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How to recycle glasses glasses used or no longer used? Besides the donate themcan be utilized in a wide range of creative recycling ideasuseful to eliminate waste of old frames and to create new interesting objects. Glasses have been around for decades now. In addition to making life easier for those with some visual defects, they are becoming increasingly fashionable accessories for outfits to notice. But faced with such a pair of lenses that we wear, perfectly balanced, on the nose, a question arises. Used glasses, what to do with them? We give you some advice on this.


Often made of metal or plastic, the glasses and sunglasses they can not (or rather should not) just be thrown in the trash garbage sorting home. They need some small precautions, which we specify below. But if your heart cries at the thought of throwing them in the trash, then know that you can do something else with them that you might want to spend more on. E.g…

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If you are then theme party you can cover the frame of these accessories with colored paper with a glitter finish, cut out your favorite shape (in this case a Christmas tree, but it can also be a number, such as 2023, making them perfect for the next New Year). And get them out on the right occasions.

How to recycle glasses


An original idea regarding how to recycle old glasses which is worth putting into practice if you love to surround yourself with pictures. Replace the lens with photos you have taken and place them at home, on a shelf or as a decoration. It is a piece of furniture that can be customized.

glasses lens pendant


With lens of old glasses you can give life to a pendant, a pendant to a necklace. Once separated from the seat, you can put it in a metal frame and apply touches or other decorative elements. Or wrap it around the wire to create a kind of “trap” that you can put a pin on and into which you can thread the chain of the moment.

magnifying glass


Although it is strongly discouraged to use magnifying glasses as reading glasses (as such prolonged use would end up causing eye pain and it is extremely important to protect eyesight), it is possible to use the lenses from old glasses as magnifying glasses for occasional use, even if it is only for children to play from time to time.

glasses for dressing up


In the same way as the party glasses, we suggest that you give it masked glasses increasingly used in ceremonies such as weddings and baptisms to take souvenir photos of guests in fun situations. In this case:

  • remove the lenses and rods from the frame
  • colored or decorated as desired
  • glue on one side a sturdy stick so you can hold it with one hand

How to recycle glassesVASE HOLDER WITH OLD GLASSES

And we close with an idea that will appeal to fans ofinterior design. Why not decorate a very ordinary white vase with eyes and mouth and equip it with glasses? The result is exactly what you see in the picture, super cute and suitable for many environments (even the children’s room).

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But if we do not want to use them in the ways described so far, how to recycle old glasses? Can the lenses also be recycled? The answer is that yes, glasses can be recycled as well as many other everyday things. However, not everyone is easy. This depends on the material with which they are made. What needs to be done, therefore, is to separate them and separate the components before they can be thrown in the corresponding separate waste bin. For example, separate the plastic or glass lens, the aluminum or steel frame, and so on.

How to recycle glasses


That recycling of glasses however, it is not the only solution. If you ask yourself where to wear glasses that are no longer usedthe noblest way is certainly that of donation. If you are going to donate glasses, know that many people need them, but not everyone can afford them. It is no coincidence that we often talk about glasses used for Africa. Due to the increased production of such accessories, there are various charities that help collection of used glasses and in giving to disadvantaged people. Who collects old glasses? Among the many initiatives in this regard, we point out that of Lions Club Internationalwho started the Lions Used Eyewear Collection Center.


What to do with old glasses? In addition to reusing and donating them, we have other ways to go:

  • Take them to your optician. On some you can take advantage of scrapping glasses, bring your old glasses and you will get a discount or concession)
  • Sell ​​them (if you ask yourself) where to sell used glasses you can try on the sites that specialize in used online, more and more)
  • Reuse them with new lenses. If the frame is new, just replace the lenses to be able to continue wearing them

However, in case you want to dispose of them, you should know that this action must be performed in accordance with the applicable rules. And that applies to both used spectacle frames than for the lenses. So how do you get rid of your glasses? A necessary prerequisite. If the jars are broken as they are non-recyclable material, place them in the container with the remaining or undifferentiated dry product. If they are in good condition, instead, as we anticipated above, separate all the components and throw them in the corresponding waste bin according to the material.


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