an exciting and immersive game for PSVR2

It’s only been a few months since the launch of Horizon: Forbidden West, a great sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, which led us to the deadly Forbidden West to tell the second part of Aloy’s epic (all the details in the review of Horizon: Forbidden West), but the Guerrilla Games are already looking at the future of the franchise. Announced in the first week of January 2022, Horizon: Call of the Mountain will be the next episode of the brand and debuts exclusively on PlayStation VR2. Awaiting the release date of the virtual reality spin-off – which will in all likelihood accompany the launch of the Sony helmet – we offer you our preliminary impressions.

A Carja in search of redemption

Horizon: Call of the Mountain, developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite, will be the first chapter in the series not to assign the lead role to our beloved Aloy.

In this round, the Machine Hunter must actually step aside, as the story will be told through the eyes of a brand new character called Ryas. At present we know very little about him, except that he was formerly a warrior belonging to Shadow Carja and that at the time of the liberation of Meridana he was responsible for the transport of Prince Itamen, where he received the title “Shadow of Itamen“On the contrary, his brother Urid remained among the Carja loyalists against the sun king Avad, so the two relatives were on opposite sides during the Civil War. At one point in his life, however, Ryas was left captive. And imprisoned in Sunstone Rock, where he was spared by the Blameless Marad, who proposed to him a pact: if Ryas had agreed to investigate a new threat against Carja, the official at the Sun King’s court would have restored his freedom.

The Guerrilla Games did not want to give us further details about the Warrior, who during the campaign for Horizon: Call of the Mountain will probably have to do his best to redeem himself in the eyes of Marad and his people. However, it has been confirmed that during his trip, Ryas will meet new characters and already familiar faces, among which Aloy himself stands outbut we unfortunately do not yet know how much screen time will actually be allocated to the heroine of the saga, and above all, the temporal location of Horizon: Call of the Mountain is not clear.

Ryas is a true archery master and is forced to use all his abilities to survive the terrible machines that attack him along the way. To succeed in the business, which is anything but easy, he will have to be mandatory masters a wide range of tools while gathering the necessary materials to improve its equipmentto be able to counter any threat.

By observing the trailer that was unveiled on the occasion of the condition in June 2022, we have learned that in Horizon: Call of the Mountain we will have to climb steep mountains and try to exploit ropes, mountaineering ice axes and every possible grip. It will also be imperative to keep your eyes open, then Glinthawks and other powerful lurking machines will repeatedly try to thwart Ryas’ mission and put an end to his life.

In addition to the main campaign, Horizon: Call of the Mountain inIt will include a secondary mode called River Ride and that, according to what was reported by the Guerrilla Games, will allow us to admire Horizon’s magnificent and dangerous world from a privileged point of view. On board a canoe, we actually have to cross water currents and try to repel the machines that will target the boat and its passengers on a regular basis.

Exciting and immersive, the experience on tracks is apparently designed to “share the magic of PlayStation VR2 with friends and family”, which of course will be able to follow the player’s misfortune thanks to the screen connected to PlayStation 5. Who knows, this might not even provide timed levels and challengesinviting users to compete with each other to establish new personal records.

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