MINISTRY OF EDUCATION. The school, the notices with the procedures for conducting the tests on the first and second cycle. Bianchi: “They are the result of comparison and sharing. Students should not be afraid of not coping …”

ROME. It was Monday, March 14, 2022, when the Ministry of Education announced that “The Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, signed the executive orders defining the procedures for conducting the 2022 state examinations for the first and second education cycles “.
The official announcement published on the ministry’s website also stated that “The executive orders are published on the ministry’s website and sent to schools today at the conclusion of the formally planned process. The executive orders were in fact illustrated for the trade unions and submitted an opinion from the Council for Public Education. They were then sent to the competent parliamentary commissions for inquiry, as required by the latest budget law. The final texts were prepared in the light of these passages and also of the comparison with the Student Councils and with the Student Forum, in which the Minister participated directly.. “We worked on the texts to keep one point in mind: we are able to gradually return to normal – he would have stated that Minister Bianchi -. We are not out of the pandemic yet, we must remember that, but this year, thanks to the vaccines and the safety measures that the government has decided, we have guaranteed the continuity of the school in presence from day one. “” We took into account the last two years that our boys lived – continued Bianchi -. Schoolgirls and students do not have to be afraid of not coping. We will continue to support schools, girls and boys and accompany them towards this goal with all the tools at our disposal“.
The same message subsequently read as follows:
For examination of the first cycle is provided two written testsone of Italian and one concerning logical-mathematical skillsa interviewunder which the competencies regarding English languageby other language of society and for teaching inCivic.
The final vote remains tenths. It will be possible get praise. Participation in national tests Invalsiwhich will still be held, it will not be requisitioned access to evidence. Examination will take place in person, during the period included between the end of the lessons and June 30, 2022.
For interview onlyis the possibility of video conferencing is foreseen for candidates who are unable to leave their homes, a condition that will in any case be documented;.

The exam consists of one written test in ItalianFrom a second test of the address disciplinesfrom a interview.
The exam session begins on June 22, 2022 at 8.30with first written test in Italian, which will be prepared on a national basis. Candidates and candidates will be proposed seven tracks with three different types: analysis and interpretation of the literary text, analysis and production of an argumentative text, critical reflection of an expositional-argumentative nature on current issues.
That June 23 we continue with second written test, different for each course, which will have only one discipline among those that characterize the course of study. E.g, Latin language and culture for Classical high school, Mathematics before that Scientific, business economics to Technical Department, Economic Sector, Specialization “Administration, Finance and Marketing”, Hygiene and medical-health culture forProfessional institute, service sector, address “Social health services” (in the executive order list for all study areas).
Preparation for the second test this year, it is left to the individual institutes to take into account what has actually been done, also for the sake of the health emergency. Within next June 22nd that teachers who teach the subject of the second task and who are part of each school’s examination commissions, will have to prepare three path proposals. They will do so on the basis of the information in the documents prepared by the class councils. Among these proposals, the track that will be completed by all the classes involved will be drawn on the day of the test. If there is only one class of a particular course in the school, the three suggestions for tracks will be prepared by the subcommittee on the basis of suggestions from the teacher who teaches the subject of the second test..
That interview, which will begin with an analysis of a material selected by the Commission (a text, a document, a problem, a project). During the interview, the candidate must demonstrate that he has acquired the content and methods of the individual disciplines, and that he has acquired skills in Civic. He will then analyze, with a short report or a multimedia work, the experiences made in the field Roads to cross-cutting skills and orientation. The Commission will consist of six internal commissioners And an external chairman.
The final evaluation remains in cents. To school credit will be assigned up to a maximum of 50 points. In terms of written teststo the Italian will be attributed up to 15 pointsat the second test up to 10at the interview up to 25. It will be possible get praise. Participation in the national Invalsi tests, which will also be completed, and completion of Roads for Cross-cutting Skills and Orientation will not be a requirement for admission to the tests.
For the interviewis the possibility of video conferencing is foreseen for candidates who are unable to leave their homes, a condition that will in any case be documented;.

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