Design Week 2021. BASE Milano presents “We Will Design”

MILAN – There Design Week 2021 by BASE Milano to, from 5 to 12 September 2021will it involve designers from around the world, universities, start-ups and brands, international institutions, its central theme is the construction of a new future through design. Today, design is actually becoming more than ever a lens for looking at our society, a basic tool for reshaping future relationships and co-homes.

Themes and projects for BASE Fuorisalone:

• Neighborhood. RESTART: ACNE – the creative collective of the Deloitte family – meets BASE for the Italian version of RESTART: a project created to help small businesses in the Tortona district get back in the game after the pandemic, through ACNE’s creative approach and talent with some artists selected and coordinated by BASE.

RESTART will involve more artistic collectives and a lot of talent: CESURAa photographic collective founded in 2008 with great attention to the social dimension, PARASIT2.0an architectural collective founded in 2010 by a group of students from the Politecnico di Milano to study the status of urban habitats and Music Innovation Hub that will give life to one Neighborhood web radio.

• Visions for the future. Temporary home: 5 spaces to open 5 future scenarios. CasaBASE, the BASE guesthouse, is transformed – thanks to the collaboration with IKEA Italia – into a sui generis residence, where the space becomes a home, a place for experiments and an exhibition space open to the public for 5 Italian and international designers.

Among these the German fashion designer Anna – Sophie Dienemann will, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Milan, present wearable spacers to reflect on the relational dimension of distancing, designed in a pandemic based on a pop-up tent; the Dutch biodesigner Emma van der Leest it will involve visitors in an experiment between biodiversity and design; the product designer Vicente Varella with support from Superforma – as part of Centrinno European project curated by the municipality of Nema and Milan explores digital manufacturing to give new life to waste materials through a process based on human-centered design and circular design.

• Research practice. Display: Sustainability, anti-waste recycling of materials, co-design processes, new approaches to learning, will be at the heart of the various projects and installations exhibited at BASE.

Between these:: Matteo Guarnaccia gifts ‘CCC (Cross Cultural Chairs)’, a project that analyzes the sociocultural context through the chair. A BASE will exhibit eight chairs that are the result of collaborations with eight different designers and artisans from the eight most populous countries in the world; META space brings an innovative and virtuous example of recycling set-up materials, recycling them and giving them new life with the aim of raising awareness of waste of materials used to create events; also studio.trace reflects on the waste and waste generated by human consumption and combines food and design in the installation instead ‘TABULA [non]RASA ‘; IAADThe Department of Applied Arts and Design proposes the visual-sound installation ‘Imagination states’ to celebrate the value of the imagination; L ‘University of Bozen-Bolzano , which this year launched the first edition of the ‘Design for children’ master at the Faculty of Design and Art, creates a path on the ground with “drawing machines” designed to help children draw and stimulate their creativity, supported by a small exhibition of publications on the subject; NID Nuovo Istituto Design Perugia presents the project installation ‘State of Nature’, which through the development of Instagram filters will involve the visitor in an immersive interactive experience; with in Ludosophic the project arrives at the former Ansaldo ‘Plastic Fighters’ that thanks to the call for social cohesion in 2019, it is proposed to recycle plastics, especially bottle caps, which have been shredded and transformed using 3D printers into objects that are useful to society in collaboration with designers and primary school students; L ‘Kulturforeningen NOI Andre and NOI Libreria they propose a bookstore with a special selection of books on design, illustration and graphic arts and gifts ‘DREAMS – Page Tsou solo exhibition’the first solo exhibition ever held in Italy dedicated to Page Tsou, an award-winning visual artist, protagonist of the Taiwanese creative scene and founder of the AUSPICIOUS design studio; Parasite 2.0 bring their latest project to BASE ‘Antropofago Productions’, a curated collection of objects, fanzines, sounds to encourage reflection on overproduction and overconsumption. An untraditional white cube will be installed on the first floor, a pop-up pavilion where the pieces will be for sale – as in an art gallery or in the Bandcamp online store – or exchange item; finally the Sicilian collective Analogous realize ‘PAY. Gay Parliament, multiform and nomadic unity that tunes men into a more intimate relationship with the things of the world, with animals and plants. At its zero degree, PA-GA defines dynamic environments that evolve over time thanks to their interactions, and establishes a new dialogue about the future of Gaia, the planet we live in.

• Design proximity. Public program: twice a day, for five evenings, the agreement with the talks organized by BASE and, with the department and School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano, with debates and views on the theme of the city near the shadow of GAIA, the installation dedicated to Planet Earth by artist Luke Jerram. Each day, two debates will see experts in the sector, accompanied by dialogue by professors from the Institute and the School of Design at the Politecnico di Milano, to examine different views on so many issues related to the nearby city, from Neighborhood Services to Public Space in transformation, to the platforms and the proximity economies.


5.-12. September 2021
BASE – Via Bergognone 34, Milan

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