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The Reconstruction of the American Bar by Adolf Loos. We Are One dinners at the abandoned factory. The many bars in Alcova and much more to enjoy during the design week

Rotonda della Besana

With only 27 square meters, the American Bar in Vienna is the smallest meeting place in the Austrian capital. However, be careful not to dismiss it as an eccentric tourist attraction. In fact, for over a century, the project has carried the architect’s signature in business Adolf Loos, who in the early years of the twentieth century introduced the rationalist language that would soon triumph over the passion for non-functional decorations and Art Nouveau ornaments (for Loos, ornament in architecture is “a crime), at the time that prevailed in town. His most famous legacy is the Looshaus (1909-11), which on Michaelerplatz, just opposite the splendor of the Hofburg royal palace, symbolizes the pride of Viennese modernism. The idea had matured in Loos’ mind after the period he spent in America, and would have the benefit of proposing in Europe the design model of the American bar that would be so successful in the following decades. his, which in a simple environment brings back the functions of the bar, with the mirrors along the walls to give the illusion of a more airy space, and the abundance of materials such as wood (which also lines cassette often), brass and onyx. The atmosphere, delicate and precious at its discretion, has remained unchanged over time; Loos Bar is regularly underway today, while the project has become a case study and conquered architecture manuals.

Marble Bar, Milan
Marble Bar, Milan


A new chapter in its history, albeit temporarily, opens in Milan on the occasion of Design Week, from 5 to 12 June, at the initiative of Marimar, a company specializing in the supply and processing of marble and granite. Marble Bar designed by Davide Fabio Colaci and the Luisa Bertoldo studio are inspired by the restaurant designed by Loos, with the idea of ​​improving the new STONES collection of Marimar – a catalog consisting of a wide range of natural stones of different origins, shapes and colors – while offering an evocative space for its ability to evoke an epoch in modern architecture. The marble bar will be accessible to the public inside the Arci Bellezza circle, where the designers have imagined reconstructing the original façade of the Viennese restaurant, evoking the scenographic aspect of the place, but also the sense of operation that Loos tried to provide. an innovative way to live your free time: “Adolf Loos was the designer who used marble in the most modern way ever, and through the cladding principle he rewrote the concept of “surface value”. The American bar in Vienna was an avant-garde and inclusive project that in a few square meters was able to formally rewrite customs and ways of being together in a society in deep development”, Explains Davide Fabio Colaci, Professor of Interior Architecture at Milano Polytechnic and Professor of Interior Design Master at NABA.


The marble bar will therefore animate the evenings of the design week together with other pop-ups designed for the apartment, such as. Krug Studio which takes shape from June 7 to 14 in the open-air courtyard of the Four Seasons, or the wunderBar on wheels of the gin Monkey 47, which returns under the vertical forest, in addition to the temporary bars on Alcovein the abandoned rooms of the military hospital in Baggio (med Popular coffee by Lambert & Fils and DWA Design Studio, in the Shadow of the Cedar Trees, andOffcut Bar in the lounge area of ​​Solid Nature, ANDlight, ZEITRAUM and 4Spaces / ZigZag Zurich, with the gastronomic offer curated by Tuorlo Magazine – next to opening a new editorial office in Tertullian – and Alessandro Longhin’s tacos). Among the new leisure spaces with a focus on the combination of gastronomy and design, we also point to the new. Coffee from the Milanese Philological Circle, renovated based on a project by Marialaura Rossiello Irvine, which will experience special events during Design Week, with contributions from Pasticceria Martesana, Brothering Milano, Cosaporto and Quality Delivery Italia, but will remain available to the city even at the end of the event. But the opportunity is also good to visit Rotonda Bistro recently reopened on the Rotonda della Besana with the idea of ​​rebuilding an urban space of historical and environmental value, such as the late Baroque cemetery complex that houses the 18th-century church of San Michele ai Nuovi Sepolcri. The restaurant area opens from the early morning hours with cafeteria service, while the kitchen is under the supervision of the chef Tommaso Arrigoni (to create the drinks list, another important name for the Milanese food and wine scene: Benjamin Cavagnto from 1930). And on weekends, the picnic service on the lawn is active. Last experience to report only related to the days in Design Week? The temporary restaurant of We are Onawhich after stopping at the Venice Biennale in the Casanova Palace takes over Fabbrica Orobia: The restaurant menu (June 4-11), by reservation only, is prepared by the Japanese chef Sayaka Sawaguchi. For those who do not want or can not experience the evening, the café is always open from 7 to 12 June.

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