Are the houses in Italy organic?

The intelligent fashion of “green” at all costs has become a theme for all sectors. Construction is also following the trend, and in line with the new models for greater environmental sustainability, we try to be as ecological as possible; even in a sector that seems difficult to approach ecologically sustainable.

The ecological transformation gives the construction sector a big boost, see eco-bonuses, super-bonuses and various incentives that not only allow you to thermally adapt your home, making it less polluting; but also save something in the form of energy and ordinary property management costs.

Data that promises well

The essential fact is that Italians’ desires are increasingly moving towards more energy-efficient homes. These data have primarily occurred since 2021; Buyers are willing to buy or renovate with a more conscious focus on more “eco” types of buildings.

The percentages of the data obtained during the research are the most diverse, but on the whole they hit the Italian situation well. The survey lasted 9 years and involved hundreds of reputable real estate agents and experts in the sector.

The perception is that a large proportion of people are more aware of the importance of the impact that housing can have on the environment.

The properties sold in energy class A1 during 2021 make up 30%of course, it is still too far away and too low to have a greater effect, but it is already very positive that the statistical curve is growing.

Real estate agents claim that approx 60% of buyers are very knowledgeable on the issue and is also willing to go in for the cause.

About 22% have a vague perception of the importance of the energy issue; but this is an important part of people who need to be educated and certainly have significant margins for growth; more information and awareness campaigns on the topics should be pushed forward.

The 18% not very high but still significant numbers relate to those who have insufficient awareness on the subject of environment; while a very small portion completely ignore themes such as: renewable energy and all the themes in the same semantic field. This part of people should first and foremost be educated and then enabled to choose an economically / ecologically advantageous path

What are the most coveted “eco” properties

The data obtained also shows which trends buyers are most aware of.

The features that are most in demand usually relate to high-efficiency air conditioners.

In second place is the insulation and therefore a good insulation of the opaque parts of the building.

Even the fixtures are a highly coveted and attentive parameter by the users.

The aspect of renewable sources is not insignificant; a small percentage of buyers are very knowledgeable and tend to seek out homes that offer alternatives to fossil fuels and traditional energy sources.

The research lasted 9 years and involved hundreds of reputable real estate agents and experts in the sector


High important data

Back in the statistics, the buildings located in the most marginal and therefore peripheral areas of the cities have very low-performance energy characteristics; always with reference to the study of properties sold, about 80% of them belong to energy classes E, F and G; a situation of extreme backwardness.

If we instead refer to the most prestigious areas in the cities, those of value, the statistics change a bit; the houses that testify to a higher energy class and are therefore more energy efficient are 36%; the reference energy classes are A and B.

But the fact that gives us hope is that there is a great room for improvement for all the bad buildings and buildings that need to be restored. About 90% of the properties that have seen a trade completed, i.e. have been bought or sold, may have energy improvements.

In short, the possibilities exist and are before our eyes, this is the right historical moment to reverse a trend that for years had been heading towards the most total operation; the issue of ecological and energy sustainability can and must increase everyone’s awareness because we all belong and live in the same huge “home”, EARTH.

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