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The 23-year-old son Nicol, the only survivor of the massacre in the house in Samarate (Varese), came out of a coma. Architect’s lawyer: We told him that his son showed signs of improvement, he responded with a look of a smile. numb, does not let emotions shine through

The month that has now passed since the massacre (it was the night between 3 and 4 May) records the improvements of the only survivor, despite the absolute drama in the clinical picture (he can not speak), and the definition of defense strategy. If the 23-year-old Nicol Maja has just come out of a coma, opens his eyes and moves his fingers, but without the improvement erasing the prospect of major neurological damage, the lawyers for his father Alessandro, the killer of his wife Stefania and the second child Giulia in the villa in Samarate, in the province of Varese, confirmed the fear of the woman’s family members: the lawyers will actually appeal to sanity, trying to frame the massacre in the 57-year-old architect’s inability to understand and will. We told him that Nicol was showing signs of improvement, that he was moving, and he he responded with a gleam of a smilebut as if he lived in a world unto himself, his lawyer, Enrico Milani, explained: He told us he takes about 15 tablets a day, I think they are necessary to keep him anesthetized, and for this reason does he not reveal many emotions.

The house massacre in Samarate

A scenario that, based on what was reconstructed by the carabinieri and the Varese prosecution, contrasts with the method and even earlier with the planning of Maja, who around four o’clock had arranged the homemade weapons on a table and, in order had he killed Stefania, who was sleeping on the sofa on the ground floor, had gone upstairs and with the same tools, screwdriver and hammer, had hit Giulia and Nicol. She, 16, had tried a resistance as confirmed by the wounds on her arms; As for the boy, Maja was convinced that he had killed him anyway.

Maya’s ghosts, debts and financial problems

Well, a month ago then. Until now, time has not allowed investigators’ results to be superimposed on the reality told by the architect, the owner of a renovation and interior design studio in Milan, at Naviglio Pavese. During the interrogation at the hospital during illness, confusion and fainting, Maja had in a very generic way talked about financial problems and had not clarified what she really meant when she at home ordered his wife and children to stop using and d ‘begin to save in anticipation of impending misery. Given the abundant use of black business, the architect, discharged from the psychiatric ward, transferred to prison and supervised if he tries to take his own life, may have ventured into ruthless operations. That is, he could have lent large sums of money which, for unknown reasons, would not have gotten him back; or he may have accumulated debts with people who do not joke or wait, but who may have threatened him.

The staging of the suicide after the massacre

Conditions abound because, it must be repeated, the person in question has not specified anything, and in no way ruled out that he has invented everything. Maybe he lived with ghosts, maybe he had disturbing criticism, but as a man by nature, a planner and intimidated by the slightest surprise, he could have built a web of non-existent fears. Which of course does not change the news: The architect, a person with important relationships around whom everyone who has now disappeared and left him to the dramatic fate, had dined with his family and waited for his wife and children to go to bed. The last alleged act that coincided with the suicide was merely a staging: Maja, armed with a drill and a knife, had made minor incisions in her abdomen and wrists. It was dawn in the house: the killer was about to go out on the balcony, in his underwear and bloody, to inform the neighbors and shouted: I finally succeeded !.

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