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It’s called Youmay Home, and it’s the business idea of ​​4 professionals who have transformed the traditional real estate business into an experience based on a sensory approach. From clearing to the first date, the goal is to create an alchemy of sensations that transfer positive energy and harmony in the choice of the dream home.

A new model for real estate business, an innovative approach that favors the sensory and psychological aspect. A revolutionary idea of ​​home staging that, on the one hand, accompanies those who sell their homes on a path of detachment from the past, in total harmony, and on the other hand, it supports those who buy an experience dedicated to well-being. It is on these principles that the business model of You can come homean entrepreneurial idea by 4 young professionals who have teamed up to create a new concept for real estate business.

The Youmay Home project was born out of the meeting between Elena ParolinVenetian transplanted to Riccione, and brothers Erika, Emanuele and Matteo Muscioni. Everyone with previous experience in the real estate industry put their ideas together and at the end of 2021 gave life to an initiative that draws inspiration from the fact that every property has not only an economic value, but also and above all an emotional value. one.

The very name Youmay, or “you could”, opens up endless possibilities, it is a gap between the present and the future that connects the house (“home”) with the promise of a dream of being transformed into reality.

“This new real estate business concept is based on the awareness that when you step into a house, you have a 360-degree sensory experience. We are convinced that there is a sixth sense, responsible for what one unconsciously feels when we enter an environment for the first time. An instinctive reaction, linked to our sensations and to the vibrations caused by the first shock of a place “, he explains
Elena Parolin. “For this we have developed a method that we have
called DRA (decluttering, relooking, preparation), which develops in several
phases with contributions from professionals such as interior designers, technicians and experts
sensory, with the aim of giving a new expression to the houses for sale. All
Expenses are our responsibility because we believe they are an investment
a tangible return. The first feedback, the most important for us, is the satisfaction of the customers that we consider part of our team. If the seller is ready, the sale will succeed in a calm way. Even the numbers give us the right: In about 4 months we have sold 15 properties, completed 100% of the negotiations, and today we have more
solutions on the waiting list ».

You can come home

How does the DRA method work? The first phase is to clean up: Youmay Home takes care not only of the house, but also of the people with their experiences, their history, what happened and the emotions that were felt inside the house. A path to detachment begins, through gradual steps, where people gather to feel empathy so that change is experienced in the most natural way possible.
“To symbolically celebrate this phase, we deliver a box of memories, which is a transitional object, where we ask to insert objects, photographs, memories of various kinds, to psychologically prepare the passage from one house to another, to a new history.” continues Elena Parolin. “If the person selling the house has not filled the box for a certain period of time, we understand that they are not yet ready to face this moment. In this case, we never force any decision, but we follow the customer to understand whether it is just a matter of time or not in line with our feelings. In the second hypothesis, we renounce the task, and this is characteristic of us in terms of modus operandi in the standard real estate market. The next step is the oversight: we believe that the house lives on the energy of those who lived there. With this phase of the DRA method, we give it a new look, to “reset” the past and welcome those who want to live in that space with a new balance. We thus move on to the framework, which aims to present the home environment to its full potential. We do it with the intervention of experts who are able to give a whole new look to the home thanks to the skilled use of interior accessories, textiles, candles or other accessories. We are far beyond the classic home staging, we do not just take pictures or film the property, for which we make use of real artists’ collaboration, but we intervene with a complete stylistic renewal ».

The highlight of the Youmay Home experience is then the first date. “We are organizing an event where we invite all potential buyers: For each property, we create a dedicated magazine, a tool that the house talks about itself with. In this moment, every detail helps to activate the 5 senses and stimulate the sixth, generate good vibrations and make sure that something crucial is triggered for the happy start of a new life ». For those leaving the property, Youmay Home reserves the set “Auspicious Cuddles”, which consists of a shopping bag with personal fragrance, herbal tea and slippers. For those arriving, a welcome potpourri with a seed to plant on the occasion of a new beginning and a night in the floating houseboat from Youmay Home in Rimini, to end the sensuous experience in a suggestive way.

You can come home
Elena Parolin (center), Erika and Emanuele Muscioni

Today, Youmay Home operates in Riccione and the surrounding area, but requests for interventions have already come from other cities such as Milan, Cagliari and even from London.
“The model is well-liked, many have understood the innovative scope and effectiveness of our method of completing the purchase and sale of properties. We have chosen not to treat more than 9 properties per month, precisely to guarantee the quality of the service. And by the way, we have created a waiting list “, adds Parolin.

The Youmay Home philosophy is also reflected in the concept of the offices. First
in the Riccione area to perceive the workplace as an extension of
home, the 4 partners wanted the office to be decorated like a home, divided into zones like many small studios, with spaces dedicated to conversation, coffee time, aperitifs, reading and creativity. A space where both customers and partners and partners can feel perfect for developing new ideas. And what does the future hold? “We are also launching a new e-commerce initiative with a range of products for the home, wellness and personal care with the Youmay Home brand,” concludes Parolin.

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