an old story to be handed down

June 5, 2022 at 11:23

At the end of Ecivic education “The Art of Silk and Catanzaro”, the 3AS class at the “De Nobili” Institute in Catanzaro, coordinated by the teachers of the class council, participated in a training meeting debate on the proposed topic. The manager, Prof. Angelo Gagliardi, welcomed the initiative by promoting dialogue with the expert, Dr. Sarah Procopio, a Calabrian historian in love with her city and currently engaged in a research doctorate at the Université de Paris VIII Vincennes Saint Denis.

To the rhythm of music, through a flashmob, to build a culture of peace together (by Prof. Brunella Badolato), the meeting debate “The story of the Calabrian silk tradition.


The Art of Silk and the History of Catanzaro in its field was specifically the theme of the expert report, where the main characters and users were the students of 3 A of the Human Sciences address, coordinated by their teachers, Prof. Maria Antonia Lamanna and Prof. Franco Migliaccio, together with the students of 3 BS, led by their teacher, Prof. Massimiliano Apreda.


The goal of the project was to spread the knowledge of the ancient silk art, which emphasized the immense value that this activity had in the past of our city, especially in the Middle Ages, when it was the most important source of economic well-being for the whole geographical area.


The real protagonists were the students who presented the event and participated, and suggested various works: videos and multimedia works about the guest’s dissertation and about the novel “Eagles Nest” by Emanuela Costanzo, which always relates to the history of our city.

During the debate, the speaker also illustrated the method of historical study, to make people understand the correctness of the work done, to know the stages of the production of silk yarn and its trade in the Mediterranean. In fact, Dr. Procopio’s goal is precisely to demonstrate Calabria’s fundamental role in the silk industry; and it is his wish that all, especially the local political class, be aware of the riches of the territory and its “ability to take us high.”

That with silk is an art that has been able to give so much to the city of Catanzaro and could continue to do so if its enormous heritage is fully utilized.

After the debate, the students could spend a whole day in the beautiful village San Floro, where they were able to learn about the history of the “Nido di Seta” cooperative through a path of discovery that brought them closer to the knowledge of a territory and its ancient craft traditions. The innovation of the project lies in the resumption of the old jasmine cultivation chain of three young people: Domenico Vivino, Miriam Pugliese and Giovanna Bagnato. Thanks to them, the students rediscovered old methods, production techniques and reliable historical sources, and visited the castle dating back to the 4th century with the Museum of Silk Art inside. The guide Cristina Orso Manzonetta provided the necessary information on the manufacture and dyeing of silk.

The next was a visit to the real “Nido di Seta” center, where the students observed the developmental processes of the silkworm and tried their hand at the art of rolling the yarn from the cocoon. ” It was fundamental for the children – said Gagliardi – to come into contact with this reality, which is not new, but merely occupies what was formerly fundamental to trade and to the development of our country. A reality that we can recognize in the streets of our city, through the historical centers of our countries and the will of young men and women who are able to inspire the new generations to take greater care of the Earth, to rediscover what once represented us and everything … what can separate us from other cultural realities. “

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