The abyss of Santa Chiara, the responsibility of politics

The head of the editor of “il Cittadino” Lorenzo Rinaldi

I was struck by three responses to the interview given on Wednesday to the “Citizen” by the president of the nursing home Santa Chiara in Lodi Giovanna Invernizzi after the announcement from our newspaper that the fees from July would increase by 10 euros a day: a blood vessel. But facing debt of 4.6 million euros: an abyss.

The first answer: “In an RSA, you can trade on three handles: increase in fees, increase in contributions and compression of costs. We have acted lately, the regional contributions are outside our area of ​​action and are insufficient, as we all know. The straight lines remain ».

The second answer: “Even now I have read great indignation (from local politics, editor’s note) on both sides, but there was no suggestion or even willingness to confront us. And then we had to make it. It should be borne in mind that the institution’s debt situation was fully explained during the hearing in the Welfare Commission in November 2021 and then in the City Council in December.

The third answer (the question concerned the possibility of raising the fees in the middle of the election campaign): “When politics basically leaves us to ourselves, there is no reason on our part to worry about the timing of politics. Then there is a technical element: the relationship with Banco Bpm expired at the end of June, and we should bring concrete documents to the bank in good time.

That is why local and regional policy – says President Invernizzi – was informed about everything and had been for some time. And in light of this situation, it is now politics itself that is being called to responsible action because Santa Chiara is a public heritage in the city. It is necessary once and for all to overcome the technical details of convenience. There is a feeling that the transformation into a fund, which was decided a few years ago in the midst of the controversies, more than anything else served on the one hand to demand autonomy from the region and on the other hand to relieve the municipal political responsibility.

On Wednesday afternoon, the two main candidates for mayor Sara Casanova and Andrea Furegato mentioned during the live web organized for “The Citizen” for “The Citizen” of the family associations forum, the theme Santa Chiara, indicating the desire to expand its services over the current circumference to generate more value. Interesting projects, only outlined, which, however, go beyond the basic problem, which is immediate: to keep the structure alive and the plan to repay the mountain of debt, hopefully not generate another debt amount. Goals to be at the top of the new mayor’s agenda. Building a bridge between the current financial exposure with new long-term debt could be the solution in sight, it must be assessed whether it is sufficient and at what price, given the rise in interest rates.

The interview with President Invernizzi then highlights the issue of regional contributions, which are not sufficient. Problem not unlike the other nursing homes in Lodi, which inevitably involve Lodi al Pirellone. We are nearing the end of the Fontana junta’s mandate, but between now and mid-2023, when it comes to the vote, something can be done. An extraordinary intervention from the region is needed to help Lombard nursing homes heal at least the financial scars left by the two years with Covid. Our representatives in Milan are taking action and making them public, that is, they can be clearly assessed by the citizens, what they are really doing, what they want to do in the coming weeks, and what results they will be able to achieve. The money to combine with new bike paths villages have been found, is it possible to help companies that are the social heritage of our territories, is it not possible to go beyond the current funding?

It is still. The new regional health care reform focuses on home care and community centers, allocating money to these sectors, but these are currently only on paper, which will take time to achieve. Today, we face an immediate problem: the survival of nursing homes, not only in Santa Chiara, but also other major structures in the Lodi area that our community has done so much for in the past. A huge heirloom, which risks being lost or bought for small money by the large national and international groups in the sector. After two years of pandemic, nursing homes have water in their throats. Either action is being taken now, or it will be too late.


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