IT’s Tissue 2022 inaugurated

Cutting ribbon this morning Tissue homecreated in the historic Real Collegio di Lucca, to officially open the expected fourth edition of iT’s Tissue – The convergence of tissue qualitythe only event in the world scheduled for June 10, 2022. The ceremony took place at. 11 in the presence of company representatives in Tissue Italy networkby local authorities, including sincedaco Alessandro Tambellini andcouncilor Chiara Martini of Lucca; for the Tuscany Region Councilor Valentina Mercanti And Luca Pagliaro of the Secretariatofcouncilor Stephen Pods (infrastructure and development); Giorgio Bartoli, Commissioner-General from Chamber of Commerce And Carol Lucchesi from Lucca promotions; to Confessors, Alessio Lucarotti, President from Huge areato Confindustria that president by Assocarta, Tiziano Pieretti and sresident of Real CollegeFrancis Franceschini.

“My wish for this edition of iT’s Tissue is that the tissue paper industry can continue to produce wealth, which then resonates with everyone and continues to be an international point of reference. – he said Mayor Tambellini in his speech – We have excellences that the world really envies us. We must continue to invest in technology, research and development to improve productivity and reduce the impact on the environment. Sustainability is important, and I’m sure we’ll be able to lead here too. Congratulations on iT’s Tissue, let’s continue on this path with these events that bring the Lucca area to the world’s attention “.

Tiziano Pieretti, National Vice President of Confindustria Assocarta: “It must underline the constant commitment of the companies in the Tissue Italy Network in the development and research of technological innovation, which aims to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. A tangible commitment that has already led to a 20% reduction, a much higher value than the global trend. This is the right direction “.

It’s Tissue represents a significant moment for Lucca’s paper district. It is an important signal of improvement for the whole sector after a very complicated period.

“Made in Italy” fabric is a consolidated reference worldwide. It is an expression of expertise in the form of innovation, technology and also sustainability, which has become a priority Tissue Italy network to make the production processes develop in the right direction.


Together, thanks to their work and their history, they represent a reality that translates into over 30 production plant with more than 4.000 employees e to develops export business on the five continentswith sales volumes for about 1 billion euros.

it’s tissue it therefore becomes an inevitable opportunity for operators in the global tissue industry. This is where the exclusive can be visited Open house of the companies in Tissue Italy networkwho open the doors to their factories to reveal technological innovations and machines in operation. This is where they can touch on avant-garde and best-performing solutions first-hand to there production, transformation, packaging and handling of tissue products for health and hygiene, from toilet rolls, kitchen towels, face wipes, to napkins and handkerchiefs, multifunctional and folded roll products.

It’s Tissue is the answer to expectationsindustry 4.0 and customer service for all tissue companies in the world and until June 10th again will be the formidable international platform for meeting and exchange to develop business e professional and personal relationshipsto anticipate trends, new scenarios and consumer needs.

it’s tissue is the event organized by Tissue Italy network founded in 2012 by 12 leading Italian companies in the sector, with the aim of contributing to the development of “made in Italy” technological expertise in the tissue industry. Website:

A.CELLI PAPIR: boasts 80 years of experience in tissue and paper machinery and equipment. The products offered include complete “turnkey” systems, tissue machines, tissue and paper rollers and rollers, automatic roll handling and packaging systems and Industry 4.0 digital solutions. In the picture Mauro Celli

E80 GROUP: over the years, it has developed cutting-edge technologies that integrate and automate supply chain operations with the primary goal of increasing the efficiency, sustainability and safety of the tissue industry’s factories and distribution centers.

FUTURE: Integration, Simplification, Development, in a word: In.Si.De., the synthesis of the revolutionary innovations that Futura and Plusline will have the pleasure of presenting at It’s Tissue 2022, while celebrating Futuras 20 years of activity.

CHILDREN: with 152 years of experience worldwide, has 160 employees and three factories, a quarter of which will be completed by 2023. Among these is TissueHub, a research and development center for the creation of unique tissue products, designed with customers and partners.

KORBER: Thanks to an innovative approach, the technologies developed by the Körber Group and highly qualified external partners are integrated into a single solution that spans the entire value chain. During iT’s Tissue, it will be possible to get a tangible example of its operation and of how the individual machines interface with each other to achieve maximum production efficiency.

OMET: founded in 1963, it specializes in machines for automated production of napkins, paper towels and interleaved products and has references all over the world. The launch of the IT web technology represents a real game changer.

PCMC: Tissue conversion history goes back almost a century, and at iT’s Tissue, the company heralds a new era of rewinding with PARAGON, as well as advanced packaging and palletizing lines.

PULSAR Engineering: Pulsar Engineering’s transportation and handling solutions for the web conversion industry include special machines, equipment and software to assist customers in increasing line quality and efficiency. Specific developments are in focus during iT’s Tissue.

RECORDING: welcomes visitors to Palazzo Pfanner, next to Tissue Home, a historic site chosen to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary and present new projects, innovations and solutions, including High-performance headbox HP Headbox designed for low weights and a steel Yankee roller with high heat exchange efficiency.

IMA-TMC: meets the current requirements of the market for flexible, fast packaging machines capable of producing a wide range of products wrapped in polyethylene or, for the sake of sustainability, in paper. Its latest launch represents a major quantum leap in packaging technology.

TOSCOTEC: will present important technological innovations for the paper mill of the future, including a completely new machine concept for the production of both conventional and higher quality textured tissue paper with significantly reduced operating costs.

For the fourth edition it’s tissue can boast of the collaboration between prestigious partners:

Rockwell Automation (Global partner)Henkel (Main partner)NCR Biochemical, Acidic, SKF.

Media partners: Tissue First, Tissue Online, Pulp & Paper Africa, Converting, Met Magazine, PA Paper Advance, Le Maître Papetier.

With contributions from The Lands of Giacomo Puccini, Lucca Promos and patronage of the city of Lucca.

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