War in Ukraine, live – CNN: “US will not support Italian plan”. It is fought in Severodonetsk. Podolyak: “Another 2 or 6 months of conflict”

Zelensky: “More than 3,600 Ukrainian municipalities occupied by the Russians”

More than 3,600 cities And Ukrainian villages they have been occupied by the Russian army since the invasion. This was reported by Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking at the US Mayors Conference. “Many of these – said Zelensky – they are no longer suitable to civilized life. This is the reality brought from Russia ”.

Kiev is preparing sanctions against 12 thousand Russians: there is also Kirill

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared its intention to impose financial sanctions against the leader of the Orthodox Church in Moscow, Patriarch Kirill and other Russian personalities, “threatening national security”. In total, the list includes sanctions over 12 thousand oligarchsRussian officials, propagandists and war criminals, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry told Radio Svoboda / Radio Free Europe, Oleh Nikolenko.
“We are working to prepare personal sanctions for all those who contribute or are involved in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The Russian regime, which has caused so much misery for the Ukrainians, must assume the strictest responsibility, “said the minister’s spokesman. Yesterday, the Permanent Representatives of the EU countries approved sixth package of sanctions against Russia: The list of targets includes 18 companies and 65 people. Kirill was excluded from sanctions because of the Hungarian government’s veto.

“Intelligence Kiev in contact with Azovstal prisoners”

Ukrainian intelligence service is in contact with soldiers from the Azovstal steelworks currently in the hands of Russian forces. It revealed Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky. Ukrainian Pravda reports it. “Our intelligence officers are communicating with the boys,” he said. “It is through them that we learn more about the conditions of detention, nutrition and the possibility of their release. We all know they will all be here in Kiev, and we are doing everything we can to do that. that”.

“In Mariupol, the Russians throw the corpses they find under the rubble at the landfill”

“In Mariupol, the Russian invaders began to tear down the houses arbitrarily and throw the corpses they find under the rubble in the landfill.” Mayor’s adviser Petro Andryushchenko said the Russians’ intention is to destroy the evidence without wasting time looking for the dead in the destroyed houses. “It is not possible to get data on the new corpses of the dead due to the fact that after the demolition is brought to the district landfill on the left bank of the river,” Andryushchenko explained. As reported by UNIAN, according to Mariupol Mayor Vadim Boychenko, the Russian occupiers along with the separatists destroyed nearly 1,300 skyscrapers in Mariupol, so the actual death toll could be many times higher than the declared 22,000.

Intelligence Gb: “Russian successes thanks to artillery and raids”

The combined use of air strikes and artillery has been a key factor in Russia’s recent tactical successes in the Donbass region. It informs British intelligence services in its daily briefing.

The Russians issue passports in Melitopol and Kherson

Russia has begun issuing passports to Ukrainians living in the occupied cities of Kherson and Melitopol. This was stated by the US Defense Think Tank Institute for the Study of War, which, however, added that the occupying authorities “continue to face problems with social control and with restricting the actions of the resistance”. Moreover, it is claimed that Russian forces failed to regain lost positions in Kherson Oblast and continued to defend previously occupied positions. On the other fronts, Isw notes that the Russians have carried out unsuccessful attacks southeast and southwest of Izyum and west of Lyman, a major Slovenian advance being considered unlikely. In Severodonetsk, the attackers have achieved little success, but the Ukrainians continue to launch counterattacks.

“261 children killed since the beginning of the war”

261 children have been killed in Ukraine since the Russian invasion of the country. 465 the wounded. This was announced by the Office of the Ukrainian Minister of Justice and specified that the highest number of victims is registered in the Donetsk, Kiev, Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions. The bombing of Ukrainian cities and villages by the Russian armed forces – adds the note – damaged 1,938 educational institutions, of which 182 were completely destroyed.

The Marriot hotel chain is withdrawing from Russia

The international hotel chain Marriott has announced its withdrawal from the Russian market. It informs the company’s website. The reason for the suspension is the sanctions that the EU, US and UK have imposed on Russia due to an invasion of Ukraine. The company says it has become impossible to continue working in the country. The Marriott network has been in existence in Russia for 25 years. In early March, the company announced that it would close its Moscow offices as well as suspend investment and the opening of new hotels in Russia. The same decision was made by the hotel chains Hilton and Hyatt.

Podolyak: “War can last another two or six months”

“It can drag on for another two or six months.” This was stated in an interview in recent hours to ‘Meduza’ Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, 100 days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to Podolyak, the factors include the amount of weapons stockpiles and how the mood in Europe, Ukraine and Russia may change over time. For Podolyak, who is convinced that territorial concessions to Russia will not end the conflict, there will be peace talks if the situation on the ground changes and Moscow no longer sees that it can dictate the terms. Some cities, such as Mariupol and now Severodonetsk, actually no longer exist, he said, estimating a total of 80,000 Russian victims, including the dead and wounded among the army, separatists and the Wagner group. Podolyak described the losses on the Russian and Ukrainian side as more or less “comparable” today after the initial phase of the catastrophic conflict for Russia. Zelensky recently estimated Ukrainian victims as high as 100 dead and 500 wounded a day.

Four died in the Luhansk region

Four people, including a mother and a child, were killed in shelling in the mountain community of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Haidai, head of Luhansk’s regional military administration, told Telegram. “In the town of Gorskoye on June 3, a mother and a child died in the bombing of the Russian army. Another resident of Zoloty was seriously injured. A resident of Hirsky was also known to have died three days ago,” he said. he.

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