Airuno, middle school in danger of closing. The position as mayor and school leader

The story of the possible closure of Airuno Middle School continues to hold its own

The mayor disputes the teachers’ “misleading” message and reiterates that the issue “falls outside” the powers of the administration.

AIRUNO – A message “misleading and far from the facts”, as well as “really unprofessional on the part of the teachers”, accused of having made politics in the classrooms. With a note, arrived a few days after the post, posted on Sunday on his Facebook profile, the mayor Alessandro Milani reiterates its complete disappointment at the message sent via Whatsapp by the teachers at the high school in Airuno to the families of the enrolled students to inform about the risk of a future closure of the middle school that appeared during the school hearing on 2 May.

Alessandro Milani

In the press release, also signed in the name of the municipal administration, Milani also reports an excerpt of the minutes of the consultation with reference to the pastor’s intervention: Lidia then introduces a question regarding Airuno Secondary School, which the principal has previously reported to himself, to the mayor and to the deputy mayor: in the future, there may be a single department at Airuno Secondary School, and the principal reflects on the possibility of bringing the Brivio section of Airuno. There would be larger rooms and special classrooms. The choice of school time in Airuno was fluctuating, and this, says Lidia, does not provide stability for staff and can also affect the quality of teaching. For some years, the extended time was preferred of parents, and sometimes two first classes were activated, as in the current school year and in the previous, also thanks to a significant influx of students from Valgreghentino.For the following year, a third class with extended time will come out, but a normal hour- class comes in, which will include two students from Calco and Beverate and only two students from Valgreghentino already attending Primary School of Airuno; the small number may also be caused by the problem of transporting students to our school “.

And then he adds and repeats how the question that even the minority has asked a question about (read here) one goes beyond the municipal competencies: “As mayor and as municipal administration, we would like to emphasize that none of us would be happy if the high school one day moves from our area. This aspect is an eventuality that does not depend on political or discretionary choices by a municipal administration. “

Among the examples presented in support of the dissertation is the amalgamation of schools into a single large institute based in Olgiate with the final push to the teachers, already beaten to speak of an election due to the municipal budget: “We, as the Municipal Administration, believe that the teachers’ task is to teach the students in a very super party way, exactly how public administrators should manage their local communities, and at the same time we are convinced that politics should be placed outside the classroom and that it always takes place correctly. and transparent in the relevant places“.

Chiara Ferrario

The statement of the headmaster is different Chiara Ferrario which speaks of a reflection on the future of the secondary school in Airuno born in the light of the demographic decline that also affects the reality of the country. Number one at the comprehensive school also points to the tasks for each person involved in the story, in the hope of a synergy of intentions: “The principal has the task of imagining the best possible utilization of the teaching staff’s resources and the didactic quality, to the municipality’s reflections over the use of the rooms and the use of buildings ”.

Not only. “Our considerations are inspired by the clear demographic decline affecting our complexes, which leads to hypotheses in the next two years about a reduction in high school classes in Airuno from 5 to only 3 classes (or even to 2 classes if the year has fewer than 18 births) .We therefore began to hypothesize the organization of the plexus and, among the various options, to place the classes in Brivio to promote the completion of the teaching chair, stability of the teaching staff, more usable spaces for laboratories, larger interaction between students with respect to the single-section perspective.
This situation has already been experienced in the past and has led to the increase in the number of precarious teachers associated with the complex and a clear annual change of teachers. In addition, the parents’ choice of school time, which is different each year, does not provide stability for the staff at the time of enrollment and will also be able to influence the quality of the teaching ”.



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