News from the Jakarta fold (and also outside the fold) in Formula E.

In the return to Asia of Formula E after Covid and with Welcome news about racing in Jakartathe category of single electric seats it is never stingy with information.

Let’s start talking about the calendar due to the next FIA World Council will be held on June 29 where Formula E will present draft calendar for the season 2022-2023season 9 starting Gen3 of Formula E with a number of technical innovations.

According to the mythical “long ear” from Electric Motor News, the first races of “season 9” will be at Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome (Mexico City), Diriyah (Saudi Arabia), Cape Town (South Africa), Hyderabad (India) and San Paolo (Brazil), and according to what we have been able to understand … the order of the races should be very similar to that given above.

What will happen to the Vancouver E-Prix, which has been officially postponed to the 2022-2023 season, remains to be defined; while there would be talks (even these days) to organize the Jakarta E-Prix next season at night.

Formula E Jakarta E-Prix scheduleIn terms of the thoughts of the riders and the whole “circus”, the Jakarta race is very welcome because the layout of the track is very fluid, technical and allows for overtaking in different turns; without forgetting that racing in an exotic place like in the Indonesian capital is part of the Formula E philosophy.

On a technical level and more precisely in terms of the possibility of recharging over the course of next season, the decision to recharge for a total of 30 seconds would have been taken, but the meetings between Formula E, the teams, have been going on for some time now. FIA and Williams Advanced Engineering to identify an implementation method for this new important variable in the races.

We have now learned that each box could only charge one car at a timebut now there are conversations going on to understand pit-stop mode and the number of stops that can be made during the race (for example, three of 10 seconds or two of 15 seconds).

According to sources from Electric Motor News, decisions are made in agreement with all parties and perhaps that is one of the fundamental issues we are talking about. The teams would have made their own proposals as a starting point – of course not now, but a few months ago – and some paths would have been taken to refine the various details.

News from the Jakarta fold (and also outside the fold) in Formula E.
The cables were carefully stored and sorted for the Jakarta E-Prix

You have to understand that it’s not just about putting cars on chargebut there are many problems to address such asand installation of all necessary technical equipment, energy supply, logistics organization, infrastructures, logistics in general, security and the ease of being able to assemble and disassemble everything in a relatively short time. It seems easy, but it is not … and here there is no room for those who are used to saying the famous “what does it take!”

Finally, when we talk about infrastructure, we learned in Jakarta that at the moment, the existing circuits would not undergo major changes with the arrival of Gen3, more powerful and faster than the current car.

It was one of the problems that many had talked about, but the layout of the current circuits could easily accommodate Gen3 according to the simulations performed … although of course some adjustments have to be made, but it certainly will not be one. of the major problems one faces.

Finally … we can confirm that work has already begun on Gen4… With the presentation of the first technical drafts. This is a particular thing … instead we need to speak in conditional with regard to the subject of batteries.

The long ear has heard that some things are being thought about liberalizationwhich would be a normal outlet for the development of Formula E (and electric cars in general) e.g. another step forward in history, which so far counts with 93 races (the one in Jakarta) and eight years of existence.

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