Region, activities and funds for Culture, Tourism and Productive Activities

PESCARA – “The funding announced by the Abruzzo region, at the initiative of the Forza Italia group, amounts to more than 172 million euros and is distributed among the sectors that suffered more than others during the two pandemic emergency waves before and immediately after the war crisis. From the wedding and photography sector to areas of ‘complex crisis’, from tourist transport to amusement parks to ski resorts, these are just some of the sectors to which we have allocated important resources. the recovery of entrepreneurs who know how to produce.And Forza Italia’s commitment is a sign of competence, ability and consistency, as well as of the virtuous chain that today sees cooperation between the Senate, the Region and local administrations. This was stated by representatives of Forza Italia, who were present at today’s press conference, convened to illustrate the results of a comprehensive report aimed at translating investment and financing in the area into administrative and legislative figures and actions. Present were Regional Council President Lorenzo Sospiri, Senator Nazario Pagano, Councilor Daniele D’Amario and Group Leader of the Region, Former Councilor Mauro Febbo.

“Let’s talk about important numbers – emphasized Commissioner D’Amario, useful to give an idea of ​​how much work has been done to date and how much more we will be doing in the coming months. Let’s start with a fund of 19 million 300 thousand euros to finance support interventions in territorial areas affected by the crisis with production activities – Vibrata-Tronto Piceno complex crisis areas recognized by Mise, 355 applications, 146 were the exemptions and 209 companies have concluded ‘ the investment; EUR 19 million Por-Fesr funds for investment projects for the construction of energy production facilities from renewable funds in productive activities, to date 79 of the 322 applications received have been funded and we are moving forward in the rankings; still a financial allocation of approx. 57 million 272 thousand euros of Por-Fesr-Par funds for investments in machinery, plant and accompaniment for corporate reorganization and restructuring processes and non-repayable grants to address the effects of the crisis caused by the Covid pandemic, 41 thousand applications have been received funded; another 20 million 186,000 euros of FSC funds were allocated for investments in the company’s machinery, we have received 629 applications, we have already funded 48 and we are scrolling through the rankings.

A further 806 thousand 457 euros were allocated to tourist transport companies with covered buses, and today the deadlines for submitting applications expire; The € 75,000 grant to access the fund for amusement parks, geological parks and zoos and the € 700,000 fund as a refreshment to the photographers sector, which has been excluded from assistance until today, also expires today and still expires today also the announcement of access to the 200,000 euros in refreshments for micro-enterprises whose owners reside in Covid red zone municipalities, which had to suspend their activity due to the owners’ inability to reach the company’s offices; before 9 June, they will instead be able to access the funding of 5 million 376 thousand euros in total for the wedding supply chain or weddings and private events, “And – added Commissioner D’Amario – this fund will be further increased at today’s meeting of the regional council by 6 million euros to be distributed between the wedding, tourist transport and amusement park sector. Applications for access to the 1 million 260 thousand euro funding to support micro-enterprises having their operational headquarters in the red zones-Covid 109 must also be submitted by 9 June. 1 million 625 thousand euros. / 2000 reserved for tourism businesses in the Basso Sangro Trigno area: to date, only 4 applications have been received and we have committed the sum of 357 thousand 628 euros “.

Then the fund of 1 million euros, regional law 39 of 2020, for non-repayable contributions in favor of the municipalities falling within the equipped ski areas, 14 applications presented, with the payment of a tranche of 743 thousand euros of contributions; 1 million 320 thousand euros, the funds are earmarked for projects for accessible and inclusive tourism for people with disabilities, a fund to which all municipalities on the Adriatic cycle path have had access – Project ‘Bike to coast for all’, 67 applications received, 22 of them, who are engaged in partnership; 200,000 euros for the funds allocated to municipalities for the development of the tourist information and reception network, with the opening of branches, 56 applications presented, 10 projects financed for the entire budget, paid 140,000 euros to date; 2 million resources for the award of non-repayable grants to ski resort managers to address the crisis generated by Covid, 20 applications submitted, contributions paid in full; 1 million 731 thousand euros for contributions in favor of ski instructors and ski schools in the municipalities where the slopes and ski lifts and neighboring municipalities are located, 65 applications received, 53 contributions already paid; 9 million 610,000 euros are the funds earmarked for tourism businesses located in the municipalities within ski areas, 853 applications received and resources being disbursed; The deadline for submitting applications for non-refundable contributions for ski schools, mountain guides and operators of the sector, fund of 400 thousand euros under regional law 39 of 2020, expires on 13 June and for access to the 1 million euro fund to provide non-refundable subsidies to non-entrepreneurial B & Bs, ie without VAT number.

Applications for grants to municipalities aimed at the construction of parking lots for motorhomes are being evaluated, the funds available for 100 thousand euros, 19 applications presented; 20 million euros were set aside to identify a pilot project for villages at risk of depopulation and abandonment, and the municipality of Calascio was identified, the agreement between the municipality and the Ministry of Culture is currently being signed; 1 million and a half euros were awarded as a non-repayable grant to cultural bodies and associations to address the effects of the severe economic crisis caused by Covid, 740 applications were received, 635 were funded, at a cost of 946 thousand 255 euros; applications for support for the three-year residency projects for artists in the areas of 2022-2024 must be submitted by 3 June with a grant of 152 thousand euros for three years; By 15 June, applications must be submitted to Cassa Depositi e Prestiti for access to the € 6 million 454 thousand fund for PNRR projects to enhance the architectural and landscape heritage, the first 43 eligible projects will be funded.

“Overall – added D’Amario – we are talking about resources that have been offered for DKK 172 million. 209,000 euros, of which 125 million. EUR 177,000 is earmarked for the economic development sector; 38 million 621 thousand euros for tourism; 8 million 410 thousand euros for culture. But it is not enough: we have set up a hub for European digital innovation, which provides investment support for the digital development of companies in the fields of IT security, artificial intelligence and digital skills; Abruzzo, together with other regions in the transition phase, has presented an intervention proposal for the creation of an innovation ecosystem based on PNRR; finally, the innovation agreements relating to industrial research activities to create new products and processes through the development of KET technologies, and Abruzzo is the region that co-financed the project for a larger share with 4 million 800 thousand euros.

“Such investments – stressed President Sospiri – they are evidence of the ability to develop small, medium and large strategies to support the productive structure of the region, measures that we know exactly how to implement. Many of these measures stem from measures approved by the Regional Council on our proposal, and this also testifies to the impulsive activity with regard to some actions necessary for the recovery of our economic system after two pandemic waves and the ongoing war crisis. Measures that will not be implemented if we believe that at the last meeting of the Council we have granted new support for the construction of two Student Houses, support for the navy and the ski lifts. Forza Italia is, of course, the cornerstone of the majority coalition in the region, and we are ready to carry out other programmatic projects aimed at consolidating entrepreneurial expertise ”.

“These measures – added the parent company Febbo – they are evidence of the virtuous chain created between the region and the Senate that has enabled us to redirect extraordinary resources to our territory “.

“Forza Italia in the region is characterized by experience, concreteness and competence – emphasized Senator Pagano – and this is where teamwork arises ”.

Region, activities and funds for Culture, Tourism and Productive Activities
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