Salone del Mobile 2022, where you can eat in Milan: design restaurants, cool and good

Salone del Mobile 2022, where you can eat in Milan: design restaurants, cool and good. Between one event and another of Outside the Salon, we must eat. And maybe accompany the foreign guest, the customer, the friend, to one of the restaurants in Milan. So let’s try to give you an agile guide to identify the best places, and the coolest at the moment, to book in time, broken down by category. Trying to marry quality and beauty, outdoor seating and great food.

Here you will find our best restaurants in Milan in 2022

Salone del Mobile 2022, where you can eat in Milan


sine milano

Sinus it is a place without gastronomic boundaries, with a refined atmosphere, sober tones with lively details. Campania and Italian cuisine with an international approach, led by Roberto Di Pinto.


Like the other creatures of Enrico Buonocore, Langosteria and Langosteria Bistrothere you can eat excellent fish in a decidedly trendy environment. Langosteria Café it is located in the historic center, in the Galleria del Corso. The new bar counter and dehorsene expanded by Carlo Samarati make it a hotspot in the historic center for those who love upscale environments and do not want to give up high-level cuisine. Another new restaurant that is making headlines and has a nice modern atmosphere is it Surfing, as we have told here.

Starry sky

On the performer in Milan, there is only that embarrassment of choice. We make you aware Innocent escape. But also a restaurant that has not participated (yet) and deserves: it’s about Bu: r: here the complete review.

In the garden

al fresco milano wisteria

Al Fresco it is a restaurant with a really magnificent garden and greenhouse, full of flowers and large, with a fountain in the middle. It was designed by AG&P landscape architects and is built with recycled materials, wood and large windows, from which natural light filters through. Giacomo’s seventh creature, the rotisserie, has a beautiful garden with iron chairs and tables in retro style.

With dehors


The house of Rate stands right on the border between Porta Nuova and the island, below the Bosco Verticale. But there is not only beauty in this panoramic terrace, for Cesare Battisti’s cuisine offers the best of tradition, revisited in a modern way.

ONE Located in Milan, inside Cascina Cuccagna, is an agricultural outpost in the city. Tucked away among the buildings of Corso Lodi, behind Porta Romana, is an example of the recovery of a historical asset thanks to a bottom-up renewal project. You eat well in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by greenery.


Ceresio 7 Milano

Off the terrace Ceresio 7 overlooking Milan’s skyscrapers, features a swimming pool and excellent kitchen by Elio Sironi, partner in the restaurant together with the fashion brand Dsquared2. The trendy public in Salone del Mobile 2022 just can not ask for more.

Modern trattorias

tripe milan salon

The first is entrails, difficult to book, but which allows for a great gastronomic experience. But among the modern taverns that offer short and original menus, a modern wine list, we add Rost,, Remulass And Bistro room. We like it a lot too

Welcome drink

The most beautiful place, with a large open space, is the Rotonda della Besana: here you will find Rotonda Bistrowith the new menu by Tommaso Arrigoni.

Wine shops

E / N Natural Enoteca offers perhaps the best location among the Milanese wine bars, perfect for the audience at Salone del Mobile 2022 in Milan. Small cuisine and natural wines in the magnificent garden that opens between Piazza XXIV Maggio and Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio. The alternative is the beautiful inner courtyardAssociation of wines and naturally spiced meatand Corso Garibaldi.

Milanese cuisine

Arlati it defines itself as typical Milanese family-run cuisine. And here everything really breathes Milan, starting with the decor of the restaurant (there is also a large terrace) and a menu that is perfect Milan (although there are wanderings in other regions). The perfect place to try Milanese risotto, sautéed rice, ossobuco and the cutlet.

Low cost trattorias

If you want to tip the table, get out of downtown glamor and overly cool restaurants, a good idea might be to head to the suburbs, in Baggio, where you will find a tiny, well-preserved neighborhood with its narrow streets, and a real, familiar trattoria. , fun and also cheap: Store. We talked more about this.


bentoteca milan

Our favorite is Bentoteca, a project designed by the star chef Yoji Tokuyoshi. The idea, perfectly successful, in a modern and non-minimalist environment, is to create one udon set and marry him an important selection of natural wines paired with bento. Those coming to Salone del Mobile 2022 may not necessarily want to eat in Milan, and then this is the perfect place.


Where to eat in Milan a quality burger? From At the Steaks & Burger Market we are on the side of a burger of expertise, thanks to the chef Eugenio Roncoroni who reinterprets the American hamburger. We do not let Americans talk about it: you do not mess with the hamburger. There are two offices in Al Mercato, ivat Sant’Eufemia 16 and at corso Venezia 18.

All addresses

Al Frescovia Savona 50, tel. 02 4953 3630
Bu: r
Via Mercalli 22 Milano, tel. 02 6206 5383
Natural Enoteca and / or
, via Santa Croce 19. Open daily (closes at 11pm). Tel. 02 8277 0589
Ceresio 7Pools & Restaurant, via Ceresio 7, 02 31039221
Break through, via Panfilo Castaldi 4. Open Monday only in the evening. From Tuesday to Saturday lunch and dinner
Giacomo Rotisserie. Via Sottocorno, 36.
Innocenti escapesprivate street in Bindellina, tel. 02 3300 1882
Langosteria CaféGalleria del Corso 4, 02 7601 8167
Ratevia Castillia 28, tel. 02 8712 8855
Remulass, via Nino Bixio 21, Milano. Tel. 02 52517356.
Rostvia Melzo 3, tel. 344 053 8044
Bistro roomvia Prina 2, tel. 340 219 5759
viale Umbria 126, tel. 02 3659 4613
entrailsvia Giorgio Vasari 1, tel. 327 668 7908
Somewhere in Milanvia Privat della Cuccagna, tel. 02 545 7785

Salone del Mobile 2022, where you can eat in Milan

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