“School, sharp increase in canteen and transport”

“During the last City Council, we recalled how the budget in recent years has had greater revenue thanks to the increase in taxes; Imu and Irpef tax rates were raised to their maximum already in the first Figoli mandate, tariffs for cemetery services increased and finally the sharp rise in individual services, canteen and school transport.When we dwell on this last point, we believe that most of all it has negative consequences for the whole society, and therefore we asked the majority again to convene a commission to discuss this unexpected Let us clarify that this is not a small pathological increase due to inflation or at least the passage of time, but sharp increases that have economic consequences for family budgets (it can even reach 55 euros more per month per decision). The school can not only be seen from a mathematical / economic point of view, the mayor and the majority are well aware that Riccò (despite a complex now in need of restructuring) always has boasted of excellent teaching with excellent teachers and excellent school service staff, while some aspects in recent years have been underestimated by the municipality ”. Thus in a note councilor Giacomo Cappiello (photo) for the opposition group Riccò del Golfo.

“We started by eliminating organic food – the note continues – and in recent years in particular have reduced the selection and variety of foods (you can easily see on the school menu how the only fish delivered to our children is plaice, and white rice peeking out); not to mention delays on the part of the municipality in requesting payment of monthly fees, which for years have caused a drain at the end of the year for families who are forced to pay four / five months together – it is obvious that a wrong organizational method has been introduced.It does not mean that everything has been wrong and no one says that it is easy to manage, for this reason we ask a commission to take care of school subjects equally from the renovation of the plexus to the repair of the gate, to the restoration of the inner courtyard used as a game for children. children in infants, to the installation of the tent always for the little ones “.

“By going back to the tariff increases – the speech continues – we are sure that this serious surcharge can have much broader consequences than school and family budgets, because it is clear that the depopulation of rural areas will certainly start with a reduction in services, and it is clear that with these increases there are those who will have to do without it, there are those who will take the child to school by car, which increases the traffic further, there are those who rightly want to have lunch with from home , in short, it really creates an inconvenience for everyone.We have proposed to go with the neighboring municipalities to ask the Region and if there is also a need for the government for financial assistance (we emphasize that there are ad hoc funds for f. eg ecology), we still believe that a municipality like ours has the ability to find the resources to avoid this situation in the fold of your budget.We have proposed to introduce for next year (perhaps in an experimental form and in the best season ) pedobus driving f or those who live near the complex and who need help bringing the child to school due to work needs. If the canteen service next year will restore the necessary variety of food and there will be punctuality in communicating the fees, we are sure that families will also accept an increase, but certainly not the one proposed. “

“In conclusion, we hope that there are no answers from the majority that point to the economic impossibility of finding a solution other than the one already proposed, we know very well that social costs have risen in recent years and we know very well the problems that come with the past, but school must be seen as a priority, because there is a future within those walls ”, Cappiello concludes.

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