Mauro Vicano’s challenge: “Starting over from culture”

It was the first name that came out. For over a year he was a candidate for the Democratic Party and center-left broad field. Then, three months after the vote, the cards on the table were overturned: the Democratic Party and the other parties turned against Marzi. He, Mauro Vicanodid not lose heart and went straight ahead supported by Action, Vicano and Udc-Movimento list of VAT numbers.
What made you run for mayor of Frosinone?
“It is a commitment that I have always had for years, where I have often been a city council member in the past. Then I had to suspend this political commitment because it was incompatible with the leadership positions I held (Asl and Saf). Now that the situation technically does not constitute any kind of incompatibility, I have proposed myself again for the benefit of my city.
In fact, she has been in the election campaign for over a year when the Democratic Party decided to focus on her. Then the regional vetoes Dems and the 5 Stars changed their minds. What does this experience leave you with?
“The pretext was to have a lawsuit underway (referring to the period when he was head of Saf, the company that manages waste disposal in Colfelice), but there were probably also reasons related to the establishment of the wide field in the middle of left, where there was some opposition to my candidacy.It was a manageable problem with the procedure because it deals with technical details and I will demonstrate in July to get out of it without consequences.This change in operation has obviously changed all the plans on my application. I think perhaps that position could have been defended more. Someone lacked courage (the reference is to Francesco De Angelis, his original sponsor, ed.) ».

The three main goals of your program?
Care of the ordinary, as if it were the most important public work (urban decoration, greenery, urban mobility). Aspects that greatly affect the quality of life of citizens. I want a well maintained and not neglected Frosinone like today. Then there is the Cosa River project: it is a hinge of the city, it would have an environmental impact. I imagine making bike and walking trails and it would also have a historical value. So I want to create a museum worthy of a common capital. In Rome, in the Capitolian museums, about 18 thousand paintings are deposited in some warehouse due to lack of space. We can intercept them to create a new museum that is capable of hosting high-level exhibits, as well as recycle the many archaeological finds of Frosinone that are also stored in some warehouse in the suburbs. In short, I want to relaunch Frosinone from a cultural point of view and ensure that the capital finds its own identity. We must become central in an area that may never have recognized this role in our city. “
If he were to become mayor, what would he do in his first 100 days?
“Clean up the city and do some extraordinary maintenance work. Then I would immediately call in a qualified technician to restart the sloping lift.”
Why vote Vicano and not the others?
“I am the sole director and manager of large companies among the graduates in the run-up. In ASL, I steered something in the direction of 4 thousand people, I faced more complex systems than the other candidates. I have shown that I can solve problems. With the Covid emergency, for example, in a few days, I tripled the beds and transferred a hospital to Alatri. Marzi and Mastrangeli have already ruled and the structural problems in the city (pylons, traffic, public parks) have not been solved but worsened. . Iacovissi and Cosimato have never seen them tested in complex situations: they would be unknown ».
How much did you spend on this campaign?
«Maximum 5 thousand euros: a few posters and cards. So the social networks: I did not have Facebook, but in a little over a month I reached 3000 friendships ».
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