“We find an agreement on important works”

Luigi Sturniolo from Messina in the Municipality extends a hand to center-left candidate Franco De Domenico. The former director of the university, with the theme Culture, had launched the proposal to share the degree programs with all the other graduates regardless of winners and losers.

“Franco De Domenico, candidate for the center-left coalition, suggests on the subject of culture that each candidate promotes an idea and that the winner also undertakes the projects of the other four. Forces himself to accept proposals as it is not sure they share. – comments Sturniolo – however, we are interested in the idea of ​​finding an agreement on some works or some important themes.was the first action in our election campaign.We all asked to try to find a way to solve the root “It is clear that such an attempt is preceded by the fact that the regulatory arrangements that exist today are not sufficient”.

“We then proposed tackling the issue of PNRR with a different approach – he adds – and tried to say that an agreement between institutions, political forces, trade unions, trade unions and civic movements on the works to be carried out would be useful to the city. This is because the time spent on the NRP’s resources is limited and only an agreement between everyone will allow the result to be brought home “.

“We also examined all the candidates’ programs to listen to their interventions, and we seemed to understand that there is a sensitivity that belongs to everyone: it is the love of our sea, of the Strait of Messina and its landscape. But also of its offerings. as a place of human activity, production, the economy of our city – points out Sturniolo – Let us here take as our starting point this common element. Let us come up with a proposal. idea of ​​making Messina the city of water sports “.

“Finally, to resume Franco De Domenico’s proposal, we are interested in emphasizing that we have called the creation of the spaces autonomy. This is not a pre-packaged proposal. We want it to be open to everyone’s contribution. This time, however, let’s say, not only the contribution of the candidates for mayor, but precisely to all citizens, to all those who live in this beautiful area where luck gave birth to us “, concludes the mayoral candidate in” Messina In municipality “.

The Domenico’s plans

Meanwhile, this morning, during a meeting with MEP Pietro Bartolo and the designated Commissioner for Sport, Andrea Argento, De Domenico launched new ideas for its election manifesto:

” These are apparently different themes – De Domenico explained – but associated with a common denominator, the development and enhancement of the quality of life in the city. And also in these questions we assert our diversity with regard to the action of the former administration. Suffice it to say that in terms of the environment – urges the mayoral candidate – the news of funding for ‘ForestaMe’ has been relaunched these days. The designers have certainly done a good job, but beware: the margin is wide between propaganda and actual actions. Suffice it to say that the resignation of the former mayor delayed admission to the funding, but the dates predicted by the project will not change until the end of the work in June 2023. Reporting December 2023. It is good to remember that at. at the moment the financing is only ‘virtual’ because everything is linked to expenses and final reporting. In order for the 29 million to become real, it should be possible to publish the tenders, leave the workers and carry them out within a year from today … “

“Among other things, Messina did not pass the selection on medium-term projects such as ‘Mission on Cities'”. Franco De Domenico recalls: “The project ensures that the busy administrations are financed and guided for eight years and aims to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and try to achieve climate neutrality by 2030”.

As for sports, the aspiring mayor points out, “the resources in the budget were almost zero, and all the sporting realities we visited during this election campaign showed us a state of abandonment. Symbolically, the dispute, which lasted until a few days ago, between the former councilor of the department and one of the associations that raised the name of the city, Akademia S. Anna, recently promoted to the women’s volleyball A2 series “.

“It is better to put a pitiful veil on health policies,” says De Domenico: “Unfortunately, we remember well how the former mayor played the role of the highest health authority in the first phase of the pandemic. But we also remember well that Messina is among the last cities in Italy for the number of vaccinated, and the former mayor on the run, for this reason, has always had an ambiguous attitude, to his credit only a few initiatives to push immunization, and he has often ‘blinked’ at a subtle way to the non-wax voters.

“From our side only concrete proposals. Just think – the candidate remembers – that the first action of my administration will be to plant 100 trees in the first 30 days of my term. A gesture to which we attach a very specific symbolic value, among other things: to demonstrate that the increase in the quality of life in the first instance takes place through concrete and daily actions ”.

De Domenico also wanted to focus on agriculture and tourism. “With my trip to the hill villages – he notes – I experienced on my own the effects of depopulation, of the distance from the city center in the form of development opportunities. During these thirty years, the lack of attention from the policy to the agricultural sector has had the effect that in some cases it has reduced even more than 70 per cent of the crops. But I also had the opportunity to meet proud entrepreneurs who remember that of the 23 DOC wine-producing areas recognized in Sicily, three fall within the province of Messina; proud to show me their big little treasures such as honey or niche agricultural productions, of the highest quality but struggling to conquer marketplaces because they are not adequately supported. The protection of the territory, the quality production, the food supply, the improvement of the landscape, the construction of thematic itineraries for tourism associated with food and wine expertise undoubtedly represent concrete opportunities for relaunch for Messina municipality, its precious villages.

“Given that the rural area of ​​the Messina metropolitan area needs interventions aimed at revitalizing the economically productive substance, we can confirm that the key priorities for this sector are: to curb continued emigration ; promoting generational change in production activities; facilitating access to credit for young agricultural entrepreneurs; overcoming the serious problem of land fragmentation and corporate pulverization; restoring the agricultural system; , understood as a local production system characterized by a homogeneous historical and territorial identity; implement professional training models in the agricultural entrepreneurship sector; encourage the spread of the new multifunctional agricultural model (environmental agriculture as a guarantee for the protection of territory t). “Agriculture means tourism and environmental protection, this affects the quality of life and can therefore be a stimulus for initiatives in youth policies, to create new spaces for the benefit of outdoor sports, to increase the well-being of Messina”.

One last thought Franco De Domenico would dedicate to a particular area of ​​the city: “A coastal city, but which – like a treasure chest – hides a treasure. I’m talking about the San Rizzo Hills, where above all the courage of a handful of entrepreneurs makes this area inviting and competitive.The next administration must also stand by their side, for example by arranging events of national importance.In some regions – we know well – they have made mountain biking, fitwalking or other outdoor activities a real industry.At the same time, they have by to create special paths restored abandoned areas.In Messina we have in practice seen little or nothing.The Peloritani cycle path, to name one of the ideas that have only been discussed in recent years, as by using the old railway route would allow you to easily reach Villafranca Tirrena by bike or on foot, is a possible suggestion; just as it is to improve hiking routes, to take advantage of the synergy with the Forest Inspectorate.

Finally, the mayoral candidate for the center-left coalition wanted to end his speech: “We still have a wound in the heart represented by the tragedy in Giampilieri, but also in the eyes the terrible images of the fires that until last week, endangering citizenship and further weakening In the light of all this, we cannot postpone, but it is imperative to act “.

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