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His latest work “The Custody” deals with the very strong theme of refugee children, which unfortunately is never more relevant than at this moment with the conflict in Ukraine, but in 35 years of career there are many long and short films that he has made (from ” Pas -ta-shoot-ah “to” Toto ‘Sapore and the Magic Story of Pizza “), and with which he collaborated (from” La freccia azzurra “to” La Gabbianella e il gatto “).
The internationally acclaimed designer, director and producer Maurizio Forestieri at Cartoons on the Bay, promoted by Rai and organized by Rai Com in Pescara, receives the Lifetime Achievement Award. “He was reluctant because he says he’s too young and does not feel he has come, but he has already gathered many successes,” says artistic director Roberto Genovesi, while Forestieri explains: “I am happy and honored by this award. , and I take it as also a good omen for the future. if in 35 years I have done a lot of things “.
About the film La Custody in an interview with ANSA Forestieri, he says: “It is a project in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, Unicef ​​and Unar and deals with the tragedy of refugees fleeing the war and especially the right to the future that all children have and being denied them by the circumstances, while it is the duty of our civilization to give them that, this is the general message of the film.
Some time ago – he adds – I made the short film “Another way out” about fair trade, which is about the campesino’s wage costs multiplied by 10 thousand in favor of the West. For the social theme, animation is always a good means of communication for both children and adults because it is very direct and very concise. I hope to do more “.
Foreigners, who had Lele Luzzati and Giulio Gianini among their teachers (“he was also my supposed father”, he says), in 1988 I founded the production company ‘Graphilm’.
“Animation – he says – is my passion, and in recent years it has also changed a lot. The digital has improved and facilitated the work process that was previously much more crafty and lengthy. You painted, you drew on paper that was the camera. slow motion, movies, scotch. doing things with a brush, getting dirty was somehow “romantic”, but I have to say that digital (I use it and I almost abuse it …) was a twist, it makes you travel with turbo.
What we did in two days is done in two minutes. In my computer I have portable slow motion, which allows me to edit movies with extreme ease. At the studio I still have the traditional: it is a cast iron table that 5 people are not enough to move on … Of course, the lack of effort to get things done must not lead to superficiality ”.
In addition to going to schools specializing in animation technology, teacher Forestieri advises young people not only to stop at technical art: “Something that is missing in the new generations (not only because of them, but also because of time) is the lack of film culture and general culture, which is a great added value.For example, it filled my heart to hear the master Carlos Grangel, who says that for the characters in Madagascar he was inspired by African art, or that he draws inspiration from Degas or For example, I am of the idea that if an artist like Paolo Uccello had lived in our time, he would have been an animator, he would have worked at Disney or Dreamsworks, he has a “futuristic” inspiration in the movement “.
The second piece of advice is to work hard. “Fatigue – he says – is another thing that must be part of our work and our growth. Even failure and / or failure to achieve a goal allows us to move forward”.
On the competition with American foreigners, he says: “They have a huge industry for animated production, but we have great talents and great creativity, and in recent years both Italy has grown a lot, compared to when I started. The whole of Europe should be about with that market by creating good collaborations between countries. ”(HANDLERS).