Supplement to primary school education. For 2022/23 from the high schools A48 and A49

Act no. 234/2021 has stipulated the introduction of the teaching of sports in primary school already from the school year. 2022/23 and the competition for access to the relative roles. How will the seats be covered? From competition? Through temps? From which locations and by what rules?

Affected classes

The aforementioned law stipulates that physical education in primary school is given in the fifth grade starting from the school year. 2022/23, and in fourth grades, starting from the academic year 2023/24.


The Ministry together with DI n. 90/2022 on staff as 2022/23, allocated 191,260 common places for primary and lower secondary school, including those for physical education.

For the aforementioned teaching, in the academic year 2022/23, a number of positions corresponding to 2,247 have been estimated, originating from:

  • number of internal integer positions that can be activated (13 seats)
  • number of places corresponding to the sum, at provincial level, of the hourly contributions of two hours per. class reduced to whole seats (2234 seats)

The aforementioned calculation, which we read in note no. 14603/2022, stems from the fact that the aforementioned degrees of education do not have the opportunity to establish external time positions. Therefore, the estimate of the number of fifth-grade classes where physical education can be activated, as well as the relative maximum limit for the number of places, must be understood as an economic limit.


The aforementioned submissions, again under Act No. 234/2022, in the first application, are subject to the permanent employment of teachers participating in the relative qualifying competition for qualifications and examinations issued in the years 2022 and 2023.

The Ministry submitted the draft decree on the competition to CSPI’s investigation, which for some time expressed the expected opinion. Motor education competition in primary school, green light from CSPI, but the stick comes: “It does not respect the training and didactics system”

The official announcement of the aforementioned DM is still awaited. To know the admission requirements and the competition tests, as well as how the merit placement will be designed, you can read here

In view of the above and given the timing of a selection procedure, it is impossible that the merit ranking of the aforementioned competition is ready for the occupation of the seats as 2022/23 and thus for the recruitment of the next of kin teachers.

How will it go? A resort is provided for by the same law n. 234/2021.


In Article 1, section 337, of the aforementioned law, we can read:

In the event that the competition rankings referred to in paragraph 334 are not approved in time for the recruitment of teachers, the necessary fixed-term contracts may also be activated with subjects placed in the provincial rankings of the substitutes referred to in Article 4 (1). 6-bis, in Act of 3 May 1999, no. 124, for the classes in competition A-48 “Motor and sports science in youth education institutions” and A-49 “Motor and sports science in primary and lower secondary school”. The activation of the aforementioned fixed-term contracts is subject to the adoption of the decree referred to in paragraph 335.

In the light of the above provision:

  1. the sports training sites, in case the merit placement of the competition is not clear (as it will be in practice), are covered by compensation contracts;
  2. the activation of the contracts is conditional on the adoption of the decree under the same Act n. 234/2021;
  3. fixed-term contracts are determined by subtracting from the GPS competition the classes A-48 “Motor and sports subjects in secondary education institutions” and A-49 “Motor and sports subjects in primary and lower secondary school”;

We specify that:

  • the proposed decree, mentioned in point 2 above, has been published (this is DI n.90 / 2022 concerning the teaching staff as 2022/23), so that it is possible to continue assignment of deputies;
  • the law stipulates that fixed-term contracts (as mentioned in point 3 above) can be attributed to teachers deployed in GPS A-48 and A-49, which seems to exclude teachers still present in GaE (which according to Act 124/99 and OM 112/2022, for positions on 30/06 and 31/08, are appointed before the teachers included in the GPS).

However, the above provision should be clarified where it says “… The required time-limited contracts can be activated also with the items placed in the provincial rankings for replacements …“: What is meant by the conjunction” also “? Who can be appointed as teachers in GaE? That GaE’s teachers are appointed first and in the alternative also the GPS, as provided for in the general regulations?

Deputy regulation

The allocation of substitutes from GPS (as well as from GaE and IMs) is governed by the aforementioned OM n. 112/2022, which has nothing to do with the assignment of tasks for the teaching of red.motor in primary and lower secondary school.

Therefore, the aforementioned substitutes will be subject to a specific provision which will clarify various aspects:

  • Who gets named first? The teachers in A-48 or A-49? Or will cross-rankings be used (A-48 and A-49)?
  • Will the contracts be on 31/08 (as it should be), given that these are seats allocated in the autonomy staff?
  • Will the procedure be computerized as for the other substitutes?

We are awaiting clarifications and ministerial regulations, which could also come with the annual circular on temps as 2022/23.

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