of famous lovers – the dust of disinformation has risen just hours after the attack on Robb. Elementary School on May 24th. of Uvalde.

All a staging. The parents? Actors and actresses, not even very good, because it is understood that their emotional commitment is low. Even the two teachers killed paid only extra. For what purpose? Remove forces from border patrols where the wall runs with Mexico. Allows drug traffickers and migrants to cross the border undisturbed. Or a conspiracy, an act like others in the past – as in Sandy Hook in 2012 – scripted and directed by anti-gun lobbyists, if not by the US Federal Government itself … We have learned to call it fake news, fake news. We have not learned to deal with it. They started jumping between dozens of accounts on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and other social platforms, accounts belonging to the US far right. Some among the militants of the lie have had to surrender to the evidence of the murdered children. But they tried to remedy it by holding on to the killer’s identity. A transgender boy. One who wore women’s clothing (and of course, photo montages immediately appeared in a skirt), one who would have lost his mind due to the hormone treatment that comes with the transitions.

A young transgender woman from New York, begged for the removal of some of his pictures that had been posted and attributed to Salvador Ramos, the killer. And if transgender was not enough, then it was definitely an immigrant, an illegal immigrant, born outside the United States. This alternative truth continued to pierce the smartphone screens even after the statements of the Texan authorities, which confirmed Ramos’ date and place of birth as May 16, 2004 in North Dakota. The New York Times has asked three of its signatories to dismantle these false reconstructions, piece by piece, forever. But the sequel to previous massacres reveals that that river will not stop. Mothers and fathers of the children will for a long time be pursued by the snake of conspiracy theorists; they will be harassed one by one: they will accuse them of being liars, of never having children, of having been paid to arouse shock and horror. They want to pressure them to make themselves invisible, to turn off their digital identities so as not to suffer another death.

Above all, they will try to evoke these orphans of their children, messengers of the indescribable, not to join the protest of those marching against Washington and begging for a shield restricting the sale and possession of weapons in the United States. A group of Uvalde’s parents were filmed running towards the school gates: they are out of focus, from behind, leaning forward on the road. You try to imagine what you can not imagine. The handful of meters and minutes that set you apart from the cutting edge of any sense. You also try to imagine how they will return home, crushed by a pain that cannot be crossed, destined for the darkness where they will be left after days of noise and promises. Until the next massacre.

4 June 2022 (change 4 June 2022 | 08:20)

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